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  • May 2014

    12 issues /  $5.00 US

    Better Homes and Gardens

    The new digital edition of Better Homes and Gardens brings you more of just what you’re looking for – right at your fingertips.

    Better Homes and Gardens is the one magazine that helps you turn your home into a comfy, inviting haven. Every issue is packed with bedrooms that wrap you in warmth, kitchens that start your day with sunshine, gardens that greet you with gladness, porches that put you at peace, and recipes that become instant family classics.
  • Running for Beginners 2nd Revised Edition

    1 issue  /  $8.99 US

    Running for Beginners

    Everything you need to know to get started with running

    "Running for Beginners is a brand-new guide aimed at those looking to take up running for the first time. Written by runners, it is packed with real-world advice, tips and motivational secrets to help anyone take their first steps. Featured inside: Getting started – All you need to know to get out and running today, with advise on kit, nutrition, stretching and preventing injury from the outset. Health & Fitness – Whether you want to lose weight, get fit or both, then we have all of the tips and tricks that you need to succeed in your goals, from the importance of carbs to advice on running surfaces. Training – We explore the different ways that you can train and how they can help you to reach your running goals quickly, as well as including a 5K training plan. Racing – Why you should consider racing, entering your first race, running for charity and being prepared when you get to the start line. From training schedules, to how to stay motivated, we've got it all covered to get you to the finish line. Also featuring – Advice, Inspiration, Esssential Gear and much more"
  • No.95

    7 issues /  $52.31 US

    LANDSCAPE DESIGN ランドスケープデザイン

    暮らしの景観・環境をデザインする。 Designing environment and scenery for public.

    『LANDSCAPE DESIGN』the magazine provides timely information on built landscapes and new techniques for ecologically sensitive planning and design with photographs and graphics ,in Asia and all over the world ;useful for landscape architects or garden designers and housing ,building ,city ,sevlal constructors ,monument ,sculpture, etc. ※In the subscription, 7 issues are suuplied by the signle price for 1 year (6issues) . 『LANDSCAPE DESIGN』は、暮らしの景観・環境をテーマにした日本で唯一の専門雑誌です。国内はもとより海外の話題や事例を通して、よりグローバルな視点で編集し、美しい写真を豊富に取り入れたビジュアルマガジン。造園、建築、都市計画、土木、アート、デザイン、まちづくり関係者など幅広い分野で景観・環境に携わる専門家に向け情報発信をしています。※定期購読は1年間(6号分)の価格で7号分をお送りします。
  • 1st edition

    1 issue  /  $15.99 US

    The Best Meditations on the Planet

    Over the last decade hundreds of scientific studies have touted the benefits of meditation and its ability to do everything from rewire your brain for happiness to bolster your immune system against illness to improve your mental concentration and performance. If you’ve always wanted to reap the benefits of meditation but were concerned that it is too hard, takes too much time, or requires a complicated esoteric rituals, The Best Meditations on the Planet, will get you meditating—and experiencing benefits—immediately. Drawing on techniques from all over the world, each meditation is set up in seven steps or fewer and can be practiced in just minutes. Whether you’re a novice looking to begin your practice or a more advanced meditation practitioner seeking new techniques, The Best Meditations on the Planet will give you powerful tools and techniques to change your life for the better.
  • 1st edition

    1 issue  /  $12.99 US

    Wicked Quickies

    <p>A hasty coupling can add a little jolt to the day, a little satisfaction on the go.<strong> Wicked Quickies</strong> is your guide to such fast and furious action: it&#39;s an entire year&#39;s worth of spontaneous ecstasy. Sexpert Audacia Ray describes the sassy, frisky encounters, each paired with a stylish, two-color illustration to spark reader imagination.</p> <p>With sexy anecdotes and useful tips, couples can get down and dirty using each activity as an inspiration. Each suggested act has a risqu&#233; rating of one, two, or three (with one being somewhat tame and three being extra naughty and erotic), readers can tailor the experience to their mood or personality. Includes such escapades as showtime at halftime, the many uses of a dressing room, and dessert before breakfast.</p> <p>A wicked source of inspiration for couples everywhere, <strong>Wicked Quickies </strong>gives readers 52 ideas for instant gratification.</p>