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  • No 54 Mar-Apr 2014

    6 issues /  $39.11 US

    NZ Life & Leisure

    New Zealand's leading lifestyle magazine that offers an opportunity to talk to and meet people who are stimulating, who have goals larger than their own satisfaction and who have dreams for the country that are exciting.<br> Every issue features interesting New Zealanders living lives less ordinary, food and wine, travel and motoring, fashion and beauty, art and culture ... everything you need in one magazine.
  • April 2014

    12 issues /  $17.37 US

    New Zealand Reader's Digest

    No wonder this is the world's most widely read magazine

    Hard-hitting, thought-provoking and entertaining, with interesting features in each issue. This magazine is packed with features short enough to read in one sitting, but stimulating enough to keep you thinking for days.
  • No 56 Autumn 2014

    4 issues /  $15.65 US


    Family is Everything

    From babies to teenagers, Parenting magazine offers support and information for all the issues parents face. Published quarterly by The Parenting Place,&nbsp; the practical, well researched and inspiring articles offer wise advice, creative ideas and hot tips on raising happy, confident kids. Parenting magazine is a must have for the growing family with regular features on: education, relationships, parenting solo, personality types, baffling behaviour, and keeping the fun factor.
  • May-Jun 2014

    6 issues /  $26.07 US

    Organic NZ

    New Zealand’s organics and sustainable living magazine

    Organic NZ is filled with info to live a healthier lifestyle - for you and the planet! Published by the Soil & Health Association of New Zealand, working since 1941 for sustainable organic agricultural and good health. Topics range from home garden to large-scale success stories; eco-building; urban organics; genetic engineering & chemical issues; food matters & natural health.
  • No 30 Autumn 2014

    4 issues /  $8.65 US

    Family Care

    Help for seniors + families with health and disability needs

    You’re not alone! Family Care is published quarterly for older people and anyone caring for others or ‘self caring’ at home. Wellbeing advice, heartwarming stories, practical tips, columns, reviews, easy recipes, useful things, and lots of reader gift draws! What help is out there for you? Family Care has answers you won’t find in any other publication.
  • 1st

    1 issue  /  $7.83 US

    Baking Dish

    Treats from the kitchen

    Baking Dish is a collection of more than 80 favourite recipes from Dish magazine – including cakes, biscuits and slices as well as sweet and savoury tarts and loaves. Baking Dish also contains a useful glossary of ingredients and techniques and must-have kitchen equipment.
  • No 1 Issues 1-27

    1 issue  /  Free!

    Dish Recipe Index

    Dish Recipe Index August 2004-January 2010 Issues 1-27

    Dish is an award-winning bi-monthly magazine for people who enjoy cooking and reading about good food. The Dish Recipe Index for issues 1-27 spans five years from August 2004-January 2010 and over 1000 recipes.
  • 1st

    1 issue  /  $7.83 US

    Everyday Dish

    Looking for something simple and delicious for dinner? The answer is in Everyday Dish – a special release from Dish magazine. Everyday Dish is a collection of more than 100 Dish recipes selected for their ease and accessibility – no hard to find ingredients or time consuming techniques – it’s your solution to solving the problem of what to cook for dinner tonight. No cookbook shelf should be without it.
  • 2013

    1 issue  /  $8.69 US

    Canterbury Bride

    The Only Guide You Need to Plan Your Canterbury Wedding

    Canterbury Bride sets the standard for the bride and groom in New Zealand. This magazine provides ideas for your dream weddings and features 22 beautiful real weddings to inspire your magical. Bring your wedding vision to life with Canterbury Bride.
  • No 48 Autumn 2014

    4 issues /  $17.38 US

    New Zealand Weddings

    New Zealand's most stylish bridal magazine.

    Four times a year New Zealand Weddings is the must-have buy for every modern bride with over 200 pages packed with advice and inspiration to help plan the perfect day. Innovative ideas and creative touches put a contemporary twist on tradition making New Zealand Weddings the modern guide for every bride.