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  • No.12_Jul-01-12


    PETMAGA is a pet magazine; include pet training, pet photograph, pet knowledge. PETMAGA寵物雜誌-介紹寵物相關知識,犬種介紹,寵物訓練,寵物攝影,部落客寵物達人文章,寵物旅遊景點介紹,專業獸醫文章,寵物活動產品介紹.
  • August - September 2014
    Pets Magazine

    Singapore's Leading Magazine for Pet Lovers

    Pets Magazine is a bi-monthly lifestyle magazine that celebrates the human-animal bond, delving deeper into the core, speaking to the mind and heart of true animal lovers.
  • 2012
    Pets Magazine Annual 2012

    Singapore's Leading Magazine for Pet Lovers

    The Pets Magazine Annual 2012 is finally out! This collector's edition contains the latest health and grooming tips, as well as various alternative therapies available. Find out about happening pet-friendly venues, choose from over 100 products for you and your furkid and even learn how to engage your prized pets in a dog or cat show competition. Also, track your dog or cat’s vaccination schedule and find out if they have missed any of their shots. A plethora of questions asked by new pet parents are also covered, giving them a good head start in their search for a new animal companion.
  • No.89_Feb-14
    ねこ | NEKO


  • #004

    The Worlds Leading Publication for ShowJumping, Dressage and Eventing

    Pegasus provides global coverage from the top level of Showjumping, Dressage and Eventing. With emphasis on the best photography you will find, and quality, factual and informative editorial, Pegasus is a Must Have publication for anyone involved in the Equestrian world.
  • Octobre 2014
    Magazine Animal

    Le mensuel des propriétaires d'animaux de compagnies

    Magazine Animal est une revue entièrement consacrée aux animaux de compagnie. Magazine Animal propose non seulement des dossiers thématiques chaque mois, mais aussi des chroniques qui répondent aux préoccupations des propriétaires d'animaux domestiques, des conseils de vétérinaires reconnus, de nombreuses techniques de dressage, sans oublier les nouvelles tendances en mode animalière.
  • September - October 2014

    Explorez les merveilleux espaces naturels du Canada

    Chaque numéro de Biosphère regorge de photographies phénoménales, célèbre les espèces et les habitats propres au pays, et explore les enjeux relatifs à la conservation qui touchent la nature. En outre, la revue présente des chroniques exclusives des journalistes environnementaux et des experts les plus connus au Canada.
  • Happy Dog Happy You
    Happy Dog Happy You

    Whether you’re a first-time dog parent or a long-time owner, if you’re keen on learning the basics of responsible dog parenting, this book is for you. written by two of the country’s leading dog experts, it aims to help you raise a healthy, happy and well-balanced dog. This book walks you through the entire journey with your dog. Starting from choosing the right puppy all the way to when you have to say goodbye to him. it provides you with a comprehensive guide on how to care for your dog, with discussions on nutrition, training, socialization, and so much more. 
  • August-September 2013
    Horse & Hound (NZ & AUS)

    Equestrian news, reports and features for New Zealand and Australia

    Horse & Hound is known as the "Bible" of the equestrian world. In this special issue we bring readers news, interviews and reports focusing on New Zealand and Australia's top riders, plus veterinary and training articles, as well as highlights from the international calendar