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  • April 2015
    Chat It's Fate

    Your portal to another world

    Published by Time Inc. (UK) Ltd Chat it’s fate is the leading psychic magazine everyone trusts. No other publication has the content and variety of our paranormal true life stories, which make readers gasp in awe but, believe us, every word is true. Our 13 columnists are Britain’s foremost psychics and they solve problems on anything from love, past lives, to dreams and spirit guides. They have helped thousands and guide readers on their psychic path. Other features are positively mind-expanding as they explore every singe possible spiritual dimension. We are the perfect medium for the lovers of the paranormal.
  • Fortean Times Paranormal Handbook
    Fortean Times Paranormal Handbook

    Your guide to the unexplained…

    How do you make a crop circle? When is the best time to spot a UFO? Are twins likely to be telepathic? What equipment does a ghost hunter need? All these questions and more are answered in this fascinating and shocking MagBook. Produced by the team at Fortean Times magazine, this handbook guides you through the world of mysteries both old and new. The definitive reference for any budding paranormal investigator, this expert written MagBook provides information on areas such as alien big cats, ghost hunting, cryptozoology, miracles, life after death, psychic powers and much more. With features exploring areas such as the search for evidence of life after death, the enigmas of UFOs and crop circles and the exotic monsters that might be lurking on the far side of the world to those closer to home, this guide has every paranormal base covered!
  • Equinoccio de Primavera
    Mistérica Ars Secreta

    Revista cultural entorno a los aspectos culturales del misterio.

    En nuestra revista encontrarás una perspectiva del misterio todavía sin explorar, eminentemente cultural, en la que se tratan temas relacionados con la historia, la literatura, la psicología, el arte, la música, el cine, las series de TV, los videojuegos, etc. Encontrarás artículos, entrevistas y reseñas literarias.
  • 21 Marzo 2015
    Vida Nueva México

    Periodismo libre para el encuentro con la cultura religiosa

    Vida Nueva México es una publicación de información religiosa en español. Pionera en el esfuerzo global para acompañar las voces comprometidas con los hombres y mujeres del mundo contemporáneo, pone énfasis en el seguimiento periodístico de la vida de la Iglesia, con el aire renovador propio de una nueva generación.
  • It Happened To Me Vol.1
    Fortean Times: It Happened To Me Vol. 1

    Fortean readers weird and wonderful experiences

    A compilation of the most weird and wonderful experiences from the readers of Fortean Times magazine over the last 35 years. Each story is a first-person account of a strange experience. Some are scary, some are weird, but they are all stories of things that have actually happened to people, from living in haunted houses to witnessing rains of frogs.
  • Jan-Jun-10
    The Spiritist Magazine

    Get your digital subscription to The Spiritist Magazine today!

    Discover new horizons with the Spiritist Magazine, a quarterly periodical that is here to inspire you and promote life-changing experiences. It also aims to bring to you the latest news about on the Spiritist science, including its advancements on the understanding of our origin, nature, and destiny as immortal spirits.
  • It Happened To Me Vol.3
    Fortean Times: It Happened To Me Vol.3

    Fortean readers weird and wonderful experiences

    A compilation of the most weird and wonderful experiences from the readers of Fortean Times magazine over the last 35 years. Each story is a first-person account of a strange experience. Some are scary, some are weird, but they are all stories of things that have actually happened to people, from living in haunted houses to witnessing rains of frogs.
  • Fortean Times Book of Strange Deaths
    Fortean Times: Book of Strange Deaths

    A compendium of unusual ways of shuffling off this mortal coil

    Death comes to us all in the end, but some people manage to make a more memorable exit than others! Within the pages of this brand new Fortean Times MagBook you'll find the strangest deaths from around the world and discover the bizarre and astounding ways in which some people meet their maker. Stupid suicides, idiotic accidents and freakish fatalities if there's a weird way of dying, you'll find it here! If you thought meeting the Grim Reaper was all doom and gloom, the unusual exits revealed in this MagBook might just change your mind...
  • No.27_Sep-13
    Buddhism and Science 佛學與科學


    《佛學與科學期刊》是世界第一本融通佛學與科學的專業期刊。如果您想深入探討佛學與科學如何相互印證,這本期刊將是您手邊不可或缺的參考資訊;如果您想了解如何以科學的態度驗證佛法,本刊更是您的第一選擇! 3月和9月出版。一年兩期。
  • Book 17
    Om-Ar-Hone Buddhist Books 圓覺叢書


    人生在世,難免生老病死、難免喜怒哀樂, 如何自在面對?如何泰然處之? 佛法,歷經數千年的考驗以及時代的變遷, 始終能協助眾生邁向解脫自在的大道! 梁乃崇教授,法名智崇,1939年生,原為中研院物理所研究員,兼任清大物理所合聘教授。 早年師承華藏上師,因宿具慧根,修持深厚,證量深邃,終得師印可,紹承法嗣。一九八八年創辦圓覺文教基金會,致力於佛法與現代知識之融合,作為入世接引眾生之園地。其中最具特色者乃是開啟「佛學」與「科學」的對話。 此外,梁教授亦以科學求真的精神與深邃的修行證量,來詮釋佛法經典,期以現代的語言與文化,開啟無量深廣的佛法寶藏,以接引現代的眾生。
  • 2012
    The Joys of Christmas

    The Joys of Christmas is a bright, full-size magazine that brings you page after page of the things you love best about Guideposts, including heartwarming, inspirational stories and "Mysterious Ways," plus special features that you'll come to cherish as part of your Christmas tradition.
  • Issue 1
    WellBeing Abundance

    Your Complete Guide to Creating Abundance

    “Not what we have but what we enjoy constitutes our abundance.” – John Petit-Senn Abundance is not a thing or commodity, nor does it involve the money and wealth you acquire but rather the richness you bring to life - to be satisfied with the life you are given and to search your inner self to find this sense of fulfillment. Through the pages of WellBeing Abundance we shine light on the common pitfalls that block pathways, by providing tools that show the way to a genuine abundant lifestyle. This inner-self journey one must take is not simple and may be challenging but is infinitely worthwhile.
  • The 100 Greatest Photographs of the Paranormal
    The 100 Greatest Photographs of the Paranormal

    100 of the most startling and intriguing photographs

    They say seeing is believing. Here are 100 of the most startling and intriguing photographs you are ever likely to see. If you don’t already believe in the paranormal – they may convince you! The photos cover the entire range of the unexplained, from possible ghosts and spirit manifestations, through psychic powers and weird creatures to UFO sightings. Contained within these pages are 100 of the best-attested photographs in the history of the paranormal. Also includes hundreds of Sightings news reports and readers' own spooky experiences and photographs from the pages of Paranormal Magazine.
  • 16/2015

    Meditazione - Benessere - Spiritualità

    ENERGIE è il trimestrale dedicato al mondo delle terapie naturali, al benessere olistico e al mondo energetico! Ti accompagneremo alla scoperta di percorsi e tecniche per riscoprire il pieno benessere nella tua vita, nelle relazioni e nel lavoro! L’attenzione sarà rivolta al mondo energetico, allo yoga, alla meditazione, ai percorsi di crescita personale ed ai percorsi di ricerca interiore, all’alimentazione sana e naturale, allo sport e ad uno stile di vita più sano ed in armonia! La rivista è ricca di notizie e attualità, interviste e approfondimenti.
  • It Happened to Me Vol 2
    ForteanTimes: It Happened to Me vol.2

    Terrifying true tales from Fortean Times readers

    If you've seen a ghost, experienced a presence you couldn't explain, or are merely interested in the supernatural, this collection of real-life stories will thrill and enthral. Featuring details of bizarre disappearances, unidentified airships and real-life paranormal experiences, this second volume of the Fortean Times bestselling MagBook is crammed with shocking stories guaranteed to give even the most hardened paranormal fanatic the spooks. Read about the estate agent who was attacked by a ghost, the boy saved by a guardian angel, the family haunted by a phantom piddler, the restaurant which disappeared and much more...
  • No.249_Sep-01-13
    Golden Lotus 人文佛學月刊


    空花水月人文佛學月刊 結合人文、藝術、佛學三大領域 開展出契合當代心靈生活需求,以佛法智慧為底蘊的人文生活情境。 開卷語:一切都如空中的花,水中的月,鏡中的影,虛幻不實,香塵夢悟,不如歸去,花開見佛,一切無生。
  • 2012
    Wellbeing Moon Calendar

    Moon movements through 2012

    The Wellbeing Moon Calendar follows the movements of the moon throughout 2012, showing the tracks and alignments of the corresponding planets while identifying the moon phases and explaining what this entails for the particular star signs involved. Essential for all readers interested in astrology.
  • Special 2012
    Outlook Onam Special

    A unique, sophisticated, urbane read with articles, stories and opinion pieces by new exciting voices in Malayalam.

    Highlights of the issue: • Opening essay plus a take on what Onam has come to represent by N S Madhavan • Special Onam recipes by Mathew, Chef with the Taj Group. • Vidya Balan on what it means to be a top Bollywood star for a girl from Palakkad. • Satire by famous Malayalam commentator and writer Paul Zacharia • Article by Shibhulal, CEO Infosys, on the Malayalee’s entrepreneur spirit. • Opinion piece by Ajit Balakrishnan, adman and founder of Rediff, on how Malayalees have settled down and done well in all parts of the country. • Bollywood filmmaker Bejoy Nambiar (Shaitan) on hundreds of talented Malayalees in the entertainment industry.
  • #1
    WellBeing Mysteries

    Beyond the Boundaries of the Known

    Open your mind to new ideas, to new and old mysteries, and challenge your preconceptions with WellBeing Mysteries. From reincarnation to sacred dance and totemism, ancient prophecies and myths to ghosts and aliens, WellBeing Mysteries stimulates and stirs the backwaters of your mind by propositioning the questions delving into the mysteries of life. What exactly have the Mayans predict will occur on December 21st, 2012? What are the dervishes doing when they whirl? What do we really know about ghosts and aliens? What are the energy fields that give shape to reality? Is geometry the sacred language of the universe?
  • Outlook Durga Puja Special
    Outlook Durga Puja Special

    Puja Sharodiya in Bengali

    Durga Puja has a special significance in the life of every Bengali and in the lives of the Great Bengali Diaspora. Every year the festival is celebrated in London, US and Australia, besides the major cities in India outside West Bengal. Outlook, India’s most vibrant English newsmagazine announces its first Puja Sharodiya in Bengali. The Guest Editor for the special edition is well known film maker Mr Sandip Ray, son of legendary film director Mr Satyajit Ray. Special contributors: Nabaneeta Dev Sen, Shankar, Shirshendu Mukhopadhyay, Sunil Gangopadhyay, Sharmila Tagore, Bipasha Basu, Sujoy Ghosh, Graphic novel by Bishwajyoti Ghosh. Contents: Opinion Poll on Kolkata among the youth, The power list of Bengal, Q&A with Amartya Sen, Interview with Pranab Mukherjee, Teen Kanya/ Three Bengali women creating waves in London, Profile of scientist, Ashok Sen, Rise of Dhaka and decline of Kolkata, South-eastern ties - sweet & sour - Kerala-Bengali ties, Bongs down under - from Australia, Nostalgia, Bengalis of Allahabad etc"