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  • Abril 2014

    12 issues /  $24.47 US

    National Geographic - España

    Divulgación cientifica de exploraciones y descubrimientos de sus científicos, exploradores y fotógrafos.

    Portavoz de una de las instituciones más prestigiosas del mundo, la revista del marco amarillo es una ventana abierta al mundo. Gracias al trabajo de los investigadores, fotógrafos, exploradores y aventureros, National Geographic nos invita cada mes a conocer nuestro planeta y todo lo que hay en él, y a descifrar las claves para preservar nuestro valioso patrimonio natural y cultural para las generaciones futuras.
  • Abril 2014

    12 issues /  $30.00 US


    Revista que genera adicción/Algarabía. An addictive magazine.

    Algarabía es una revista que cada mes aborda temas diversos de la ciencia, el arte, la historia, el lenguaje y, en general, la cultura —es decir, cualquier manifestación del quehacer humano, desde las altas esferas del pensamiento y la investigación hasta los aspectos menos explorados de la cotidianeidad— con un lenguaje ameno, sencillo, con toques de humor y sin mayor pretensión que la de pasar un buen rato en el placer de la lectura. Algarabía is the only magazine in which science, arts, history, litterature, linguistics, and the most diverse manifestations of the human culture are approached with simplicity, wit and sense of humor. In its pages, you will enjoy intrincate topics made simple, as well as surprising articles and innovative perspectives on everyday life issues. With Algarabía you will rediscover the simple pleasure of reading.
  • June 2014

    6 issues /  $29.99 US

    Wild West

    Wild West Magazine presents the great American frontier from its beginnings to today. America’s western frontier has been a vital part of the country’s myths and reality, from the earliest exploration beyond the territory of the first colonies, to the wide expanses of the western prairies and deserts. Experience the old west and cowboys and Indians from top historical writers. Wild West brings to life the fascinating history, lore and culture of the great American frontier.
  • May-14

    6 issues /  $29.99 US

    America's Civil War

    Published since 1987, America’s Civil War strives to deliver to our readers the best articles on the most formative and tumultuous period of American history — the Civil War. Noted authors present the many battles, personalities and fascinating stories of the period.
  • 2014 - N��2

    1 issue  /  $2.60 US

    Muy Interesante Extra Historia

    Reportajes e información científica, avances tecnológicos, cultura e historia. Todas las aristas del conocimiento.

    Muy Interesante Chile, es la revista que entrega reportajes sobre avances tecnológicos, historia, cultura y ciencia, todo de una forma entretenida, ideal para complementar los trabajos universitarios y escolares.
  • Aeroplane 100 Great British

    1 issue  /  $6.66 US

    100 Great British Aircraft and Aviation Milestones

    This one-shot contains 108 pages of the greatest British aeroplanes of all time. Celebration of a century of British aviation including wartime legends, fast jets, classic airliners, record setters, The Battle of Britain, Dambusters and key events explained.
  • Special-11

    1 issue  /  $5.99 US

    Mysteries of the Universe

    Smithsonian Collector's Edition

    Smithsonian magazine presents over 100 pages of mysteries including Planet Hunters: looking for Earth-like planets, Einstein's Miracle, Next in Space: Future Probes and Landers and Much More! With over 100 pages, this special issue compiles both new and prior articles shedding new light on old mysteries.
  • 2012

    1 issue  /  $5.99 US

    The Ultimate Guide to the Civil War

    The Civil War is considered by many to be our most tragic and most triumphant moment as a nation, the American Iliad, and the man who led us through it, Abraham Lincoln, is widely thought to be our greatest president. To celebrate the 150th anniversary of the war, Smithsonian has assembled an All-Star team of the best writers to capture the blood and glory of the struggle--from Ken Burns and Doris Kearns Goodwin to Herman Melville and Frederick Douglas. We've illustrated the issue with the most important and surprising artifacts from the Smithsonian Collections, including photographs of Lincoln and his generals by Matthew Brady, rifles and surgical kits, as well as the original Wanted poster seeking the capture of Lincoln's assassin, John Wilkes Booth.
  • 2013

    1 issue  /  $4.99 US

    The Civil War

    The Conflict that Changed America

    Commemorating the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg, this Special from National Geographic Magazine covers one of the most significant periods in the history of the United States. Full of maps and information graphics to illuminate and educate, the issue also highlights the many inventions that came as a result of the war.
  • Abril 2014

    12 issues /  $17.80 US


    Clio, pasión por la historia.

    CLIO, la musa de la historia para los antiguos egipcios, es tambián el nombre de esta revista de historia, dirigida al gran público, que se acerca al pasado de forma amena y rigurosa, de lectura facil y entretenida.Con Clio conocerá por ejemplo, por qué se extinguieron los neandertales o cómo planeaba Hitler invadir Estados Unidos. Una forma práctica y amena de conocer y difrutar de todas las épocas de la historia.
  • All About History Book of Kings & Queens

    1 issue  /  $8.99 US

    All About History Book of Kings & Queens

    Amazing stories of monarchies from pre-Roman times to present day

    Take a look at some of the most iconic and influential monarchs the world has ever seen, from Herod and Cleopatra to Henry VIII and Louis XIV. Find out more about the 30 kings and queens who changed the world, the ten kings who can lay claim to the bloodiest reign, the royal warriors who did battle to claim their thrones, and how the British monarchy was born. Featuring:
  • Avril 2014

    12 issues /  $53.97 US

    National Geographic France

    National Geographic emmène chaque mois, ses lecteurs sur le chemin d’aventures uniques, avec un éventail de sujets qui va de l'archéologie aux civilisations anciennes, en passant par les merveilles de la nature, la faune, la flore, mais aussi l’ethnographie. La passion et l’enthousiasme qui animent les reporters et photographes, connus et reconnus dans le monde entier, sont le moteur du magazine.
  • 2013

    1 issue  /  $9.99 US

    Jesus of History

    This special issue examines the life of the enigmatic figure people all over the world worship as their Savior.
  • May-14

    6 issues /  $29.99 US

    British Heritage

    British Heritage Magazine celebrates travel, history & contemporary life in England, Scotland and Wales. British Heritage is the magazine of travel and life in England, Scotland and Wales, written for those who love Britain and English Culture. This is a must-read for serious Anglophiles who want to know their way around Britain’s history and landscapes.
  • 2014

    1 issue  /  $6.99 US

    Gettysburg Essays On Command

    Gettysburg Essays On Command

    One of history’s most legendary battles played out on the rolling hills and farm fields surrounding the small Pennsylvania town of Gettysburg in the first days of July 1863. This compelling collection of essays explores the strategies, decision making and luck that forever shaped history’s impressions of men like Robert E. Lee, George Meade, George Pickett and countless others who fought there.
  • Hors Serie 8

    1 issue  /  $9.43 US

    Les Cahiers de Science & Vie Hors Série

    Magazine Sciences

    Le magazine qui propose une explication claire et lisible des progrès comme des interrogations de la science et de la technique.
  • 2013

    1 issue  /  $5.99 US

    The Kennedy Assassination from A-Z

    Five decades have passed since Nov. 23, 1963, that terrible day President John F. Kennedy was killed in Dallas.

    Amazingly, time has only deepened the mystery surrounding the chilling murder that forever changed American history. Now an explosive Special Report by the NATIONAL ENQUIRER’s Investigative team blows the lid off the assassination secrets – from evidence tampering to JFK’s autopsy report to the missing frames in the famous Zapruder Film – that experts say prove there was a conspiracy to kill the president. It’s everything the nation needs to know from A to Z.
  • All About History Book of Historic Leaders

    1 issue  /  $4.16 US

    All About History Book of Historic Leaders

    The men and women who shaped the history of the world

    For better or worse, individuals throughout history have changed the world. Leaving lasting legacies that are still remembered to this day, whether it was down to blind ambition, a belief of divinity, or dedication to a cause, certain men and women have cemented their place in history books. From Caesar and Cleopatra to Lincoln and JFK, from Genghis Khan and Joan of Arc to Napoleon and Henry VIII, this book takes an in-depth look at some of the world's most iconic leaders, and what they did to carve their place in history. Featuring: Leaders at War - The men and women who made their name through bloodshed Ancient Icons - Discover how empires were built – and destroyed Political Powerhouses - Find out how the likes of JFK, Lincoln and Churchill brought about change Kings & Queens - The monarchs who led their countries to greatness
  • May 2014

    13 issues /  $62.50 US

    Who Do You Think You Are?

    Family History brought to life

    Who Do You Think You Are? Magazine not only explores the stories behind the popular BBC genealogy TV series, but also helps you uncover your own roots. Each issue is packed with practical advice to help you track down family history archives and get the most out of online resources, alongside features on what life was like in the past and the historic events that affected our ancestors.
  • May - June 2014

    6 issues /  $32.46 US

    Old Bike Australasia

    For motorcycle enthusiasts, young and old.

    Old Bike magazine is a must for those who ride as well as the dedicated enthusiast and rebuilder, covering everything from Vintage to early 1980s bikes - marvel at the restoration of machines that could still sit proudly on the showroom floor. Each issue brings you the latest news and results from recent events, race reports and Rally Roundup, along with new and old bike news and reviews, readers letters, Club Directory, What’s On and much, much more.