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  • Julio - Agosto 2014
    MUY Historia

    Recibe tu revista digital al instante.

    Muy Historia. Monográficos donde periodistas especializados y expertos académicos abordan lo más apasionante de nuestro pasado: las Cruzadas, los enigmas de la Segunda Guerra Mundial, la realidad histórica de Jesús, el Imperio español... con las mejores fotos, ilustraciones e infografías. La Historia al estilo Muy: entretenido, riguroso y claro.
  • All About History: Book of Ancient Rome
    All About History: Book of Ancient Rome

    Charting the rise and fall from 753 BCE to 476 CE

    Discover the rise of the Roman Empire from its mythical beginning and mighty battles, the victorious conquests and ruthless rulers, including Julius Caesar and Emperor Augustus, to the empire's inevitable decline and fall. Find out about what life was like in Rome for the rich and poor, the various crimes and punishments, and the vital role of slavery in Rome's economy. The legacy of this vast empire remains with us today, reinforcing the glory of the rule of ancient Rome. Featuring: An emerging empire - From its mythical beginning, find out how Rome rose to Kingdom, Republic and then Empire. Life in ancient Rome - From the Senate to the streets, from luxurious baths to exploited slaves, discover what life was like for the rich and poor. Rulers of Rome - Learn about the many rulers and important players of Rome: merciless Caesar, Mark Antony, Pompey the Great and divine Augustus. The mighty battles - The power and legacy of Rome's army remains today, from Egypt to England.
  • Julio 2014

    Clio, pasión por la historia.

    CLIO, la musa de la historia para los antiguos egipcios, es tambián el nombre de esta revista de historia, dirigida al gran público, que se acerca al pasado de forma amena y rigurosa, de lectura facil y entretenida.Con Clio conocerá por ejemplo, por qué se extinguieron los neandertales o cómo planeaba Hitler invadir Estados Unidos. Una forma práctica y amena de conocer y difrutar de todas las épocas de la historia.
  • How It Works Great Inventors Creations Vol 1
    How It Works Book of Great Inventors & Their Creations

    Share the excitement and inspiration of history's greatest geniuses

    Featuring – among many others – brilliant mathematicians Archimedes of Syracuse and Charles Babbage, celebrated scientists Michael Faraday and Alfred Nobel, and photography pioneers Nicephore Niépce and George Eastman, the How It Works Book Of Great Inventors & Their Creations is the ultimate guide to learning how these geniuses worked and what incredible inventions earned them their rightful place in history. Feature - 10 inventions that changed the world. Inventors - Discover how the world's greatest inventors created their innovations. Inventions - Explore archaic apparatus, examine medical breakthroughs, and understand how technological systems evolved. Historical artefacts - Read selected pages from inventors' books, and analyse technical drawings, diagrams, study notes, letters and diary entries.
  • Julio 2014

    Revista que genera adicción/Algarabía. An addictive magazine.

    Algarabía es una revista que cada mes aborda temas diversos de la ciencia, el arte, la historia, el lenguaje y, en general, la cultura —es decir, cualquier manifestación del quehacer humano, desde las altas esferas del pensamiento y la investigación hasta los aspectos menos explorados de la cotidianeidad— con un lenguaje ameno, sencillo, con toques de humor y sin mayor pretensión que la de pasar un buen rato en el placer de la lectura. Algarabía is the only magazine in which science, arts, history, litterature, linguistics, and the most diverse manifestations of the human culture are approached with simplicity, wit and sense of humor. In its pages, you will enjoy intrincate topics made simple, as well as surprising articles and innovative perspectives on everyday life issues. With Algarabía you will rediscover the simple pleasure of reading.
  • Julio 2014
    Historia de Iberia Vieja

    Historia de Iberia Vieja revista mensual es la única revista especializada en Historia de España que se comercializa en nuestro país.

    Historia de Iberia Vieja incluye relatos de los pasajes más importantes de nuestro pasado y presente, descripciones de las batallas que desde la antigüedad han marcado la historia de nuestros pueblos, narraciones de los mitos y leyendas que han rodeado la vida cotidiana de los españoles y un sinfín de temas que harán que la magia de la Historia llegue a un amplio sector de la población.
  • Agosto 2014
    Historia Y Vida

    La revista para disfrutar de la historia

    Revista mensual de divulgación sobre historia y arte que ofrece reportajes y artículos elaborados con rigor científico por los mejores especialistas. Dirigida a todos aquellos que busquen amenidad y cultura de la mejor calidad, es premio Ari a la Mejor Revista Especializada.
  • Juillet - Aout 2014
    Histoire National Geographic

    Voyagez au cœur de l’histoire!

    Chaque mois, avec Histoire National Geographic, partez pour un périple à travers les siècles, de l’Antiquité à la fin du XIXe siècle . Mésopotamie, Egypte, Grèce, Rome, Moyen Age, Renaissance, Temps Modernes ... Des historiens passionnants vous entrainent sur les trace des grandes civilisations. Dans chaque dossier, le magazine vous propose des repères chronologiques, des analyses, des documents d’archives, des portraits. Histoire National Geographic est le rendez-vous mensuel de tous les amateurs d’histoire, désireux d’associer le plaisir de lire au développement de leurs connaissances.
  • 2014
    1864: The Relentless War

    1864: 150th Anniversary

    Civil War Times and America’s Civil War present a powerful and colorful portrayal of the year 1864, from the massive battles of The Wilderness, Cold Harbor, Spotsylvania Courthouse, Atlanta and the fights for Tennessee’s Franklin and Nashville, to Union General William Tecumseh Sherman’s earth-scorching March to the Sea.
  • 2014
    Gettysburg Essays On Command

    Gettysburg Essays On Command

    One of history’s most legendary battles played out on the rolling hills and farm fields surrounding the small Pennsylvania town of Gettysburg in the first days of July 1863. This compelling collection of essays explores the strategies, decision making and luck that forever shaped history’s impressions of men like Robert E. Lee, George Meade, George Pickett and countless others who fought there.
  • 2013
    The Civil War

    The Conflict that Changed America

    Commemorating the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg, this Special from National Geographic Magazine covers one of the most significant periods in the history of the United States. Full of maps and information graphics to illuminate and educate, the issue also highlights the many inventions that came as a result of the war.
  • Mai - Juin 2014
    Ça m'intéresse Histoire

    L'histoire éclaire le présent

    Le magazine de société qui permet de mieux comprendre notre époque en racontant l’Histoire ! Tous les deux mois, Ça m’intéresse Histoire va chercher les meilleures histoires du passé pour vous aider à décrypter l’actualité et à mieux vivre votre présent. Parce qu’un coup d’oeil dans le rétroviseur, ça aide à avancer !
  • All About History Book of Shakespeare Vol 1
    All About History Book of Shakespeare

    All you need to know about one of the greatest playwrights & poets of all time

    William Shakespeare has undeniably left behind him a legacy of plays and poems that have not only been enjoyed by millions, but shaped the English language into what we know today. This book delves into the works of this legendary playwright, from his histories, comedies and tragedies to his thought-provoking sonnets. Featuring: His life - From birth to death, learn about his life in Stratford and London His loves - Explore his love of his wife and children and the questions that spur form his sonnets His works - The histories, the tragedies and the comedies and his late plays are discussed His legacy - What has Shakespeare done for us? Find out inside.
  • August 2014
    Who Do You Think You Are?

    Family History brought to life

    Who Do You Think You Are? Magazine not only explores the stories behind the popular BBC genealogy TV series, but also helps you uncover your own roots. Each issue is packed with practical advice to help you track down family history archives and get the most out of online resources, alongside features on what life was like in the past and the historic events that affected our ancestors.
  • Issue 23
    Horrible Histories

    The funniest, foulest and goriest magazine you’ll ever see!

    Horrible Histories magazine is the funniest, foulest and goriest magazine you’ll ever see! If you dare, you’ll discover so much stuff about the awful Egyptians, rotten Romans, terrible Tudors, vile Victorians and more that you’ll become a horrible expert! Join TV star Rattus and the gang and begin a journey through the putrid past – all the gore and more!
  • 2014 - Nº3
    Muy Interesante Extra Historia

    Reportajes e información científica, avances tecnológicos, cultura e historia. Todas las aristas del conocimiento.

    Muy Interesante Chile, es la revista que entrega reportajes sobre avances tecnológicos, historia, cultura y ciencia, todo de una forma entretenida, ideal para complementar los trabajos universitarios y escolares.
  • September 2014
    British Heritage

    British Heritage Magazine celebrates travel, history & contemporary life in England, Scotland and Wales. British Heritage is the magazine of travel and life in England, Scotland and Wales, written for those who love Britain and English Culture. This is a must-read for serious Anglophiles who want to know their way around Britain’s history and landscapes.
  • 2014
    Patton: In His Own Words

    Patton: In His Own Words

    Edited by Dennis Showalter, noted military historian and author of Patton and Rommel: Men of War in the 20th Century, this special collector's issue is a stirring collection of annotated speeches, letters, diary entries, memos and even poems, that reveal the iconic commanders innermost thoughts and ideas that forged his character and ambition. Illustrated with stunning and sometimes rare images, Patton's brilliance as a leader comes to life.
  • Julio 2014
    Líderes Mexicanos

    Periodismo positivo que relata historias de éxito de personajes que mueven al pais.

    El objetivo de la revista Lideres Mexicanos es, a traves de un periodismo propositivo, permitir a los lideres de Mexico contar sus historias en primera persona para inspirar a nuestros lectores a crear más casos exitosos, siempre haciendo enfasis en los valores que estan detràs del éxito de cada persona. La lista de personajes que han desfilado por nuestas pàginas, es un aliciante mas para seguir contando la vida y obra de personajes como Carlos Slim, Daniel Sertvitje, Hugo Sànchez entre muchos otros. Lideres Mexicanos es el retrato de hombres y mujeres que con liderazgo e influencias, han sabido dejar huella en el acontecer nacional.
  • 2014
    Lincoln’s White House in Crisis

    Lincoln’s White House in Crisis

    Provocative essays on the high-stakes politics and the struggles over foundational principles in the crucible of civil war. From the constitutionality of secession and the erosion of freedoms under Lincoln’s wartime decrees, to the conspiracy in congress to control the president’s Cabinet and the little-known role of communists in the Civil War, scholars probe deep into the conflict that reshaped America.