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  • April 2014

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    Latino Leaders

    Connecting Leaders, Inspiring the Future 

    Latinos Leaders Magazine is the only publication that targets the most influential Latinos in the United States. For more than a decade, Latino Leaders Magazine has featured the top leaders in all industries: business, fashion, music, science, politics and more. The mission of Latino Leaders Magazine is to highlight those stories of success within the Latino community both for the present and for the inspiration of future leaders. Leaders who have been featured in Latino Leaders Magazine include: Emilio Estefan, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, Cheech Marin, John McCain, John Kerry, Robert Rodriguez and many more.
  • No.356_Apr-14

    12 issues /  $36.05 US

    Defense Technology Monthly 尖端科技

    尖端科技軍事雜誌(Defense Technology Monthly,DTM)是中華民國民間所創辦的第一份專業軍事刊物,以報導各國武器裝備近況,國防科技新發展,國軍與世界軍事新聞為主,自1984年1月創刊以來,與世界各大軍火廠商(如BAe、Bell、Boeing、GAIT、IAI、GD、SAAB..)及軍事新聞單位(如美國國防部、美國海軍、日本防衛廳、北大西洋公約總部…)等連絡,可長期提供應軍事新聞,並有海外特派員,負責當地的軍聞收集及採訪等連絡,可長期提供應軍事新聞,並有海外特派員,負責當地的軍聞收集及採訪. 尖端科技軍事雜誌不只是台灣最知名的中文軍事刊物,同時也是在香港、中國大陸、日本、東南亞和美加等地區的讀者指名採購的台灣出版的著名刊物之一。
  • Entrepreneur Its your Money

    1 issue  /  $3.99 US

    Entrepreneur It's your Money

    Spend it, Save it, Invest it and lead a debt-free life

    It's time you enjoy your own money. Pick it up and know what you should do to achieve financial freedom-NOW! If you need help putting your financial house in order, this book is for you. We want you to get out of your financial woes, and put you on the track to a more fulfilled life. ENTREPRENEUR Philippines explores with you the world of personal finance—after all, practicing the principles of sound personal money management makes it all the easier for you to build a thriving enterprise founded on financial prudence and solid profits.
  • Abril 2014

    8 issues /  $12.00 US

    Petróleo & Energía

    Periodismo crítico, de investigación y vanguardia en el sector energético internacional.

    Petróleo & Energía es el vínculo de comunicación ideal entre proveedores, prestadores de bienes y servicios, capital humano y consumidores del mercado energético, lo que da origen a un espacio editorial perfecto para el "business to business" en México y más allá de nuestras fronteras. Para ello, se han desplegado amplios canales de información entre todo el grupo de socios estratégicos y las empresas eje de México: PEMEX y la CFE.
  • Especial Agua

    1 issue  /  $1.99 US

    Líderes Mexicanos - Special Editions

    Special Editions

    Optimist journalism that talks about succesful stories of the people that give direction to our contry. The magazine objective is to allow the Mexican leaders talk about their own stories in first person for inspiring our readers, so they can emulate the actions that helped to reach their goals. Lideres Mexicanos magazine is the portrait of men and women who had left yheir mark in the national history. The magazine also produces special issues wich specifics subjects are treated through interview with experts and leaders in those themes like: Health, Housing and Construction Industry, The intellectual experience of women in the century XXI.
  • Abril 2014

    10 issues /  $27.45 US

    RI - Relações com Investidores

    A principal revista mensal brasileira sobre negócios, finanças, mercado de capitais e relações com investidores.

    A principal publicação mensal brasileira na área de Negócios, Finanças, Relações com Investidores e Mercado de Capitais. Dirigida à comunidade de investimentos no Brasil. Comunicação Corporativa, Sustentabilidade, Governança Corporativa, Responsabilidade Socioambiental, Branding, Criação de Valor, Legislação Societária, Mercado Global, Private Equity & Venture Capital, Fusões & Aquisições, experiências de empresas brasileiras e estrangeiras. A revista é destinada a diretores e executivos de finanças, investidores institucionais e individuais, analistas financeiros, profissionais de investimentos, e todos aqueles que participam no mercado de capitais brasileiro.
  • Entrepreneur Success Stories

    1 issue  /  $3.99 US

    Entrepreneur's Success Stories

    It’s been four years since we published our first Success Stories compilation, bringing together in one compact package the entrepreneurial journeys of 67 Filipino entrepreneurs. <br>These past years have brought on important developments and changes in the way people conduct business and in the way enterprises harness technology to maximize their returns and engage their customers. This book, a follow-up to our 2008 publication, is an answer to these developments, with the entrepreneurs in this present compilation offering their valuable experience in approaching the various aspects and phases—many of them challenging—of starting and running a business.
  • August 12, 2013

    1 issue  /  $1.00 US


    The Weekly Newsmagazine.

    Outlook has rewritten the way news and general interest magazines are presented in India. It is comprehensive yet concise and crisp, investigative and bold in its approach. Outlook covers an array of topics ranging from current affairs, socio-economic issues, politics, lifestyle, entertainment, sports, international features, etc. Outlook has won a myriad of awards including the prestigious "International Press Institute" Award for Excellence in Journalism.
  • Entrepreneur The Franchise Guidebook

    1 issue  /  $3.99 US

    Entrepreneur's The Franchise Guidebook

    Are you ready to explore franchising, but don’t have a clue where to begin? This book is your square one - your guide to the intricacies of the franchise relationship and how it affects every facet of the franchise business. <br>Established entrepreneurs who want to grow their business through franchising will fi nd this book to be a big boon also, as it highlights all the information you need to know to start and build a thriving franchise company—from choosing the right franchise concept to how a company’s culture determines how it should find franchisees. Drawing from the examples of 18 of the country’s top and up-and-coming franchise companies and their respective franchisees, this book shows how they have grown and nurtured their franchise relationships by sharing knowledge on various topics, including: Branding, Social media tactics,Technology, Local and international expansion, and Location hunting. <br>PLUS! A directory of franchise companies, specifi c tips on franchising, and traps to avoid for would-be franchisors and franchisees.
  • 1485

    22 issues /  $392.80 US


    La actualidad de la publicidad, el marketing y los medios comerciales.

    Noticias, reportajes, datos, todo lo necesario para estar al día en un sector en el que la información es poder y negocio. Dirigido a profesionales de los anunciantes, agencias y medios. El medio de mayor penetración de su sector. Ahora, como novedad, en un formato más adecuado para lectura en tabletas. Los suscriptores, además de la revista quincenal, reciben un servicio diario de noticias en su e-mail llamado Anuncios Diario.
  • Vol.392

    6 issues /  $93.60 US

    Le français dans le monde

    La revue internationale des professeurs de français

    Tous les deux mois, l’actualité pédagogique, culturelle et sociale de la langue française et de la francophonie. À la fois magazine d’information et outil directement utilisable en classe de langue, en particulier grâce à ses fiches pédagogiques et à ses reportages audio. Depuis 50 ans, le lien entre les professeurs de français du monde entier.
  • February - March 2014

    7 issues /  $13.89 US

    International Boat Industry

    The leading business-to-business magazine for the global leisure marine trade.

    Business-to-business magazine for the recreational marine industry distributed to boat builders, designers, equipment manufacturers, distributors and retailers in over 120 countries. Contains industry news, market facts and data, country reports, technical, new product news, and management features for OEMs, distributors and retailers.
  • January 2014

    6 issues /  $7.51 US

    Power Watch India

    To catalyze change in India's power sector

    More an industry player than a commentator on India’s power sector developments, Power Watch India is as much a launch pad for a new project, product or service, as it is a podium where issues confronting the sector may be addressed by the sector’s own. With dedicated sections on nuclear power, energy conservation, renewable energy and lots more, the magazine is a one-stop destination for the power professional.
  • Planes de Neocio

    2 issues /  $12.00 US

    Entrepreneur Especial

    La revista de negocios más vendida de México

    Si tu eres o planeas ser un emprendedor que le gusta tomar riesgos que signifiquen un crecimiento para su negocio, nuestra selección de artículos harán que tus decisiones estén bien fundamentadas. Nos preocupamos por que siempre te encuentres bien informado y actualizado. Así como tu eres innovador nosotros te proponemos los modelos de trabajo más exitosos para que estes siempre al día.
  • March 2014

    7 issues /  $18.52 US

    Retailer magazine. Владельцам и топ-менеджерам

    Проект Издательского дома RETAILER

    Ритейл состоит из фишек и фишечек, о которых с радостью рассказывает ежеквартальный журнал о розничной торговле Retailer magazine. Чтобы находить новые идеи и развиваться, надо уметь смотреть на привычные вещи по-новому - главный принцип единственного в Zinio отраслевого издания на русском языке.
  • Enero-Marzo 2014

    3 issues /  $23.92 US

    Alambique. Didáctica de las Ciencias Experimentales

    La revista Alambique desarrolla una labor divulgativa entre el profesorado de ciencias experimentales, identificándose con una línea de reflexión plural y abierta. Es una herramienta profesional de conocimiento, de comunicación y de acción, que permite estar al día y resolver los problemas prácticos y teóricos en el día a día del aula.
  • Abril 2014

    11 issues /  $299.89 US

    Alimarket Revista

    Recibe tu revista digital al instante.

    Alimarket revista es la publicación económica líder de los sectores del gran consumo: alimentación, bebidas y distribución Los reportajes son los reyes de esta revista mensual, que no olvida tampoco presentarle una panorámica de las noticias más relevantes del mes.
  • No. 160

    1 issue  /  $34.45 US

    ANUNCIOS REVISTA. Suplemento monográfico de Anuncios

    Monográficos del semanario Anuncios dedicados a un sector, medio o disciplina publicitaria en concreto. Con los úlitmos datos, la evolución de cada sector y las opiniones de los principales protagonistas y expertos.
  • No.190_Dec-01-11

    1 issue  /  Free!

    BOHSR Newletter

  • November 2012

    1 issue  /  $25.01 US

    European Boat Builder

    Design, processes and techniques in perspective

    Published by IPC Media. European Boatbuilder is designed to serve the interests of professionals involved with the design and construction of pleasure boats and small commercial craft. The title also focuses on materials, components, tools and processes.