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  • No.21_May-14

    1 issue  /  $3.49 US

    NHKラジオ 実践ビジネス英語


    番組のストーリーの舞台は、ニューヨークのグローバル企業 GLI Health and Beauty Company。日本人社員、梅村聖四(34歳)を中心に、ビジネスパーソンたちの会話が展開。社会・経済・文化のさまざまなニュースやトレンド、出来事についての話を通して、生きた英語を学びます。//■レベルC1(広範で複雑な話題を理解して、目的に合った適切な言葉を使い、論理的な主張や議論を組み立てることができる)/■講師:杉田 敏//■ご注意ください■/※NHKテキスト電子版では権利処理の都合上、一部コンテンツやコーナーを掲載してない場合がございます。ご了承ください。
  • 2014

    1 issue  /  $4.77 US

    Singapore Tatler Best of Singapore

    Singapore’s leading guide to the best products and services the isle has to offer

    More than a directory, Best of Singapore 2013 is a handy compendium of the best products and services available in Singapore. Need a tailor, a caterer for a special gathering, or expert advice on holidays, living well and looking great? The Best of Singapore 2013 contains choice listings of over 90 product and service categories, complemented by informative feature stories and personal recommendations from those in the know. For the discerning consumer, who demands the best quality and value, Best of Singapore 2013 is a single-volume guide to the best that money can buy.
  • Vol 51, Issue 1

    10 issues /  $59.99 US

    Journal of Rehabilitation Research and Development (JRRD)

    Now Available in Digital Format

    JRRD (Journal of Rehabilitation Research and Development) is an international, peer-reviewed rehabilitation research journal sponsored by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. As the need for advanced prosthetics and assistive technologies continues to grow, JRRD provides insight into the research and science that will one day close the gap between where technologies and treatments are and where patients and caregivers need them to be. We publish original manuscripts from domestic and international researchers on a broad range of topics and also offer simplified language to allow laypersons to gain a better understanding of the technologies and techniques discussed. Topics include prosthetics, amputations, orthotics, and orthopedics; spinal cord injury and other neurological disorders (with particular interest in traumatic brain injury, multiple sclerosis, and restorative therapies); communication, sensory, and cognitive disorders; geriatric rehabilitation; and functional outcomes research.
  • How It Works: Amazing Answers to Curious Questions Vol 3

    1 issue  /  $8.99 US

    How It Works: Amazing Answers to Curious Questions

    Discover the incredible secrets to the world we live in

    If you’re curious about the world we live in, then you’ve come to the right place. If you’ve ever wondered whether virtual reality is really possible, where the world’s most powerful laser is or how devastating a solar storm can be, you’ll find all the answers you’re looking for right here. Featuring: The Environment - Find out facts and figures from across the natural world. Science - Chemistry, Biology and Physics facts. Space - Questions and answers that are truly out of this world. History - Learn about how warriors of the past fought.
  • How It Works Book of Incredible History Revised Edition

    1 issue  /  $8.99 US

    How It Works Book of Incredible History

    Everything you need to know about the world we lived inPacked with fascinating facts, and covering over 200 million years of history, this book is the perfect

    Packed with fascinating facts, and covering over 200 million years of history, this book is the perfect guide to the world around us. From the dinosaurs to the Romans and the Battle of Hastings to the Battle of Britain, you'll discover the key moments that shaped the world into what it is today. Whether you want to see how the Taj Mahal was built, how the Titanic sunk, or take a look inside a Spitfire, this is the perfect book to educate and entertain: Ancient History - Learn about the Romans and Egyptians Prehistoric - Take a look at some of the dinosaurs that roamed the Earth Buildings, Places & Landmarks - From Venice and Petra to the Eiffel Tower and Mount Rushmore Weapons & War - The weapons and events that changed the face of warfare Industry & Invention - Discover the stories behind some of the world's greatest inventions
  • Issue 343

    13 issues /  $31.95 US

    Doctor Who Adventures Magazine

    Bursting with monster fun!

    Doctor Who Adventures is the ultimate magazine for kids that are crazy about monsters, aliens and that top Time Lord, the Doctor! Each weekly issue is bursting with beasts, brain-teasers and big Who news. If you can’t get enough of the Doctor’s adventures, then subscribe to this awesome app to ensure you never miss an issue. Geronimo!
  • No.326_Apr-14

    12 issues /  $38.67 US

    Mombaby 媽媽寶寶雜誌


  • No.19_May-14

    1 issue  /  $3.49 US

    NHKラジオ ラジオ英会話


    老若男女を問わずさまざまな学習者が楽しめます。和文英訳からは絶対に出てこない、自然な表現が満載。毎月第4週は、ニュース、歌、物語など、多様な英語をリスニングするほか、「英会話文法」のコーナーで、会話に必須の文法感覚も身につけられます。講師とネイティブの軽快なトークは楽しさいっぱい!//■レベルB1(社会生活での身近な話題について理解し、自分の意思とその理由を簡単に説明できる)/■講師:遠山 顕//■ご注意ください■/※NHKテキスト電子版では権利処理の都合上、一部コンテンツやコーナーを掲載してない場合がございます。ご了承ください。
  • 2014

    1 issue  /  $7.16 US

    Singapore Tatler Singapore's Best Restaurants

    The definitive guide to dining well in Singapore

    Since 1986, the Singapore’s Best Restaurants guide has been the definitive reference for discerningdiners and gourmands. More than 200 of the best restaurants in Singapore ofevery culinary genre are reviewed and rated on ambience, food, wine and service; with essentials like contact information, dress code, indexes and maps laid out for easy reference. For eating well or hosting important guests, Singapore’s Best Restaurants guide is an informative, authoritative and efficiently structured sourcebook for experiencing Singapore’s exciting and sophisticated dining scene.  
  • June 2013

    1 issue  /  $2.07 US

    Practical Parenting & Pregnancy

    Practical Parenting & Pregnancy Magazine

    Practical Parenting & Pregnancy magazine has been loved and trusted by mums and mums-to-be for 25 years. Each month the magazine is packed with the latest advice on pregnancy, caring for your newborn, your baby and your toddler and preschooler. Inside every issue you’ll find all your burning questions answered by our midwife and health visitor, the latest best buys as rated by mums on everything from buggies to bottles and bucketloads of inspiration for bringing up your growing family.
  • No.213_May-14

    12 issues /  $58.98 US

    Advanced 彭蒙惠英語

    「大家說英語」、「空中英語教室」 以及「彭蒙惠英語」 是由空中英語教室文摘雜誌社所發行的三本英語教學雜誌。 「彭蒙惠英語」則是本系列雜誌中最新、難度也最高的一本,主要是提供給大學生與企業人士等,做為英語進深加強之用。課程內容十分廣泛,內容取材自國際媒體,提供讀者一扇「通往世界之窗」。2004年,「彭蒙惠英語」也獲得最佳語言學習類雜誌金鼎獎的榮譽。 <p> Studio Classroom publishes three monthly magazines: Let's Talk in English, Studio Classroom and Advanced. Advanced contains material at the highest English level of the three magazines. It is most suitable for university students and business professionals. Advanced articles cover a wide range of topics. Most are reprinted from international magazines providing Advanced readers with a ""Window on the World."" In 2004 Advanced won Taiwan's Golden Tripod Award for excellence in the language learning magazine category.
  • No.21_Apr-14

    12 issues /  $59.75 US

    NHK きょうの料理

    放送57年目を迎える長寿番組 心のこもった家庭の味が満載です

    手づくりの家庭料理の大切さを伝えてきた「きょうの料理」。今年度は、第1週目と第2週目の特集に加えて、第3週目に「おふくろの味 定番100」と題し、1年間かけて代表的な家庭料理100品を紹介します。好評の土井善晴さん、栗原はるみさんの連載は、テーマを変えてリニューアルスタートします。//■ご注意ください■/※NHKテキスト電子版では権利処理の都合上、一部コンテンツやコーナーを掲載してない場合がございます。ご了承ください。
  • How It Works Book of Space Revised Edition 2

    1 issue  /  $8.99 US

    How It Works Book of Space Extended Edition

    Feed your mind and fuel your imagination

    Brought to you by the experts behind How It Works magazine, the Book Of Space is an in-depth guide to the solar system, exploration, the universe and astronomy. In this fantastic extended edition we have 80 new pages of amazing questions answered, presenting you with the awe and wonder of the universe. Solar System - Journey through our solar system, from how the Sun works to exploring the Earth from space and much, much more. Exploration - Understand man's quest for knowledge from shuttles, spacecraft re-entry, space probes and more. Universe - How did the big bang happen? What are neutron stars? What is gravity? Find out inside. Astronomy - We help you understand telescopes, how Hubble works and more with our in-depth looks at fascinating topics.
  • No.309_Apr-14

    12 issues /  $38.67 US

    Ivy League Analytical English 常春藤解析英語

  • No.213_May-14

    12 issues /  $58.98 US

    Studio Classroom 空中英語教室

    「空中英語教室」則是本地發行量僅次於「大家說英語」的英語教學雜誌,紮實豐富的雜誌內容、配合廣播與電視的教學,多年來,贏得金鐘獎與金鼎獎等獎項與肯定。目前「空中英語教室」亦於中國大陸、美、加、歐洲、澳、紐等地發行並播送。 <p> Studio Classroom is the second most popular English-teaching magazine in Taiwan. The magazine and accompanying radio and TV programs have won numerous awards over the years, including Taiwan's famous Golden Bell and Golden Tripod Awards. Studio Classroom is distributed and broadcast in Mainland China, the U.S. Canada, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.
  • DRUM 60th

    1 issue  /  $2.91 US

    DRUM 60th

    The beat goes on

    DRUM 60 is a limited edition collector’s item celebrating 60 years of DRUM magazine, an iconic South African publication. It contains stories on writers such Henry Nxumalo, Nat Nakasa, Todd Matshikiza and Can Themba who all wrote for DRUM in the 1950s. Read about the issues covered by the magazine over the years from race to forced removals to politics and news to life in Sophiatown, including an article written by former president Nelson Mandela in 1952. The magazine contains well-known images taken by DRUM photographers such as Alf Kumalo, Peter Magubane and Jürgen Schadeberg. These pictures cover diverse subjects such as the Sharpeville massacre funerals, 1950s gangsters and singers Dolly Rathebe and Miriam Makeba.DRUM, Sophiatown, South Africa, history, forced removals, politics, Dolly Rathebe, Henry Nxumalo, Nat Nakasa, Can Themba, Bob Gosani, Alf Kumalo, Peter Magubane, Miriam Makeba, Dolly Rathebe, Nelson Mandela, Winnie Mandela, 1950, Africa, jazz, Soweto
  • How it Works Book of Junior Science Revised Edition 1

    1 issue  /  $8.99 US

    How it Works Book of Junior Science

    Everything you need to know about science and the world we live in

    Full of fun facts & amazing pictures, the How It Works Book of Junior Science explains the world around us in an exciting and informative way. Featuring over 1,640 facts inside the incredible bookazine features areas of interest such as 'Science in Nature', 'The Human Body', 'Planet Earth' and 'Amazing Animals'. This book is the perfect companion for those looking for answers to those burning questions about the world around us.
  • 2012

    1 issue  /  $14.99 US

    Workshop for Professional Practices

    This is your guidebook for a professional practice!

    Take your talents to the next level—discover the guide that will help you build and maintain your professional practice. Find out how to operate productive studios and maintain close ties to professional organizations. Dive into advice for improved marketing and promotion, tips on choosing the best studio, material recommendations, and more! • Build your brand • Know how to win contests • Turn your passion into profit • Master materials and techniques • And so much more! Download your copy of this must-have special issue now!
  • Vol.392

    6 issues /  $65.53 US

    Le français dans le monde

    La revue internationale des professeurs de français

    Tous les deux mois, l’actualité pédagogique, culturelle et sociale de la langue française et de la francophonie. À la fois magazine d’information et outil directement utilisable en classe de langue, en particulier grâce à ses fiches pédagogiques et à ses reportages audio. Depuis 50 ans, le lien entre les professeurs de français du monde entier.
  • Febrero 2014

    9 issues /  $26.76 US

    Aula de Innovación Educativa

    La revista Aula desarrolla una labor divulgativa entre el profesorado de cualquier área educativa, identificándose con una línea de reflexión plural y abierta. Es una herramienta profesional de conocimiento, comunicación y de acción, que permite estar al día y resolver los problemas prácticos y teóricos en el aula.