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  • Julio 2014

    12 issues /  $17.30 US

    Ser Padres - Chile

    Consejos para los padres cien por ciento involucrados en la crianza de sus hijos, desde el embarazo hasta la edad escolar.

    Ser Padres es la guía necesaria para potenciar el desarrollo y bienestar de padres e hijos. Reportajes de sicología, salud, desarrollo, estimulación y belleza.
  • Julio 2014

    12 issues /  $17.30 US

    Embarazo y Parto

    Dirigida a las mujeres embarazadas y a las madres de niños hasta 5 años. Toda la información necesaria para esa etapa de la vida.

    Embarazo y parto tiene un tratamiento positivo de la información, utilizando fuentes especializadas da las mujeres todos los datos que necesitan saber para enfrentar la parte del embarazo y el parto y luego la crianza de sus hijos.
  • Nov-Dec-12

    6 issues /  $21.99 US

    Natural Child World

    The Magazine for Modern Parents with a Conscience and a Taste for Life

    NCW is a source of inspirations for modern parents who want to make better choices for themselves and the people they love the most without sacrificing the things they like the most. Focus: sustainable design, fashion, lifestyle and culture from around the globe.
  • June 2014

    12 issues /  $48.00 US

    Good Housekeeping Middle East

    The longest running women’s lifestyle magazine comes to the UAE!

    Launched in December 2011, Good Housekeeping Middle East offers readers the most tried and tested advice to help them be the best of the best in all areas of their busy lives. From the latest fashion and beauty looks to expert family, finance and health advice, house and home style tips and tricks, along with our famous Triple Tested recipes to enjoy with friends and family at home – it’s all here!
  • Luglio 2014

    12 issues /  $16.82 US

    Myself Italia

    Il giornale che parla di te. Con te.

    Con Myself hai tutto il tuo mondo in un solo giornale. Che parla di te. Con te. Lavoro e famiglia, moda, bellezza e benessere, uomini, casa, cucina, viaggi. Myself dà spazio alle tue passioni con piacere, ironia e una forte visione femminile.
  • Aout - Septembre 2014

    12 issues /  $25.47 US


    PARENTS apporte chaque mois une multitude de conseils

    Avec l'appui des meilleurs spécialistes, un ton simple et direct, Parents vous apporte chaque mois une multitude de conseils. Des infos qui permettent aux parents de bien vivre la période de la grossesse, préparer l’arrivée du bébé et l’aider à bien grandir.
  • Julio 2014

    12 issues /  $12.00 US

    Pasión - La revista

    Recetas de cocina, belleza, estilo de vida, diversión

    Pasión es una revista unica en su genero, dedicada a la mujer de hoy que tiene que enfrentar su papel de Compañera, Madre y ama de casa con su propia realización como mujer que le importa la belleza, la moda, su profesión, etc.
  • Book 1

    1 issue  /  $2.66 US

    2014 Buyer's Guide for Parents 婦幼用品採購年鑑


    全台唯一報導最詳盡的婦幼商品全書。提供孕媽咪、新手父母食、衣、住、行、育樂產品採購分析,針對商品提出採購計畫、使用時機、流行款式、選購評估重點及聰明使用法,新手父母更能精準智慧購物。 全書541頁全彩精印不只實用且值得珍藏,不小心錯過了月刊,絕對不能再錯過年鑑喔!
  • Choosing a School for Your Child NSW

    1 issue  /  $3.32 US

    Choosing a School for Your Child NSW

    Secondary School Education Guide

    When it comes to education, we all want what’s best for our kids. Decisions about where your child goes to school are very personal and can be daunting. In Choosing a School for Your Child we aim to make this process as simple as possible. These days, choosing the right school is more than simply choosing between co-educational or single-sex, government or independent. Other factors to consider include educational options, the school’s philosophies, religious affiliation, the co-curricular programs and much more. Some schools are noted for their sporting and musical programs, while others have a strong vocational emphasis. Some make involvement in community service compulsory, while others offer an extensive range of languages and international exchange programs. Our regular features detail everything that a parent needs to know about the NSW education system and the HSC, RoSA and the IB. In order to keep you informed and up-to-date, we have compiled a series of articles that address important issues. Our comprehensive listings highlight information about government and independent schools in New South Wales, divided by location for easy reference.
  • No.2_Aug-14

    1 issue  /  $4.93 US

    CHANTO ちゃんと

  • Get Started in Family History

    1 issue  /  $9.99 US

    Your Family Tree Presents: Get Started in Family History

    The essential guide to tracing your ancestors

    This 228-page book from the makers of the UK’s best-selling family history magazine provides everything you need to get going in the hobby. It’s packed with expert advice to help you find and use your family’s records. Discover how to use the internet for your research; make the most of a visit to a record office, share your findings and much more. Please note: This digital version of the magazine does not currently include the covermount items or content you would find on printed newsstand copies
  • July 2014

    1 issue  /  $2.63 US

    Домашний Очаг Russia

    Домашний Очаг - один из самых популярных женских журналов в России.

    "Секрет успеха издания в том, что каждая женщина может найти в нем что-то для себя. Постоянные рубрики журнала посвящены самым главным женским темам: семье, отношениям с любимым, детям, моде и красоте. При этом главный девиз журнала – практичность. Каждый номер “Домашнего Очага” содержит множество ценных практических советов от экспертов: врачей, диетологов, педагогов, юристов, дизайнеров. Наряду с советами профессионалов в издании представлены и обычные люди – женщины, которые решают самые сложные вопросы и делятся своим опытом. "
  • Autumn-Winter 2010

    1 issue  /  $5.92 US

    PriPri mom 0~1歳


  • July 2014

    12 issues /  $17.52 US

    New Zealand Reader's Digest

    No wonder this is the world's most widely read magazine

    Hard-hitting, thought-provoking and entertaining, with interesting features in each issue. This magazine is packed with features short enough to read in one sitting, but stimulating enough to keep you thinking for days.
  • July 2014

    11 issues /  $12.39 US


    GEOленок - про все на свете!

    GEOлёнок – принципиально новый журнал для детей и семейного чтения. Основа концепции GEOлёнка – взвешенный баланс между игрой и обучением. Погружаясь в атмосферу удивительных открытий и занимательных фактов, ребенок открывает для себя окружающий мир.
  • 2014

    1 issue  /  $3.58 US

    Huisgenoot Skooltake

    27 Wenner skooltake. Projekte vir Graad 4-7.

    Maak skoolprojekte jou elke jaar gespanne? Dan is Huisgenoot se Skooltake 2014 net die tydskrif vir jou. Dis gepak met feite, foto’s, illustrasies en fantastiese infografika – ’n weergalose naslaangids vir die laerskoolkind in jou lewe. Dit bevat alles wat ’n nuuskierige snuiter nodig het en sluit fassinerende onderwerpe in soos die antieke en nuwe wonders van die wêreld, die menslike liggaam, die geskiedenis van geld en die skryfkuns, virusse en bakterieë en allerhande diersoorte.
  • 2014

    1 issue  /  $3.30 US

    You School Projects

    School projects made easy

    Are school projects a worry every year? Then YOU School Projects 2014 is just the magazine for you. With colourful themes with lots of facts, pictures and illustrations, this magazine is a one-stop reference guide for the primary school child in your life. It contains everything a curious child needs. Learn about fascinating subjects, from the seven wonders of the world to the journey of writing to viruses and all sorts of animals.
  • May 2011

    1 issue  /  $5.92 US

    ファミリーレジャーガイド 2011年度版


  • 2011

    1 issue  /  $3.77 US

    Kinderpartytjie Idees

    Propovol kreatiewe idees en inspirasie

    Met hierdie fantastiese tydskrif propvol idees vir kinderpartytjies sal jy net soveel pret hê met die voorbereidings as wat die kleingoed op die dag sal hê. Daar is temas vir meisies én seuns, en selfs die veeleisendste klein partytjieganger sal in die sewende hemel wees.
  • Aout-Septembre 2014

    6 issues /  $12.06 US


    Le féminin parental stimulant et innovant

    Enfin une vision de la maternité qui vous ressemble : tonique, actuelle et épanouie ! Reportages, témoignages, conseils, astuces, bancs d'essais…