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  • 2015

    1 issue /  $3.01 US

    You School Projects

    School projects made easy

    Are school projects a worry every year? Then YOU School Projects 2014 is just the magazine for you. With colourful themes with lots of facts, pictures and illustrations, this magazine is a one-stop reference guide for the primary school child in your life. It contains everything a curious child needs. Learn about fascinating subjects, from the seven wonders of the world to the journey of writing to viruses and all sorts of animals.
  • March 2015

    12 issues /  $11.72 US

    Домашний Очаг Казахстан

    Все о вкусной,здоровой, и счастливой семейной жизни

    Домашний Очаг — это практические советы в вопросах моды и красоты, здорового образа жизни, воспитания и здоровья детей, создание и сохранение семьи,и самые вкусные и полезные кулинарные рецепты .
  • Nov-Dec-12

    6 issues /  $21.99 US

    Natural Child World

    The Magazine for Modern Parents with a Conscience and a Taste for Life

    NCW is a source of inspirations for modern parents who want to make better choices for themselves and the people they love the most without sacrificing the things they like the most. Focus: sustainable design, fashion, lifestyle and culture from around the globe.
  • Vol 3

    1 issue /  $2.13 US

    ママ目線で建てる ! 自由設計の家


    キッチンやリビングはもちろん、壁紙やドアノブにいたるまで、 ママ目線で建てた「カワイイ!」「ステキ!」にあふれる家を紹介します。 今ドキの家づくりはママが主役。自由設計の家なら、ママの願いをカタチにすることが可能です。今回は東海エリアから厳選した10社の工務店を紹介。
  • Issue 1

    1 issue /  $7.74 US

    Wellbeing Parenting

    Your complete guide to creating a healthy, happy family

    Parenting is primal. It is the communication from the past to the present which connects us to the ongoing stream of humanity and therefore life itself. There is no road map or right and wrong answers for parenting; it is about picking what works for you and your family. WellBeing Parenting explores this wonderful and terrifying, undreamed expanse that is parenthood. The magazine offers insights for its readers, allowing them to choose whatever is appropriate to their own experiences.
  • 2013 Volume 1

    1 issue /  $5.05 US

    iPad for Education

    Everything your child needs to make more of their iPad at school

    200+ of the best educational iPad apps to give your child an advantage
  • No.736_Apr-15

    12 issues /  $42.80 US

    Youth literary Monthly 幼獅文藝


    《幼獅文藝》是一本專為青年學子量身訂做的文學、文化、藝術之入門雜誌。由知名作家接力執筆的專欄「閱讀與寫作」所揭櫫的:「大量閱讀,滿溢對文字的想像;進行寫作,是件再自然不過的事」。《幼獅文藝》涵養創作種籽;閱讀了 文字,也閱讀了生命。 歷代重要主編:朱喬、瘂弦、段彩華、陳祖彥、吳鈞堯。 重要活動:兩岸作家研討會、第一屆、第二屆世界華文成長小說獎、青年園地YOUTH SHOW」長時間挖掘寫作新秀,已成學生投稿第一品牌、舉辦「科技美麗台灣」徵文、「抗戰五十年」徵文等,二○○二年,舉辦幼獅文藝寫作班至 今,已進入第十一年,服務人數已達數千人,廣獲好評。 獲獎紀錄:教育部優良期刊獎。文建會優良文學雜誌獎。新聞局金鼎獎。一年12期。
  • No.136_Apr-15

    12 issues /  $42.80 US

    biz 互動英語


    職場│生活‧社交 全應用速效英語  適用程度:上班族,全民英檢中級以上、TOEIC檢定考試  學習目標:在商務場合與社交環境中與他人以英語溝通無障礙,商務書信往來沒問題,並且能夠理解生活化的口語或俚語。  雜誌特色:全國唯一專業上班族英語學習雜誌,職場、上班族英語職場、上班族英語『聽說讀寫』一次搞定!商務英語會話、開會、簡報、談判英語,從此不求人。購買、訂閱可享線上及iPad「課文MP3朗讀」學習體驗(不包含影片及其他互動功能)。
  • Apr-May 2015

    6 issues /  $18.14 US

    Little Treasures

    Little Treasures is New Zealand’s most read parenting magazine. It is a trusted source of information that demystifies parenthood and reassures and inspires new and expectant mothers. It covers all the issues that concern modern parents including feeding, sleeping, newborn care, health, development and play. It also focuses on the needs of mothers enabling them to live well and make good choices for themselves and their family.
  • America's Best Family Fun Rooms 2014

    1 issue /  $6.99 US

    America's Best Family Fun Rooms 2014

    Family time is treasured time, and it's worth even more when spent in rooms like these.

    Get inspired by the transformations created by regular folks working on a budget. These fun rooms extend beyond the typical basement game room to showcase a treehouse, an outdoor entertainment grounds, backyard hockey rink, indoor basketball court, and more. Get hundreds of tips and ideas to create your own family fun room!
  • Get Started in Family History

    1 issue /  $9.99 US

    Your Family Tree Presents: Get Started in Family History

    The essential guide to tracing your ancestors

    This 228-page book from the makers of the UK’s best-selling family history magazine provides everything you need to get going in the hobby. It’s packed with expert advice to help you find and use your family’s records. Discover how to use the internet for your research; make the most of a visit to a record office, share your findings and much more. Please note: This digital version of the magazine does not currently include the covermount items or content you would find on printed newsstand copies
  • April 2015

    11 issues /  $6.13 US


    GEOленок - про все на свете!

    GEOлёнок – принципиально новый журнал для детей и семейного чтения. Основа концепции GEOлёнка – взвешенный баланс между игрой и обучением. Погружаясь в атмосферу удивительных открытий и занимательных фактов, ребенок открывает для себя окружающий мир.
  • 2014

    1 issue /  $3.44 US

    Kids Party Ideas

    Packed with creative ideas and inspiration

    With these fantastic ideas for kids’ parties you will now have as much fun doing the preparations as they will have enjoying the party! There are themes that will keep every birthday boy or girl happy, and satisfy the most demanding little partygoers.
  • 2011

    1 issue /  $19.99 US

    Our Kids’ Go To Camp Summer Camp Guide

    Our Kids Go To Camp - Canada’s Guide to Summer Camps for Kids and Teens

    The must-read guide for Canadian parents with kids aged 2-16 What’s inside: * Comprehensive profiles of 212 of the best summer programs for kids and teens (Ontario, Quebec, B.C.) * An overview of the best day and overnight camps: Adventure, Arts, Sports, Computer, Language, Travel… * Detailed list of scholarships, charities and organizations to help you pay for programs * Bonus Education Supplement to give your kids an academic advantage * VIDEOS: An inside look at camps across Canada, Interviews with famous camp alumni Don’t let your child miss out on the benefits and lessons summer camp offers. Buy now!
  • All About Babies

    1 issue /  $3.99 US

    Smart Parenting Specials

    Parent-Friendly Specials

    Get any of these parent-friendly specials from Smart Parenting magazine to help you be the best mom you can be!
  • Abril 2015

    12 issues /  $15.85 US

    Crecer Feliz

    La revista de los nuevos padres

    Contiene toda la información necesaria para los nuevos padres, centrándose -de manera especial- en los aspectos médicos, prácticos y psicológicos. De la mano de expertos en cada una de las áreas, CRECER FELIZ, aporta ideas para ayudar a los padres desde el embarazo hasta los primeros años de vida de sus hijos.
  • DRUM 60th

    1 issue /  $2.64 US

    DRUM 60th

    The beat goes on

    DRUM 60 is a limited edition collector’s item celebrating 60 years of DRUM magazine, an iconic South African publication. It contains stories on writers such Henry Nxumalo, Nat Nakasa, Todd Matshikiza and Can Themba who all wrote for DRUM in the 1950s. Read about the issues covered by the magazine over the years from race to forced removals to politics and news to life in Sophiatown, including an article written by former president Nelson Mandela in 1952. The magazine contains well-known images taken by DRUM photographers such as Alf Kumalo, Peter Magubane and Jürgen Schadeberg. These pictures cover diverse subjects such as the Sharpeville massacre funerals, 1950s gangsters and singers Dolly Rathebe and Miriam Makeba.DRUM, Sophiatown, South Africa, history, forced removals, politics, Dolly Rathebe, Henry Nxumalo, Nat Nakasa, Can Themba, Bob Gosani, Alf Kumalo, Peter Magubane, Miriam Makeba, Dolly Rathebe, Nelson Mandela, Winnie Mandela, 1950, Africa, jazz, Soweto
  • March 2015

    12 issues /  $4.69 US


    Журнал на казахском языке для современной женщины с восточным менталитетом. Шығыс менталитетімен өмір сүретін әйелдерге арналған нағыз заманауи журнал

    «Сырласу» – это энциклопедия современной восточной женщины. Руководство, как сделать свою жизнь счастливой и полной, опираясь на опыт предков и используя возможности современного мира. Путеводитель по сложным жизненным ситуациям. Подруга, которая всегда под рукой и всегда поможет дельным советом. «Сырласу» - бүгінгі қазақ аруларының энциклопедиясы. ""Сырласу"" – дәстүрмен үндесе, заманмен үйлесе отырып өмірімізді бақытты етуге арналған әдістеме. ""Сырласу""- өмірдің қиын-қыстау кезеңдерінде жолбасшы-серігіңіз ""Сырласу"" - сізге әрдайым ақыл-кеңес беретін, қолсозым жердегі сыралғы құрбыңыз
  • November 2014

    12 issues /  $48.00 US

    Good Housekeeping Middle East

    The longest running women’s lifestyle magazine comes to the UAE!

    Launched in December 2011, Good Housekeeping Middle East offers readers the most tried and tested advice to help them be the best of the best in all areas of their busy lives. From the latest fashion and beauty looks to expert family, finance and health advice, house and home style tips and tricks, along with our famous Triple Tested recipes to enjoy with friends and family at home – it’s all here!
  • Annual 2014

    1 issue /  $4.44 US

    Recipe Book

    Cooking for Comfort, Eating for Pleasure

    The 2013 edition of the Appetite Recipes Annual is filled with 48 creations ranging from easy dishes for weeknights and languorous meals for weekends to tempting desserts and refreshing cocktails. They are all irresistibly delicious and just the things to bond over with friends and family.