• March 2011

    1 issue /  $3.02 US

    Totally Primeval

    The official magazine from the hit ITV adventure series, Primeval!

    This must-have Primeval magazine features an all new Primeval comic-strip adventure and is packed with an awesome mix of creature features, fascinating facts, inside info and exclusive interviews with the stars Hannah Spearritt, Andrew-Lee Potts, Ben Miller and Ben Mansfield!
  • Febrero 2015

    12 issues /  $16.00 US

    Eres Niños

    ¡Eres Niños, diversión en grande!

    Es una publicación infantil que entre sus temas se encuentran espectáculos, humorísticos, entretenimiento, sicológicos y cultura general. Eres Niños promueve la participación de sus lectores en las diferentes secciones de la revista. Su misión es sorprender y divertir al lector.
  • May 2011

    1 issue /  $7.66 US

    電車は顔 歴史に残る名車両の軌跡

    鉄道車両の“正面”だけを750両以上収録!All about train faces!

    美人顔、すまし顔、しかめっ面、強面…。創成期の電車から、機関車、気動車、路面電車、軽便鉄道まで、明治の終わりから大正を経て昭和の半ばまでの、さまざまな旧き良き時代の“顔”たち。マニア垂涎の鉄道車両イラスト集。 An illustrative guide showing the many designs and styles of Japanese locomotive faces spanning the last couple of decades. “A must have” guide for all train admirers, both young and mature audiences.
  • Nr.5_Spring / Summer 2015

    2 issues /  $44.50 US


    WFM KIDSWEAR reports on Pitti Bimbo,Florence Kids fashion show. providing information on KIDSWEAR details for the coming season.
  • February - March 2015

    8 issues /  $19.64 US


    The Canadian Wildlife Federation's magazine for kids.

    WILD magazine is jam-packed with fun wildlife stories, games and pictures for youngsters ages 5 to 13. It’s a great way to get the children in your life engaged in nature and share your passion for the outdoors.
  • 2012

    1 issue /  $1.00 US

    Reuniting American Military Families

    Guide for military families who are or will be reuniting with family members returning from active duty.
  • Berty Squiggles Colouring & Scribbles

    1 issue /  $3.76 US

    Berty Squiggles Colouring & Scribbles

    Learn to colour and draw the fun way

    Learn to Colour and draw the fun way with Berty Squiggles Colouring & Scribbles. Introducing Berty Squiggles, a dog with a difference. Your child can learn how to colour, draw and play with plenty of exciting activities to stimulate learning and development. Children can learn how to match colours on Page 8, read a story on Page 22 and even make their own moveable Berty to play with for extra fun. Bursting with fun and ideas for your little one to print and enjoy.
  • No.461_Mar-15

    12 issues /  $40.28 US

    Youth Juvenile Monthly 幼獅少年


  • No.8_Dec-14

    6 issues /  $15.71 US

    Common Wealth Parenting baby Special Issue 親子天下寶寶季刊


  • Summer 2014

    4 issues /  Free!

    Dis-Chem Benefits Mother & child Magazine

    A magazine for young Moms with children from new borns to age 7. It covers everything from beauty tips for moms, to common childhood illnesses, discipline, vacinnations and topics that ever parent should know. It also covers a medical topic as well as an inspirational topic each issue.
  • 2015

    1 issue /  $2.49 US

    Buyer's Guide for Parents 婦幼用品採購年鑑


    全台唯一報導最詳盡的婦幼商品全書。提供孕媽咪、新手父母食、衣、住、行、育樂產品採購分析,針對商品提出採購計畫、使用時機、流行款式、選購評估重點及聰明使用法,新手父母更能精準智慧購物。 2015年鑑全書564頁全彩精印不只實用且值得珍藏,不小心錯過了月刊,絕對不能再錯過年鑑喔!
  • Huisgenoot Dinosaurusse

    1 issue /  $3.01 US

    Huisgenoot Dinosaurusse

    Verken meer as 100 dinosourusse – van die domste, tot die langste en die gevaarlikste - in Huisgenoot-Dinosourusse. Met hope kleurryke foto’s en illustrasies. Sien boonop 15 van die dinosourusse in 3D. Let asb. daarop dat die 3D-animasie die beste in die gedrukte tydskrif werk. Jy sal ’n slimfoon of -tablet, waarop die app afgelaai is, oor jou digitale uitgawe moet kan hou (ongeag die toestel waarop jy dit lees) om die 3D-sketse te sien.
  • March 2015

    12 issues /  $18.66 US


    The World's Coolest Boys' Magazine!
  • #174

    12 issues /  $23.42 US


    The hottest kids’ mag in Australia for boys aged 7-15!!

    MANIA is cheeky, cool and in the know - just like our readers! Kids love reading MANIA to keep up to date with what’s hot in gaming, movies, music, celebrities and the latest toy releases.
  • No 130

    12 issues /  $23.42 US

    Little Angel

    The coolest mag around for young girls!

    Each month, Little Angel brings the coolest comps, the most awesome posters, the cutest cooking and DIY pages and the most giggle-worthy blush moments.
  • No.7_Feb-15

    6 issues /  $37.76 US

    Young Scientist 科學少年