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  • Nov-Dec-13

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    Greensource: the Magazine of Sustainable Design

    GreenSource covers sustainable design, green building, LEED projects, green & sustainable products, case studies for architects, engineers, designers, contractors & owners
  • Avril 2015

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    Sélection du Reader's Digest

  • India Today - 10 Years of Sex Survey

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    India Today - 10 years of sex survey

    INDIA TODAY’s annual Sex Survey—now in its 10th edition—

    INDIA TODAY’s annual Sex Survey—now in its 10th edition—has explored the sexual practices and preferences of Indians since 2003. And these surveys have thrown up some startling revelations. Foremost among them is the assertion of the Indian woman to fulfil her sexual urges and desires. Since the first Sex Survey, the urban Indian woman has come a long way in fulfilling her desires. Women are now asserting themselves more for pleasure. In the 2005 survey—Sex and the Single Woman—one in four admitted to having had sexual relationships and one-third were comfortable with one-night stands. By 2011, women were asserting their sexuality more firmly—49 per cent of wives, bored with their husbands, said they refuse sex faking a headache. The surveys didn’t leave out the men either. The 2008 survey, Sexy Secrets, revealed the male addiction to pornography. The surveys also showed the hypocrisy of the urban Indian man—in 2004, in our cover story, What Men Want, over 70 per cent said they expected the women they marry to be virgins, although 77 per cent claimed to have had sex before marriage.Bedroom secrets have now become the subject of a debate. People are talking openly about issues such as homosexuality and incest. They are willing to address what they want out of marriage and relationships. The surveys have seen seminal writings by scholars such as Sudhir Kakar, who wrote on arranged marriages, to Patricia Uberoi, who wrote on the history of intimacy, and Veena Das, who wrote on the single urban male’s sexual behaviour.The 2012 survey revealed more than any previous survey as it expanded its scope to 12 smaller towns and Tier-2 cities like Ratlam, Moradabad, Jamnagar, Asansol and Kottayam. Contrary to perception, there isn’t as big a difference in sexual attitudes between the metros and small town India.
  • No.103_Mar-15

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    Harvard Business Review Complex Chinese Edition 哈佛商業評論


  • Issue 41:1

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    Alternatives Journal

    Alternatives Journal provides critical and well-researched analysis of environmental issues in the clear, comprehensible style of a magazine. Issues are thematically focused, presenting in-depth exploration of specific topics like water conservation, climate change, green energy, sustainability, waste reduction and much more.<br><br>Back issues cover the history of the environmental movement.
  • No.153_Mar-15

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    Watchinese Magazine 看雜誌


    回歸媒體應有面貌:傳達「真實」、「良善」、「真正有益於人心」的資訊。做一份帶給人「希望」的雜誌。 華人國際視野: 匯聚來自世界各地的駐地記者、專業資深的評論家,力求展現全球華人國際視野。
  • Avril 10, 2015

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    Dernière Heure


    Dernière Heure plonge les lecteurs au cœur de la nouvelle avec des chroniques et des reportages saisissants qui relatent les faits à chaud et montrent les photos qui font l’actualité. Proposant des entrevus exlusives, des histoires humaines ainsi que des dossiers fouillés et ludiques, Dernière Heure s'inspire des grands courants de l'actualité et des tendances culturelles.
  • Le Japon

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    National Geographic Documents Hors-série

    Nous inaugurons avec « Algérie, un siècle en photo », une nouvelle série baptisée « Documents » et qui repose sur l’immense fond photographique et éditorial de National Geographic, dont nous célébrerons, en Janvier 2013, le 125è anniversaire. <br>Nous avons choisi de commencer avec l’Algérie, à l’occasion des 50 ans de l’indépendance du pays : plus de 100 pages de reportages (dont les premiers datent de 1909 et les plus récents du début du XXIè siècle) qui nous offrent un regard sur la vie quotidienne pendant et après la décolonisation. <br>Découvrez, dans ce premier numéro, un portrait passionnant de l’Algérie vue par National Geographic.
  • No.542_Special

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    CommonWealth 天下雜誌特別精華版


    天下雜誌特別精華版- 「悅讀天下、持續前進!」 自1981年創刊以來,《天下雜誌》以「積極、前瞻、放眼天下」的自我期許,以專業的分析、深入淺出的報導,屢獲國內外報導獎項肯定,更成為華文世界財經雜誌的第一品牌。 透過《天下》的國內外專訪、深度報導,不僅讓您即時與世界接軌、與趨勢同步,《天下》更不斷引介如:杜拉克、麥可.波特、梭羅等、大前研一等多位管理大師之最新理論,深化您在企業管理、策略競爭之知識。 《天下雜誌》--您的隨身智慧,邀您一起與世界同步躍升。 「與天下同行,共享快樂、共享知識、共享成長、共享未來」。
  • Stan Shih's Smiling Philosophy

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    Smile and Beat Your Own Path 微笑走出自己的路

    施振榮的Smile學. 20堂創業X創新X人生課. 眼前有百倍挑戰,但也有千倍機會,就看你把眼光放在哪個方向!Stan Shih’s Smiling Philosophy. 20 Lessons on Entrepreneurship x Innovation x Life. Hundredfold challenges lie ahead, yet a thousandfold opportunities also await, and realizing them depends on your vision and direction

    本書是在2012年完成,是施先生退休後八年後的著作,相較1996年他的著作「Me too is not my style」以及2004年的著作「Millennium Transformation」主要是企業經營心得的分享,本書則是他在退休後,以更大的格局,範圍更廣泛,除了談產業與企業經營外,也分享了他的人生哲學與價值觀。 The new book was first written and completed in Chinese in 2012, eight years after Stan’s retirement from Acer. Compared to the previous two English books, “Me too is not my style” in 1996, and “Millennium Transformation” in 2004, both aimed to share lessons and experiences in running an enterprise, the new book extends beyond industry and business management matters to include his life and business philosophy, and his values. 施先生寫這些主要是為了台灣的永續競爭力,分享“台灣觀點”的論述,希望他的經驗能對關心台灣未來發展的人,或是與台灣有類似發展背景階段者、或正與台灣合作者可以參考。 Stan wrote this book with the sustainability of Taiwan’s competitiveness in mind and hence with a “Taiwan perspective”. He hopes it will be a good reference to those who care about Taiwan’s future development, or who are at a similar stage of development or background as Taiwan, or are in the process of partnering with Taiwan companies. 微笑曲線自從1992年提出至今正好二十年,其可以應用的領域愈來愈廣,許多不同的產業都可以利用微笑曲線來分析其產業生態,思考如何創造出最大價值的營運模式,以擬定產業或企業長期發展的策略。 “Stan Shih’s Smiling Curve” has been published for twenty years since Stan proposed the perspective in 1992. The applications expand across wide-ranging fields. It has proven to be useful for analyzing particular ecosystems in different industries to identify ways to create business models that offer the highest value. It is valuable for understanding business progress and strategic choices to establish the long-term development strategy of an industry or enterprise.
  • No.709_Mar-15

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    Learning & Development Monthly 能力雜誌


  • No.17_Apr-15

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    English Island 英語島


    英語島 English Island,是一本「中文裡包含英文;英文裡包含中文」的雙語月刊;它讓人在閱讀知識的過程中,不知不覺地學會英文。不背單字、不記文法,英文變成一種一口入魂。有趣的是我們也不特別教英文,但你讀了英文自然就變好。
  • Saluting America's Military Leaders

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    Saluting America's Military Leaders


    Veteran's Day issue. Saluting America's Military Leaders, past and present.
  • 2011

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    Anuario Empresa Responsable y Sostenible

    Anuario Corresponsables 2011, la publicación de referencia de la Responsabilidad Social y la Sostenibilidad

    Más de 700 páginas en las que se realiza una radiografía exhaustiva, rigurosa y plural de la situación de la RSE y del papel que están desempeñando todos los grupos de interés en su impulso. El Anuario incluye las principales conclusiones del V Informe Corresponsables, con la opinión de 287 expertos; 14 artículos de opinión de los máximos dirigentes de empresas líderes en la promoción de la RSE y más de 200 casos prácticos de todo tipo de organizaciones, entre otros contenidos. En definitiva, una herramienta imprescindible para todo aquel profesional o interesado en el ámbito de la sostenibilidad y la Responsabilidad Social.

    1 issue /  $58.38 US

    Directorio Organizaciones Responsables y Sostenibles

    Recibe tu revista digital al instante.

    Directorio ‘Organizaciones Responsables Y Sostenibles’ 2008 es una herramienta de consulta imprescindible para todo aquel profesional vinculado a la Responsabilidad y Sostenibilidad Empresarial (RSE). El Directorio recoge de manera actualiza, detallada y fidedigna los datos de contacto de más de 1.500 organizaciones relacionadas con la RSE. Puede adquirirse en el tradicional formato papel, con la peculiaridad que es impreso en papel ecológico 100% reciclado, o en el nuevo formato digital Zinio Interactivo, que permite consultarlas de manera unipersonal y novedosa a través del ordenador. Contiene los datos de más de 1.600 organizaciones y más de 3.000 contactos Con los datos de: Más de 600 Empresas Más de 400 Proveedores Más de 200 ONG y Fundaciones Más de 100 Académicos Más de 60 Medios de comunicación Más de 100 Administraciones Públicas Más de 200 Asociaciones varias...
  • 2009
  • FoFo0315

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    F - Forsvarets forum

    Norges største magasin om Forsvaret holder deg oppdatert om hva som skjer hjemme og ute

    F er bladet for deg som vil følge med om hva som skjer i Forsvaret, gjennom debatt og reportasjer. Magasinet dekker militære aktiviteter i Norge, internasjonale operasjoner, forsvarspolitikk og sikkerhetspolitikk. Reportasjer, fotoserier, intervjuer, analyse og kommentarer gir deg leseropplevelse og kunnskap. F henvender seg til alle med tilknytning til Forsvaret andre med interesse for forsvarsspørsmål. Bladet blir utgitt av Forsvarets forum på oppdrag fra Forsvarsstaben. Redaksjonen har en fri og uavhengig stilling formulert i Lov om redaksjonell fridom i media og redaktørplakaten.
  • No.9_Apr-15-11

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    DISSENT 在野法潮


  • 2011

    6 issues /  $1.00 US

    Courage and Honor

    COURAGE AND HONOR: The American Military Woman

    COURAGE AND HONOR: The American Military Woman salutes our female servicemembers as they work tirelessly to serve our country through global efforts. Read of the military women who are making history and breaking down barriers that are allowing them to better fulfill their oaths of enlistment.
  • 2011