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  • Winter-14

    1 issue  /  $5.99 US

    Writer's Yearbook presents

    Your handbook fro writing success

    Writer's Yearbook provides articles with strategies and tips for advancing your career, interview techniques, exercises to improve your writing, instruction on the basics such as how to pitch an article idea to an editor or how to avoid rejection from an agent, and, for published authors, tips for marketing and promoting your book.
  • Abril 2014

    11 issues /  $24.80 US

    Que leer

    Conoce las ultimas novedades del mercado editorial.

    Los libros de recién lanzamiento, los proyectos de autores consumados, los futuros best sellers del mercado. Una revista indispensable para los buenos aficionados a la lectura.
  • March - April 2014

    6 issues /  $15.00 US

    World Literature Today

    Your Passport to Great Reading

    Each issue of World Literature Today delivers fiction, poetry, interviews, book reviews, and essays by the best new writers from across the globe. The magazine has been in continuous publication for over 87 years and has won dozens of awards including most recently the Apex Award for Excellence and Annual Gold Ink Award.
  • No.1008_May-14

    12 issues /  $104.61 US

    文藝春秋 bungeishunju


    「文藝春秋」は1923年1月に創刊し、今年89年目を迎えました。創業者・菊池寛の創刊精神は今も受け継がれ、政治、経済、医療、文学と幅広くカバーし、様々な分野の人々が執筆しています。 現在の発行部数は64万と日本の総合雑誌トップを保ち続けています。その時代におもねらないジャーナリズム精神は年齢、地域、職業を越えて幅広い読者からの支持を得ています。 また、毎年3月号と9月号には芥川賞受賞作を掲載し、文藝の分野においても大きな影響力を発揮しています。※デジタル版には収録されていない記事がございますのでご了承願います。各号3ヶ月の期間限定販売となります。
  • Spring 2014

    4 issues /  $14.95 US

    Foreword Reviews

    Reviews of Good Books Independently Published

    At ForeWord Reviews, we love books and the art of great storytelling. We discover, curate, critique, and share a collection of new indie book reviews and feature articles, so everyone can experience something exciting, insightful, and satisfying.
  • March - April 2014

    6 issues /  $19.95 US

    Columbia Journalism Review

    Strong Press, Strong Democracy.

    Columbia Journalism Review (CJR) encourages and stimulates excellence in journalism in the service of a free society. Published by Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism, CJR examines press performance as well as the forces that affect it. The bimonthly magazine offers a deliberative mix of reporting, analysis, criticism, and commentary.
  • Yoga The Complete Manual

    1 issue  /  $6.99 US

    Yoga The Complete Manual

    Simple guides to the essential forms

    In Yoga The Complete Manual you will find guides to the four main forms of yoga: Iyengar, Viniyoga, Astanga Vinyasa and Sivananda, as well as Tantra – the root of yoga. Follow the simple step-by-step instructions and illustrated postures and movements to discover which forms of yoga best suit you. Featuring: Step-by-step postures - Follow the simple illustrated steps to discover the basic postures and movements. Yoga forms - Learn about the four main forms of yoga: Iyengar, Viniyoga, Astanga Vinyasa and Sivananda. Tantra - Understand Tantra – at the root of yoga and the most all-inclusive spiritual system ever developed. Health and relaxation - There is a form of yoga to suit everyone, whether you want to relax, tone or treat injuries or ailments.
  • Autumn-11

    1 issue  /  $6.95 US

    Fine Books & Collections

    Spend a Year in the World of Fine Books

    Fine Books & Collections explores the book as art, artifact, and idea. We give relevance to the notion that book collecting is a process of understanding, preservation, and especially, an active of creativity. Explore books, maps, prints, fine art, manuscripts, photography and more through the pages of Fine Books & Collections.
  • Volume 3, Number 1 & 2

    2 issues /  $15.00 US

    Chinese Literature Today

    CLT explores Chinese culture like no one else!

    Chinese Literature Today is an exciting new journal of Chinese culture,literature, and art. CLT publishes high-quality translations of current Chinese poetry, fiction, and drama, plus international essays and criticism. "ORIGINAL, UNIQUE, AND ENGAGING" As modern China becomes an increasingly visible player on the world’s stage, it is more important than ever for the world to gain an understanding of Chinese culture. Chinese Literature Today, a new title from the award-winning World Literature Today, grants the world direct, unprecedented access to China.
  • No.71_Apr-14

    12 issues /  $6.53 US

    2rivers 双河彎


    即日起,凡訂閱 《双河彎》電子雜誌一年份,即可獲得 『編輯精選書籍』乙本。活動期間:2014年2月1日 至 2月28日)(贈書寄送地址 限台澎金馬地區)訂閱雜誌後,您將在 次月十號 前收到贈書通知信函。 屆時請留意您的電子信箱郵件,不要錯失了獲得精選好書的機會喔! ※贈書通知信將寄送至您的Zinio註冊信箱;相關個人資訊僅供建檔,不另作他用。
  • April 2014

    6 issues /  $22.83 US

    Русский пионер

    «Русский пионер» - культовый литературный иллюстрированный журнал

    «Русский пионер» – литературный иллюстрированный журнал про «пионеров-первопроходцев». Журнал избегает схем и показывает читателям интригующий мир живого человека, независимо от его статуса – политика, бизнесмена, общественного деятеля, художника, музыканта. «Русский пионер» открывает новые, доселе незнакомые грани известных людей.
  • Vol.18

    1 issue  /  $4.85 US



  • Win-14

    2 issues /  $16.29 US

    Brick, A Literary Journal

    Brick, A Literary Journal

    Brick is a journal of literary non-fiction focusing on literature and the arts. Edited by three Michaels (Ondaatje, Helm, and Redhill), two Spaldings (Linda and Esta), and one Rebecca Silver Slayter, Brick is published twice yearly out of Toronto and has readers in nearly fifty countries.
  • Computer Arts Pro Software Guide: After Effects

    1 issue  /  $9.99 US

    Computer Arts Pro Software Guide: After Effects

    Master your After Effects skills with this essential guider for any designer.

    Pro Software Skills: After Effects is full of tips, tutorials and tricks that will enable you to master the software and make your motion graphics the best they’ve ever been. And if you’re a print designer, familiar with Photoshop and Illustrator, then this guide will help you get to grips with the sometimes daunting After Effects toolset. Take a look at out our Pro Guides. These give you an idea of After Effects key functions and uses, and we hope they’ll be invaluable reference tools. ****Note: This digital edition is not printable and does not include the covermount items or supplements you would find with printed copies****
  • Marzo - Abril 2014

    6 issues /  $36.43 US

    Claves de la Razón Práctica

    Claves de Razón Práctica es una revista de ideas, libros y cultura.

    La revista ofrece una visión imprescindible para conocer los caminos que recorre el pensamiento actual. En sus páginas se refleja la aportación de autores Javier Pradera y Fernando Savater, además de los pensadores fundamentales en el panorama cultural mundial.
  • Gener - Marc 2014

    3 issues /  $23.92 US

    Articles de Didàctica de la Llengua i de la Literatura

    La revista Articles desenvolupa una tasca divulgativa entre el professorat de llengua i literatura, identificant-se amb una línia de reflexió plural i oberta. És una eina professional de coneixement, comunicació i acció, que permet estar al dia i resoldre els problemes pràctics i teòrics a l’aula.
  • 103 Primavera 2014

    3 issues /  $27.56 US

    Els Marges

    Els Marges és una revista de llengua i literatura, de periodicitat quadrimestral, fundada el 1974 per Joaquim Molas. Publica estudis de síntesi o d’avançament d’investigacions, documents d’interès lingüístic i literari, textos de creació inèdits, ressenyes i notes de reflexió. Des de l’any 2004 s’edita sota el segell de L’AVENÇ.
  • 185 Primavera 2014

    4 issues /  $27.56 US


    Revista editada per l’AADPC. Bimestralment inclou un llibret de la col.lecció Teatre-Entreacte de textos teatrals inèdits.
  • Abril 2014

    11 issues /  $41.58 US


    L'Avenç<br> La revista que cal llegir<br> Història, literatura, art, teatre, música... en forma de reportatges, entrevistes i assaigs. Des de fa 30 anys, L’Avenç és la crònica mensual d’un país i la revista de referència d’història i cultura del nostre país. Per conèixer el passat, debatre el present i pensar el futur.
  • N. 15 - Un Siecle de BD

    1 issue  /  $8.09 US

    Lire Hors série

    Les Hors série de Lire décryptent un genre litteraire ou retracent le parcours d'un auteur : sa vie, ses lieux, ses passions, ses philosophies…