• Februar 2015

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    Magazin für politische Kultur

    Wie kein anderes deutsches Magazin bietet Ihnen Cicero analytische Hintergrundberichte, Reportagen und spannende Geschichten zu aktuellen Themen aus Politik, Wirtschaft, Wissenschaft und Kultur. Überraschende Einsichten und die Auflösung komplexer Zusammenhänge machen Cicero für Sie zu einem anregenden Lesevergnügen.
  • Winter 2015

    4 issues /  $19.80 US

    The American Scholar

    Venerable but Lively.

    Inspired by Ralph Waldo Emerson’s famous speech, The American Scholar is the quarterly magazine of public affairs, literature, science, history, and culture published by the Phi Beta Kappa Society since 1932.
  • No.1017_Feb-15

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    文藝春秋 bungeishunju


    「文藝春秋」は1923年1月に創刊し、今年89年目を迎えました。創業者・菊池寛の創刊精神は今も受け継がれ、政治、経済、医療、文学と幅広くカバーし、様々な分野の人々が執筆しています。 現在の発行部数は64万と日本の総合雑誌トップを保ち続けています。その時代におもねらないジャーナリズム精神は年齢、地域、職業を越えて幅広い読者からの支持を得ています。 また、毎年3月号と9月号には芥川賞受賞作を掲載し、文藝の分野においても大きな影響力を発揮しています。※デジタル版には収録されていない記事がございますのでご了承願います。各号3ヶ月の期間限定販売となります。
  • January 31, 2015

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    The Spectator

    The oldest continuously published magazine in the English-speaking world focused on political and current events.

    Every week The Spectator is packed with opinion, comment and analysis about politics, arts and books. We lead the way on the great issues of the day, from political scandals to social trends. What you read in The Spectator today becomes news elsewhere in the weeks to come. We have the best columnists on Fleet Street, from Charles Moore, Rod Liddle, Matthew Parris and Alexander Chancellor to James Forsyth, the best-con
  • Winter 2014 - 2015

    4 issues /  $30.00 US

    World Policy Journal

    The most pressing issues in global affairs, covered by the World Policy Journal

    The World Policy Journal is known for lively, intelligent writing that challenges conventional wisdom and offers new perspectives on crucial but often under-reported world issues. Essays and reportage consider such vital issues as geopolitical and economic shifts, global security, conflict and peacebuilding, immigration, and cultural and social change.
  • 9 February 2015

    51 issues /  $19.99 US

    Open Magazine

    Weekly for the young mind

    OPEN, a well-lit window on India addresses the progressive, globally minded reader and has stayed faithful to its promise of not dishing up regurgitated news or majoritarian opinion. The magazine is clutter-free, vibrant design and superior visual content, positions Open among the best looking magazines in the world. The magazine set out to be original and stimulating, and stays true to that secret covenant with its readers. In its brief existence of over four years, Open has already established itself as the sophisticated Indian's magazine of choice and has become a media product opinion builders, decision makers and policy makers look to stories in OPEN have been constantly featured and referred to in most reputed international media like The Guardian, The New York Times, The Huffington Post, The Wall Street Journal etc. “India’s very hip new OPEN magazine” is what Huffington Post has described the magazine as. Call Open the return of magazine journalism.
  • 9 Enero 2015

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    La revista de entretención familiar, actualidad vida social y reportajes

    La más completa revista de actualidad y entretención en Chile tanto para hombres como para mujeres. COSAS incluye reportajes de actualidad nacional, entrevistas políticas, los principales acontecimientos de la vida social, personajes y artistas internacionales y de la realeza europea. Incluye también entrevistas a personajes de la cultura, articulos de cine y arte.
  • Janvier 2015

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    Capital France

    Toute l'actualité économique chez vous

    Capital, c'est chaque mois des enquêtes sur les acteurs de l'économie, des analyses sur les stratégies d'entreprise, des dossiers sectoriels approfondis, et le décryptage de toute l'actualité économique.
  • Decembre 2014 - Janvier 2015

    10 issues /  $34.36 US

    La Revue

    Le monde comme vous ne l'avez jamais lu

    La Revue est le seul mensuel francophone qui traite des sujets du monde d'aujourd'hui, dans tous les domaines - politique, économie, sciences et culture. La Revue donne à lire et comprendre en s'affranchissant du prisme purement français, selon un principe : le centre du monde est ailleurs A l’heure où tout va très vite, où l’actualité chaude pilote l’information dans l’ensemble des médias, La Revue prend le contre-pied en favorisant l’analyse et la réflexion. En effet, l’équipe de La Revue ne se satisfait jamais des simples faits. Elle réalise une veille sélective et critique de la presse, des rapports et des ouvrages parus dans le monde entier, donnant ainsi un véritable panorama des tendances de fond. Elle repère avant les autres les acteurs politiques et économiques qui vont faire le monde de demain, elle anticipe les grands mouvements géopolitiques, économiques et scientifiques. Et, comme l’évolution du monde s’explique aussi au regard des petits et grands événements du passé, La Revue fait une large place aux personnages et aux faits historiques avec des récits approfondis, passionnants, souvent inédits.
  • No.6572_Jan-31-15

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    経済誌はもちろん週刊誌でも日本最古の雑誌。複雑な現代社会の構造を“見える化”し、日本経済の舵取りを担うみなさんの判断材料を提供。毎号、マクロ経済、企業・産業分析から医療・介護・教育など身近な分野まで、40~50ページもの超深掘り巻頭特集を掲載。また著名執筆陣による固定欄、ニュース、企業リポートなど役立つ情報が満載。 ※定期購読は半年間、25号分となります。
  • Decembre 2013-Janvier 2014

    1 issue /  $5.33 US

    Les cahiers de L'Express

    Les Cahiers de L'Express donnent un éclairage en profondeur sur un thème politique, géopolitique, historique... à partir d'articles déjà parus dans L'Express et leur mise en perspective.
  • India Today - 10 Years of Sex Survey

    1 issue /  $3.18 US

    India Today - 10 years of sex survey

    INDIA TODAY’s annual Sex Survey—now in its 10th edition—

    INDIA TODAY’s annual Sex Survey—now in its 10th edition—has explored the sexual practices and preferences of Indians since 2003. And these surveys have thrown up some startling revelations. Foremost among them is the assertion of the Indian woman to fulfil her sexual urges and desires. Since the first Sex Survey, the urban Indian woman has come a long way in fulfilling her desires. Women are now asserting themselves more for pleasure. In the 2005 survey—Sex and the Single Woman—one in four admitted to having had sexual relationships and one-third were comfortable with one-night stands. By 2011, women were asserting their sexuality more firmly—49 per cent of wives, bored with their husbands, said they refuse sex faking a headache. The surveys didn’t leave out the men either. The 2008 survey, Sexy Secrets, revealed the male addiction to pornography. The surveys also showed the hypocrisy of the urban Indian man—in 2004, in our cover story, What Men Want, over 70 per cent said they expected the women they marry to be virgins, although 77 per cent claimed to have had sex before marriage.Bedroom secrets have now become the subject of a debate. People are talking openly about issues such as homosexuality and incest. They are willing to address what they want out of marriage and relationships. The surveys have seen seminal writings by scholars such as Sudhir Kakar, who wrote on arranged marriages, to Patricia Uberoi, who wrote on the history of intimacy, and Veena Das, who wrote on the single urban male’s sexual behaviour.The 2012 survey revealed more than any previous survey as it expanded its scope to 12 smaller towns and Tier-2 cities like Ratlam, Moradabad, Jamnagar, Asansol and Kottayam. Contrary to perception, there isn’t as big a difference in sexual attitudes between the metros and small town India.
  • Volume 4, Issue 3

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    Curb Magazine

    A thoughtful and engaging publication about policy, practice and community experience in Canadian cities, regions and rural areas.

    Curb Magazine is produced by the City-Region Studies Centre at the University of Alberta and seeks to promote dialogue, best practices and ideas sharing between practitioners and communities on issues related to urban planning, design, and municipal and regional governance. Curb Magazine is distributed to municipal offices across Canada.
  • Vol.22

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  • No.21_Aug-14

    1 issue /  $8.36 US

    atプラス アットプラス

  • January - February 2015

    6 issues /  $17.00 US

    Policy Options

    Policy Options

    Policy Options is Canada's premier public policy magazine. Its goal is to encourage an informed debate on the important public policy issues of today and tomorrow.
  • 2011

    1 issue /  $4.84 US

    Il libro dell'anno

    La fotografia del 2011. Sfoglia il libro dell'anno.

    Il Sole 24 ORE presenta "Il libro dell'anno", tutto il duemilaundici raccontato dai fatti. I protagonisti, gli avvenimenti e i retroscena di un anno decisamente importante. Dodici mesi di cambiamenti politici, economici e sociali: i dittatori spodestati da rivoluzioni sociali, la scienza cambiata dai neutrini, il crollo delle borse e la caduta di governi e premier. Il Sole 24 ORE presenta un libro che, attraverso le immagini più significative, ripercorre il 2011 suggerendo un'interessante chiave di lettura e previsione del 2012. Inoltre, la possibilità di scaricare gratuitamente la versione digitale e i contenuti speciali on-line. Duemilaundici, buona rilettura.
  • Volume 1

    1 issue /  $4.30 US

    The Maclean’s Interviews, Volume 1: Politics and Power

    Canada’s only national current affairs magazine

    Kenneth Whyte arrived at Maclean’s in 2005 as editor and publisher. The “Interview,” an in-depth conversation with a prominent personality, appears in each week’s magazine. In Volume 1, we feature some of Whyte’s interviews with the powerful and the political, from Bill Gates to Conrad Black to Stephen Harper.
  • Apr-May-13

    6 issues /  $17.18 US

    Inside Policy

    The Magazine of the Macdonald-Laurier Institute

    A must read for the Canadian political and public policy community.
  • 2012

    1 issue /  $2.58 US

    L'actualité La vraie Pauline Marois

    Bénéficiant d’un accès exceptionnel, Noémi Mercier livre un récit captivant des 100 jours qui ont mené à l’élection de la première femme au poste de premier ministre du Québec. Mercier nous fait découvrir une politicienne aguerrie, jonglant avec ses doutes, mais déterminée à dessiner un nouvel avenir pour le Québec.