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  • Sweets 2013

    1 issue  /  $2.38 US

    Drum Best Recipes

    A fabulous collection of the most popular recipes.

    DRUM Best Recipes Sweets is a selection of delicious goodies published in DRUM magazine over the years. The 81 recipes include cakes, biscuits, tarts, desserts and mousses. Some are baked and some are chilled – so there’s a special treat for everyone with a sweet tooth.
  • Vol 19, No 1

    1 issue  /  $4.99 US

    Easy Meals

    Cooking Ideas From Woman's Day's Sister Publications

    Discover new and easy healthy recipes, from kids snacks to salads.
  • Issue 8

    4 issues /  $18.54 US

    Eat Fit

    Eat Well. Eat Clean. Eat Fit.

    Australian Eat Fit is a leading source of information on diet, sports nutrition and healthy cooking. It contains recipes, meal plans, and nutritional information from Australia and abroad and employs chefs, dieticians, and nutritionists to create tasty, healthy meals that will aid in weight loss, muscle gain, good health & peak sporting performance.
  • 2013

    1 issue  /  $9.99 US

    Eating Light

    Eating Light serves up culinary solutions for today’s busy, health-conscious readers who want to provide tasty dishes for family and guests while cutting down fat. Featured foods, which range from snacks to entrees to desserts, are quick to make and many can be prepared in advance. Clear, concise recipes and complete nutrition information are provided for every dish.
  • Jun-14

    6 issues /  $5.00 US


    Try the all-digital edition of Eating Well on your computer or portable device!

    What's for dinner? Is it healthy? Is it easy? If you ask these questions, Eating Well is for you. The magazine "Where Good Taste Meets Good Health," Eating Well delivers the information and inspiration you need to make healthy eating a way of life with great, easy recipes (most take 45 minutes or less), the latest nutrition science, gorgeous photos and crisp, evocative prose.
  • Eat Out Now! 115 Manila Restaurants We Love

    1 issue  /  $3.99 US

    Eat Out Now! 115 Manila Restaurants We Love

    Eat Out Now! 115 Manila Restaurants We Love is your guide to the best place to dine in the city. Whether you seek chicken inasal at a hole-in-the-wall eatery, dumplings in Chinatown, or in foie gras at a fancy achmancy restaurant, we point you in the direction of where you can get the best of the best, and then some. Eat Out Now! also boasts contributions by six of the most passionate and most respected food connoisseurs in Manila. JJ Yulo of Pinoy Eats World and the blog The Eat Log, Joel Binamira of Market Manila, Erwan Heussaff of Esquire Philippines and The Fat Kid Inside, Cyrene dela Rosa of’s Chowbuzz, Sanjeeb Gopaldas of Table for Three, Please, and Noel Ermitaño of Eyeonwine all offer their expert insights in this restaurant guidebook.
  • 2014
  • Eat Yourself Slim 2

    1 issue  /  $0.99 US

    Eat yourself slim 2

    Get your best body ever

    Slimming down has never been easier, thanks to our eight-week healthy eating plan. Simply by learning about and eating the right foods you can drop a dress size safely and effectively. Our plan includes delicious and nutritious, healthy recipes for every meal of the day that you can mix and match for eight whole weeks. There are also lots of snacks to keep your metabolism roaring and treats to keep you sweet. So stay active, eat well and happy slimming!
  • Diciembre 2013

    1 issue  /  $5.00 US - Mexico

    Déjate seducir por la gastronomía, los vinos, los restaurantes, las recetas, los viajes y los grandes placeres de la vida con México. Con contenidos ágiles e interesantes, apego a las nuevas tendencias y una estética elegante, la revista es un referente gastronómico y del buen vivir. <br><br> Let yourself be seduced by the cuisine, wines, restaurants, recipes, travel and the great pleasures of life with Mexico. With agile and interesting content, adherence to emerging trends and elegant aesthetics, the magazine is a gastronomic and good living landmark.
  • Mars-Avril 2014

    6 issues /  $20.24 US

    ELLE à Table

    Avec ELLE à table, goûtez aux plaisirs de la table…

    ELLE à table, tous les plaisirs de la table. De la cuisine d'ici à la cuisine d'ailleurs, de l'actualité shopping aux bonnes adresses, des petites bouteilles aux grands crus, tout ce qui fait le bonheur au quotidien est dans ELLE à table !
  • How to

    1 issue  /  $3.79 US

    Entertainment Ideas

    Packed with creative ideas and inspiration

    This is the fourth issue of the popular annual edition published by Ideas magazine. In the current issue the team teaches novice entertainers how to set a proper table, how to seat their guests, which glasses to use and how to plan and prepare for special occasions. We also inspire with gorgeous table settings, and provide recipes to our best starters, main courses and desserts from the past five years.
  • April 2014

    12 issues /  $29.99 US


    Life's Refinements

    epicure is a monthly gourmet lifestyle magazine designed for bon vivants who share the belief that food is the ultimate universal language. We are on an enthusiastic quest to seek out the latest dining trends, sniff out remarkable wine vintages, and uncover the dynamics and intricacies of the local and international culinary scene.
  • 2011

    1 issue  /  $9.99 US

    Essential Slow Cooker

    Presented by Better Homes and Gardens

    This must-have magazine offers an array of slow-cooker recipes perfect for family-style meals or casual entertaining. Quick, 5-ingredient recipes will appeal to working parents while Sunday-special meals illustrate the versatility of the appliance. Other fun topics include fondues, party foods, potluck favorites, and recipes with an international flair.
  • 1st

    1 issue  /  $7.83 US

    Everyday Dish

    Looking for something simple and delicious for dinner? The answer is in Everyday Dish – a special release from Dish magazine. Everyday Dish is a collection of more than 100 Dish recipes selected for their ease and accessibility – no hard to find ingredients or time consuming techniques – it’s your solution to solving the problem of what to cook for dinner tonight. No cookbook shelf should be without it.
  • Dec-12

    1 issue  /  $2.50 US

    Everyday Food

    Great Food Fast

    Everyday Food, a digest-sized magazine, was created for the supermarket shopper and everyday cook. Featuring over 40 quick, easy recipes in every issue, we provide tips, tricks, and how-to advice, along with answers to questions like "What’s for dinner tonight?"
  • May-14

    10 issues /  $5.00 US

    Every Day with Rachael Ray

    Take a bite outta life!

    Every Day with Rachael Ray is packed with Rachael Ray’s 30-Minute Meals, plus more recipes, menu planners, party ideas, tasty trips and Rach’s faves for style, home and gotta-have gadgets. Waddya waiting for?
  • 2013
  • 2013

    1 issue  /  $6.99 US

    Fast & Healthy Recipes

  • FSMO

    1 issue  /  $16.54 US

    Fettet sitter mellom ørene

    Enkle suksessformler for deg som vil bli slankere

    For å redusere opptattheten av mat, lønner det seg å se mindre etter mat og tenke mindre på mat. Mer fokus på aktivitet og trivsel reduserer impulsene til å spise utenom måltidene. Denne boken er derfor befriende fri for matoppskrifter. Tankene må ledes i andre baner, og humor hjelper oss å flytte fokus. Balansegangen mellom oppbyggende humor og nedrivingshumor vil kunne danne en sjelelig trim som både lokker og truer oss til en slankere tilværelse. Og har vi det gøy utenfor matfatet, forsvinner fettet tilsynelatende av seg selv. Boken er anbefalt av overlege Leiv Ose på Rikshospitalet.
  • May 2014

    12 issues /  $15.36 US

    Food & Home Entertaining

    The magazine for food lovers

    South Africa's most established and trusted food magazine inspires professionals, homemakers, culinary students and food lovers. Even the most sophisticated dishes are made accessible to the reader, and there’s never a shortage of comfort food ideas for the whole family. Food & Home keeps readers up-to-date on trends, faces and places, restaurants, events, gadgets, local producers and gourmet travel destinations.