How to Make Bread
Popular Mechanics Sep-14
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The Prince of Wails Turns One
Vanity Fair UK August 2014
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Beyond Belief
AFAR Aug-Sep-14
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The Pitch Man
Adweek Jul-14-14
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Inside the World’s Toughest Marathon
mental_floss August 2014
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Spy vs. Spy
Rogue July 2014
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The Bodies We Want
ESPN The Magazine July 21, 2014
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Victoria's Era
British Vogue August 2014
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What Are They Doing at Monsanto?
Bloomberg Businessweek Jul-07 Jul-13-2014
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Elephant Killer
Smithsonian Magazine July - August 2014
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Facebook's 10-Year Plan
Fast Company July – August 2014
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This Is How We Roll
Outside July 2014
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