Well Have What He's Having
Fast Company November 2014
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Processing the News
American PHOTO November - December 2014
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Bob & Weave
Car and Driver Nov-14
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Ebb and Flow
Texas Monthly October 2014
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Rethinking the World's Best Schools
Bloomberg Businessweek Sep-29 Oct-05-2014
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At the Crossroads
mental_floss October 2014
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How the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Shape Up
AppleMagazine September 19, 2014
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Vote, Vote, Vote for the Home Team
ESPN The Magazine September 29, 2014
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How Gangs Took Over Prisons
The Atlantic October 2014
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Free Bird
Elle Oct-14
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Qatar’s Art of Persuasion
Bloomberg Pursuits Fall 2014
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No Twang of Conscience Whatever
The Oxford American Autumn 2014
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