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  • July 7, 2014
    The Big Issue

    A Hand Up, Not a Hand Out

    The Big Issue is a UK-based street paper that supports the homeless, the vulnerably housed asnd those seeking to escape poverty. Vendors normally buy the magazine for £1.25 and sell to the public for £2.50. We are using Zinio digital editions to create additonal revenue opportunities to fund our street-based and pastoral care services for our vendors. We are a social enterprise company and all revenues go to support the vulnerable communities we serve. Our goal is to move our vendors away from dependency and towards full time employment
  • August 2014
    Elle Germany

    ELLE – the world’s biggest selling fashion magazine.

    ELLE richtet sich an moderne, elegante Frauen, die sich in Sachen Trends inspirieren lassen und ihren persönlichen Stil perfektionieren wollen. ELLE hat einen ästhetischen, eleganten High-End-Anspruch in allen Lebensbereichen: Mode, Beauty, Kultur, Reise, Lifestyle. ELLE schätzt die schönen und wertvollen Aspekte des Lebens – aber ohne Snob-Appeal und immer auf Augenhöhe mit der Leserin. Jeden Monat überzeugt ELLE durch herausragende Mode-Produktionen und kunstvolle Beauty-Fotostrecken mit Service auf höchstem Niveau.
  •  Baseball America: Hall of Fame
  • Spring/Summer 2014
    House & Home: Decorating with White

    A step-by-step guide for every room.

    House & Home's newest guide, "Decorating with White", is the go-to source for decorating in the most popular palette. Decorating with White explores all the ways that white can be used to create rooms that are fresh and timeless.
  • Kathryn Bernardo Fan Magazine
    Kathryn Bernardo Fan Magazine

    Kathryn: A Candy Fan Magazine has tons in store for fans who want to get even more acquainted with the bright young star

    Discover random truths about Kath by learning 18 fast facts straight from the 18-year-old actress. Gain a clearer picture of theTeen Queen’s off-screen personality as she reveals her thoughts on becoming an adult, her love of traveling, the biggest challenge she faces as an actress, how she deals with haters,and whether or not she feels like she’s missing out on regular life. Pore over exclusive snapshots, including childhood photos, kilig Kathniel snaps, and celeb-filled pics from her recent debut. Finally, cop the teen idol’s ultra-pretty style with fashion, hair, and makeup tips, and snag her sweet disposition by learning her inspiring quotes by heart.
  • Raspberry Pi 21 Brilliant Projects
    Raspberry Pi 21 Brilliant Projects

    Discover how to get the most from your Pi

    Discover how to get the most from your Pi with a variety of hands-on projects suitable for any user. Follow our plain English, step-by-step instructions, and before long you’ll be a Pi pro! Within this guide's pages, you’ll learn how to take control of the Pi and use it in a variety of hands-on projects. From an absolute beginner unpacking a Pi for the first time to a hacker looking to make the jump from rival platforms, you’ll find something of interest to get your teeth into within these pages, with clear, plain English instructions for each step along the way – and soon you’ll be a Pi professional!
  • How to Build an Android App
    How to Build an Android App

    Discover what it takes to write an app

    Inside this magazine, we teach you how to create apps for Android, one of the most popular phone operating systems in the world. You’ll find all the information you need to set up your PC for creating smartphone apps, and detailed guides on how to use the coding tools. We’ll teach you all the essentials, including how to design your app for different sized screens, how to make it available to other people, and how to use freely available code to add extra features with the minimum of work. Along the way, you’ll learn the key concepts of coding using the Basic4Android system, so even if you’ve never written a computer program before you’ll be able to create your first app in no time.
  • The Definitive Guide to Android
    The Definitive Guide to Android

    Unlock the full potential of your tablet and smartphone

    Whether you’re completely fresh to Android or you’re an old hand with the OS, there’s always something new to learn. And that’s why we’ve produced this guide. Inside, those who have yet to invest in an Android device will find all the buying advice they need, including reviews of all the latest tablets and phones. We’ll explain how to take your first steps with your new device, then we’ll build on the basics by showing how to customise and improve your Android device further. And we’ll open you up to a universe of astonishing apps, many of which are completely free.
  • Men's Fitness Get a Six Pack in 8 Weeks
    Men's Fitness Get a Six Pack in 8 Weeks

    Your 8-Week Body Plan

    To build a lean, muscular body with cover-model abs would take years of training, right? Wrong. Journalist Ben Ince took on the challenge of getting an impressive six-pack in just eight weeks with the help of personal trainer Rich Phillipps. The results are amazing - and this book is a step-by-step guide to achieving them.
  • No.1_Jun-14
    できるポケットWindows 8.1 困った!&便利技 200 最新版 Windows 8.1 Update対応

    最新のWindows 8.1の疑問を すぐに解決!長く役立つ!

    ●最新アップデートに対応した Windows 8.1の役立つワザを解説! 本書は、Windows 8.1 Updateに対応した最新のWindows 8.1の操作方法を紹介。 スタート画面やデスクトップを便利に活用するワザや、 アプリの操作方法や楽しみ方、 陥りがちなトラブルへの対策などを204項目紹介。 インターネットやメール、写真のワザはもちろん、 OneDriveやタッチ操作などの新機能も解説しているので Windows 8.1に関する知識と使いこなしテクニックが身に付く! ●知りたい疑問をすぐ引けてスッキリ解決! 「やりたいこと」や「困った!」ときの疑問を、 カテゴリー別に掲載しています。 目的から知りたいワザがすぐに探せるので、 手順に沿って操作するだけで疑問がスッキリ解決! 関連ワザもすぐに参照できるので、 知識の幅が広がります。
  • No.1_Jun-14
    できるポケット au Androidスマートフォン 基本&活用ワザ 完全ガイド


    auスマートフォンの今からでも遅くない、知って得する使い方が満載。au IDやGoogleアカウント、Wi-Fiといった基本的なことから、メールやインターネット、LINE、Facebookの使い方。さらに、auスマートパスやブックパス、うたパス、ビデオパスの便利さや活用方法までがよくわかる!
  • No.1_Jun-14
    できるポケットHTML&CSS基本マスターブック Windows 8.1/8/7/Vista対応


    ホームページ作りで必要なスキルはこの1冊で! ●画面と文字が大きく読みやすい! 丁寧な解説でHTML&CSS初心者でも安心。 HTML&CSSの操作とデータの実例に応じて、大きな画面と文字で ホームページの仕組みや、タグの記述方法など丁寧に解説。 手順に沿って操作するだけで、ホームページが無理なく作れる。 Hint!では、レッスンに関する一歩進んだ知識を紹介。 さらに、操作の要点をPointで解説。 ホームページ作りが初めてでも挫折しません! ●ホームページに必要なフリーソフトを用意。 すぐにホームページ作成が始められる! ホームページ作成に必要なソフトウェアは 弊社のWebページからダウンロードできます。 ・テキストエディター「TeraPad」 ・FTPソフト「FFFTP」 ・画像変種ソフト「Paint.NET」
  • No.1_Jun-14
    できるポケットWindows 7 困った!&便利技 200 最新版 Internet Explorer 11対応

    Windows 7を効率よく使いこなせる便利なノウハウを200ワザ解説!

    Windows 7とInternet Explorer 11の便利技がわかる解説書が ポケットサイズで登場! 基本・実践・応用まで。 Windows 7パソコンをさらに便利に使いこなせる! ●Windows 7の最新ノウハウを解説! 「パソコンが起動しない!」 「反応のないソフトウェアを終了したい」というトラブルや、 「フォルダーをパソコン間で共有するには」など パソコンを使う上で不便に感じていたことや こんなことができたらいいのにというワザを豊富な手順で詳しく解説! インターネットやメール、写真の便利技はもちろん 無料で利用できるクラウドサービス「OneDrive」についても解説。 ファイルやフォルダーの共有ワザもすぐに分かる! ●知りたいワザをすぐ引けて疑問がスッキリ解決! 「やりたいこと」や「困った!」ときの疑問を、 カテゴリー別に掲載しています。 目的から知りたいワザがすぐに探せるので、 手順に沿って操作するだけで疑問がスッキリ解決! 関連ワザもすぐに参照できるので、 知識の幅が広がります。
  • 2014
    Southern Living House Plans

    Southern Living House Plans

    Build your dream cottage! Our best-selling floor plans, plus decorating, kitchen, and design ideas for your new home.
  • Best Summer Special 2014
    Best Summer Special 2014

    Best Magazine's Summer Special is on sale now. Get bikini ready for just £1.49!

    The Best Summer Special of 2014 is packed with all the latest health and beauty tips you need to enjoy the glorious summer season. Whether you’re staying in the UK or having a break abroad, we have everything you need for your perfect summer right here, including a super-quick bikini diet, delicious BBQ recipes and a fab true crime extra. Out now!
  • iPad for Business
    iPad for Business

    Work smarter on the move

    We concentrate on the iPad’s office capabilities, from word processing and editing spreadsheets to making professional-looking presentations and even collaborating on projects with other colleagues. The iPad can even be used to track business expenses, record meetings, make business cards, share files and curate business news. As a piece of hardware it can also be used as a Point of Sale system in a retail environment. We explore all of these great options.
  • Baseball America: Mid-Season Prospect Guide
  • #70
    Kiteworld Magazine

    International Kitesurfing Magazine

    Kiteworld is essential reading for all kiteboarders, since 2002. Read the best reviews of the latest kites, boards and gear and improve your riding with our technique articles - whatever level you're at. Kiteworld's editorial team includes World Champions Aaron Hadlow and Mark Shinn and top coaches like Brandon Scheid. Each issue is packed with the inspiration and know-how you'll need to fuel your next ride
  • Bicycling SA's Beginner's Guide to Cycling
    Bicycling SA’s Beginner’s Guide to Cycling

    Deciding to take up cycling doesn’t have to be a daunting prospect – not with the Beginner’s Guide to Cycling at hand. Created and conceptualised with you, the beginner, in mind, the Guide will provide you with everything you need to know before taking to the roads or trails. Learn basic skills, become an expert at maintenance, train like a pro and familiarise yourself with a checklist of essential gear that you need before starting out. In the Beginner’s Guide to Cycling we answer all your cycling-related questions; we’ll get you in the saddle – comfortably and safely – and smashing the trails or cruising the roads in no time.
  • July 2014
    Food and Travel Quarterly

    Plan your next vacation with Food and Travel Quarterly today.

    Food and Travel Quarterly brings together culture,cuisine,We touch every season to highlight the best from Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. Our content shares experiences that reveal a true sense of place—turning adventure vacations, family trips, and weekend getaways into transformative journeys.