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  • 2015
    Outdoor Spaces

    Deck, Patio & Outdoor Living focuses on front yards and backyards as outdoor living spaces.

    Deck, Patio & Outdoor Living focuses on front yards and backyards as outdoor living spaces, including family-friendly decks, patios, outdoor furnishings, pools and spas, and other hardscaping considerations (fencing, pathways, etc.). Enjoy inspiring before-and-after photos, landscape plans, plant profiles, and advice from the experts.
  • 2015
    100 Ideas Quick & Easy Decorating

    Bring out your personal style with 100 of Better Homes & Gardens® best decorating ideas to dress up any room easily.

    From creating pretty wall art displays to giving furniture pieces a facelift, each issue focuses on simple decorating projects that will refresh every room in your house, inside and out, without breaking your budget or requiring more than a weekend to do. We give you pretty photos and helpful tips on how to create each project so you can bring your own sense of style home.
  • 2015 - Issue 3
    Kate Bush - The Ultimate Music Guide

    124 pages of incredible history

    There are few British musicians who are as revered and elusive as Kate Bush - a fact brought home by the rapturous acclaim that greeted her return to live shows, after 35 years, in 2014. Now, Uncut's latest Ultimate Music Guide reveals the truth about Kate Bush, and examines every part of her momentous and often strange career. As usual, we've dug deep into the archives of NME and Melody Maker to find revelatory interviews with Bush. “There are always so many voices telling me what to do that you can’t listen to them,"" she told one Melody Maker journalist in 1985. ""All I ever do is listen to the little voices inside me. I don’t want to disappoint the little voices that have been so good to me.” From the striking arrival of ""Wuthering Heights"", through to the magical comeback of Before The Dawn, the Ultimate Music Guide: Kate Bush tells her whole story. Uncut's writers have revisited every one of her albums and provided detailed new reviews: every song reassessed and rated. And along with the interviews, they show a genius on her own trajectory, whose idiosyncratic vision, and whose determination to bring that vision to fruition, has been there right from the start. That's the Ultimate Music Guide: Kate Bush. We just know that something good is gonna happen…
  • No.27_Vol.7.3
    Kendo World

    Crossing Swords and Borders

    Kendo World is the only English language periodical devoted to Japanese budo (martial arts), and the dissemination of its vast practical, philosophical and historical aspects to the non-Japanese speaking community. Although Kendo World's primary focus is kendo, it also covers iaido, naginata, jodo, jukendo and tankendo, as well as other koryu. In addition to these martial arts, Kendo World also contains articles of cultural and historical significance on various subjects related to budo. The Kendo World Team also visits and reports on many of the major kendo tournaments in Japan and around the world. The articles contained in Kendo World are written by an international network of experienced martial artists spread across Japan and the world. Translations of articles and books published in Japanese, including those of our supporters Kendo Nippon and Kendo Jidai magazines, are also included in Kendo World.
  • 2015 - Issue 1
    Radiohead - The Ultimate Music Guide

    124 pages of incredible history

    "As Thom Yorke and his bandmates return to the studio to work on their ninth album, it seems an ideal time to dedicate the latest Uncut Ultimate Guide to the geniuses of Radiohead. How such an adventurous, uncompromising band also became such a successful one is among the best and strangest musical stories of the past two decades, and we hope we've done it justice. Once again, we've come up with deep new reviews of every Radiohead album (and every solo album by the bandmembers), as well as finding the very best interviews in the archives of NME, Melody Maker and Uncut and reprinting them in full. Some are tense and troubled. Many others, though, reveal a band whose reality is at odds with the stereotypes: an endlessly droll and charming group of men, whose wry contempt for rock'n'roll cliché has informed most every move they've made in the past 20 odd years. ""I’m not trying to define rock’n’roll,"" Thom Yorke told NME's Stuart Bailie in February 1993. ""To me, rock’n’roll just reminds me of people with personal hygiene problems who still like getting blow-jobs off complete strangers. That’s not what being in a band means to me.” Uncut's Ultimate Music Guide to Radiohead, then. As Thom Yorke once sang, ""It's the best thing that you ever had/The best thing that you ever, ever had…"""
  • Issue 333
    Today's Golfer

    Lower your handicap with the UK's best-selling golf magazine

    Today’s Golfer is dedicated to helping you play and buy better... We'll lower your handicap. Each issue, the magazine's team of elite coaches gives you tips that will lower your handicap - proven drills to help your driving, iron play, putting and close approach work. And if you're looking to invest in new kit, our experienced testing team brings you the first independent reviews of the latest golf clubs & accessories every issue. If you want to play abroad, ensure you read our travel advice... we'll ensure you have the golfing holiday of a lifetime. Plus: don’t miss our exclusive green fee deals and course guides. You could save a lot of money!
  • May 2015

    The world's most useful motorcycle magazine.

    RiDE helps you get more from your motorcycle. Put together by a team of enthusiastic experts, with help from thousands of committed readers, every issue of RiDE is full of recommendations on bikes, kit, routes, destinations and technique. We speak directly to our readers about their biking lives & use our expertise to steer them towards the good-value option in bikes, trips and kits. We’re famed for our regular Product Tests and eery month provide a comprehensive used-bike buying guide, helping potential owners find the right bike at the right price. Finally... every issue features touring guides and riding advice to help readers explore the world on their bike.
  • Home Recipes
    Home Recipes

    More than 50 of Home's most popular step-by-step recipes - Home Recipes is a special digital edition of the popular step-by-step recipes that have been published in Home over the years. Starters, main courses, desserts, snacks and sweets - it has it all.
  • No.11_Mar-15
    RUN+TRAIL ラン・プラス・トレイル


  • Primavera 2015
    Revista LÍBERO

    La revista de fútbol líder en castellano

    La revista de fútbol y estilo de vida líder en español. Líbero quiere atraer al aficionado al fútbol reflexiones sociales, el placer de una cuidada presentación del producto y un espacio preferente para la literatura deportiva.
  • No4 (8)/2014
    BRICS Business Magazine in English

    BRICS Business Magazine is a bookazine – a book-like magazine – addressed to global investors, businessmen, politicians, and experts.

    BRICS Business Magazine is a bookazine – a book-like magazine – addressed to global investors, businessmen, politicians, and experts. A business and humanitarian publication on rapid-growth markets, it is issued four times a year and explains how to understand others. The goal of this project is to organize a direct information exchange between the BRICS countries and other emerging markets.
  •  Fast & Fresh
    Fast & Fresh

    Quick and wholesome meals are just a few steps away with Fast & Fresh magazine.

    This family friendly collection is full of strategies for delicious recipes full of nutritious ingredients. Look for solutions to get meals on the table easily including 5-ingredient dishes, slow cooked meals you can make while away, double duty dinners with creative ways to use leftovers, 15 meals to make with one grocery, and more. For extra help in the kitchen, look for tips from the Better Homes and Gardens Test Kitchen for planning, shopping, and cooking. And be sure to look for icons for kid friendly recipes and simple swaps to customize meals to your taste.
  • Drone 360
    Drone 360

    Drones already film our favorite movies, keep watch over our neighborhoods, and wage our distant wars. Someday, they might save our lives.

    Drones already film our favorite movies, keep watch over our neighborhoods, and wage our distant wars. Someday, they might save our lives. Find out more about these versatile unmanned aerial vehicles in ALL-NEW Drone 360, including: • How UAVs are changing law enforcement and warfare. • Where and how high a drone can fly — and who makes the rules. • When it’s illegal to fly a drone over private property. • How UAVs might revolutionize emergency response. Order your copy today and take a closer look at this emerging technology!
  • No.11_Apr-15
    GP Car Story

  • No.01
    Sense Special Issue 好/感 特刊

    給最懂生活的咖 「Enjoy your life with an Attitude」!《好/感 特刊》系列為不定期出刊。

    《好/感 特刊》以生活為核心,提供各項「吃、喝、玩、樂、遊」的精采內容,希望引領消費者重新體驗文化、美學、時尚、健康等多重層次的新生活態度。秀才不出門能知天下事,而我們現在比秀才還厲害了,因為我們不出門還能買菜血拚!窩在家裡動動手指就能選購美食,翹著二郎腿等東西送到家門口,這是何等愉快的事!因此繼去年的口袋餐廳特輯,sense今年又挑戰編輯團隊極限,推出口袋宅配美食百選特刊,這次你不用出門找餐廳,豐富食材和美食全都在家任你選。此系列為不定期出刊。
  • No.01
    Xin Architecture 欣建築-走進建築攝影


    全國第一本建築攝影電子書終於問世! 建築師暨攝影家陳益民,結合自身執業多年及攝影創作經驗,從專業角度出發,以深入淺出的圖文介紹,傳遞建築與空間的攝影理念。內容包含器材選購重點,說明書必讀項目,進而討論光線運用與拍攝時機、方位與季節等考量因素。基於推廣建築攝影的初衷,決定採用在價位與收藏都更為便利的數位型式發行,讓包括學生等不同族群的攝影同好都能輕鬆擁有,隨身攜帶自在出遊!
  • No.71_Apr-15

  • No4 (8)/2014
    BRICS Business Magazine

    Журнал-книга о быстроразвивающихся рынках, адресованный глобальным инвесторам, бизнесменам, политикам и экспертному сообществу.

    Журнал-книга, или bookazine, адресованный глобальным инвесторам, бизнесменам, политикам и экспертному сообществу. Выходящее четыре раза в год деловое и гуманитарное издание о быстроразвивающихся рынках. Цель проекта – наладить прямой обмен информацией между странами БРИКС и другими emerging markets. Председатель Редакционного совета издания – уважаемый как в России, так и в мире инвестбанкир и филантроп Рубен Варданян.
  • Vegetarian Times: Fresh 5-Ingredient Recipes
    Vegetarian Times: Fresh 5-Ingredient Recipes

    World's Largest Collection of Vegetarian Recipes

    Fresh 5-Ingredient recipes from the editors of Vegetarian Times
  • March 25, 2015

    The world's biggest-selling weekly newspaper dedicated to motorcycling

    Launched in 1955, MCN has been bringing its readers exclusive news stories about bikes for 60 years. Every week, MCN’s team of expert test riders & journalists will: • Review new and used motorcycles • Help bikers make the very best buying decisions • Provide the latest MotoGP and Superbikes news MCN is also famous for its unrivalled motorcycle sport news and insight. From the white-knuckle world of MotoGP to the elbow-clashing action of World Superbikes and British Superbikes, MCN gives the inside story. There are also thousands of motorcycles for sale in MCN. So if you’re thinking about buying a new machine there’s almost definitely a fantastic bargain waiting to be snapped up!