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  • The Complete Bike Book
    The Complete Bike Book Volume 1

    The complete guide to choosing, maintaining, and riding your bike

    Whether you're just getting started on your bike or are a more experienced rider, this book aims to give you advice and insights to make sure you are getting the most from cycling. We'll help you choose the right bike for your needs, ensure your bike is operating at its optimum level, and offer practical advice on diet and fitness. If you want to take the next step into competitive cycling, we've got everything you need to know for that, too. Join the ranks of Chris Froome, Bradley Wiggins and Chris Hoy, and become the best cyclist you can be. Featuring: Getting started - Choose the right bike for your needs and ensure your technique is right from the start Better cycling - Build on the basics with in-depth guides to technique, terrains and more Health and fitness - Discover the best routines and nutritional information to help you reach your peak Maintaining your bike - Keep your bicycle in top condition with these practical tutorials
  • 2015
    Malaysia Tatler Society

    The definitive guide to who’s who in Malaysia

    Society is the definitive who’s who guide to the top 300 individuals to know in Malaysia. This annual magazine also names Malaysia’s top style icons, most invited guests, Asia’s most stylish ladies as well as the best parties of the year.
  • January - February 2015
    Cruise Travel

    Cruise Travel is edited for people that love to cruise and others that love the water. Includes ship photos, deck plans, ports of call, Worldwide schedules and costs.
  • Windows 7
    Windows 7

    The ultimate Windows 7 tips compendium!

    In this guide to using Windows 7 we present a staggering 787 tips, all designed to help you get more out of Microsoft’s finest. We’ve got tips on customising, improving, repairing, reinstalling, fixing and speeding up your favourite operating system. It’s all here!
  • iPhone 6 Made Simple
    iPhone 6 Made Simple

    Uncover all the features of the new iPhone 6

    Apple has reinvented the iPhone again! They're feature-packed but also pretty complex if you're new to smartphones or Apple devices in general. So iPhone 6 Made Simple has been designed to help unravel the mysteries of the hardware, the operating system and many of the built-in apps. We'll take you through every major feature and function, explaining how to set up your Apple ID, connect with other devices and iCloud, get going with email and web browsing, use the Camera and Photos apps… and we've even got some troubleshooting advice should things go wrong. With us as your guide, you'll soon be the master of your new iPhone!
  • No.1_Jan-15


    新車購入ガイド。スポーツカー、ミニバン、軽自動車、セダン、SUVなどなど、カテゴリ別に特集した自動車年鑑。年代、車種、カテゴリーで括り、歴代のクルマたちを紹介。あの名モデルの初代紹介。 国内外のファンをうならせるシリーズです。
  • Enero 2015
    Maxim México

    Lo que el hombre quiere

    Maxim México llega al mercado mexicano reformada y renovada, como la mejor alternativa de estilo de vida masculina. Dirigida a los hombres modernos y seguros de sí mismos, cuya curiosidad les exige mantenerse a la vanguardia en todos los aspectos de su vida. Maxim México es la guía máxima para el hombre.
  • No.230_Feb-15
    RC WORLD(ラジコンワールド)


  • February - March 2015
    Professional Artist

    Written by knowledgeable industry pros and successful working artists, Professional Artist offers practical business advice on subjects such as art marketing, art law, portfolio development, exhibition presentation, communication skills and sales techniques, as well as advanced technical applications of photography, computer and Web tools.
  • No.7_Feb-15

  • 100 Great Guitars - 2015 Edition
    100 Great Guitars

    The most stunning guitars in the world today!

    Updated and revised for 2015, 100 Great Guitars features some of the best and most jaw-droppingly gorgeous guitars in the world today.
  • Beginners Guide to Papercraft
    Beginners Guide to Papercraft

    Master the art of card making with dozens of beautiful projects!

    From basic techniques such as folding, through to quilling, embossing and more, we'll help you get started! Step-by-step instructions make it easy, with dozens of projects to try.
  • No.6_Oct-14
    Harvard Business Review Complex Chinese Edition Special Issue 哈佛商業評論特刊


  • No.6_Dec-14
    30 Monthly Special Issue 30雜誌特刊


    《30》雜誌,是一本重新定義“成功”的雜誌,一本渴望實現“自我價值”的雜誌。 集結每個創意迸發的精彩故事,綜觀全球趨勢觀點,提供工作、就業、 投資、學習、教養、生活、家庭、奉獻、健康等方面的資訊與分析,拓展全新視野。提供今天就要的競爭力!
  • Vol.1_Oct-14
    男優K Korean Actors Magazine


    ●グラビア&インタビュー(10P以上) ・チ・ヒョヌ(『イニョン王妃の男』『トロットの恋人』) ・ユ・アイン(『密会』) ・キム・ジェウク(『君を守る恋』) ・ソン・ジェリム(『感激時代』) ・チェ・ジニョク(『相続者たち』) ・コ・ギョンピョ(『神のクイズ』) ・ソ・イングク(『応答せよ1997』) ・ト・ジハン(『バスケットボール』) and more…
  • Rotman Management Leader's Digest
    Rotman Management Leader's Digest

    Volume 1: Thriving

    Rotman Management Leader’s Digest is a compilation of best-selling articles on a timely management topic. Available in digital format only, the first volume in the series is all about ‘Thriving’. A thriving workforce is one in which employees and their leaders are not just satisfied and productive: they are engaged in creating the future - both the organization's and their own. This special digital compilation issue from Rotman Management gives you timeless ideas from our archives that will enable you, your employees, and your organization to thrive. Articles include "Thriving at Work: Why It's Important and How to Enable More of It" by Gretchen Spreitzer, Christine Porath, and Cristina Gibson; "Coaching High Performance: Lessons from Veterans in Two Arenas" by Roger Martin, Bob Brett, and Jennifer Riel; "Thriving in Ambiguity: Lessons from Exploratory Organizations" by Lauren Pollak and Katherine Wakid; "Give Me a Break: The Role of Work Breaks in the Quest for Optimal Productivity" by John Trougakos,"Team Alchemy: What Happens in the Spaces Between People" by Chelsea Vandiver; "Developing Leaders for a World of Uncertainty" by Andrew Day and Kevin Power; and more.
  • No.442_Feb-15
    モトチャンプ motochamp

  • Vol.4_Oct-14


    ●表紙 佐藤健×チャン・グンソク ●「コラボレーショングラビア&インタビュー」 佐藤健×チャン・グンソク ●特集1 グローバルアイドルたち B.A.P、GOT7 ほか ●特集2 ネクスト・ライジング・アクターは誰だ 野村周平 × キム・ウビン ●特集3 TAIWAN NEW WAVE KANO 永瀬正敏 × ツァオ・ヨウニン (映画『KANO』) ●特集4 レジェンド・オブ・AJ 日韓合作ドラマ『フレンズ』バックストーリー 貴島誠一郎/岡田蕙和etc, いま、語る名作誕生秘話 ウォンビン特別メッセージ ●特集5 ASIA×JAPAN エンタメのいま2.5次元ミュージカル×後藤田正純×GOLDEN ASI
  • Smartphones for Seniors
    Smartphones for Seniors

    Everything you need to know to choose the right smartphone and get the best from it!

    We’ll introduce the essentials of iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry and Amazon Fire Phone, and then show you step-by-step how to get to grips with each major platform.
  • Teach Yourself Photography
    Teach Yourself Photography

    Learn everything you need to know about your digital SLR camera.

    Master the basics of digital SLR photography with this 220-page guide. Learn how to balance exposures, how to get sharp shots, how to maximise image quality, and much more.