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  • All About History Annual
    All About History Annual

    The events, people & discoveries that changed the world

    This bookazine is a collection of the very best content that has appeared in All About History this year, and includes people, moments and discoveries that altered the course of history forever. We have included some of the most stories, as well as including some lesser-known aspects of history for you to learn about and enjoy. Featuring: 50 events that changed the world - From Ancient Greece to 9/11, we reveal the story behind history's gamechangers Heroes & Villains - Meet history’s most controversial characters, from Robin Hood and Al Capone to JFK Victory & Defeat - Delve into the action from some of history’s defining battles, including Waterloo and WWII Exploration & Discovery - Learn about the key people, moments and discoveries that shaped the modern world
  • 2014
    Anuário Estatístico das Companhias Abertas (Brasil)

    Aimed to investors and individuals interested in the performance of public Brazilian companies.

    The Yearbook presents the evolution of financial indicators of 360 Brazilian companies listed on the São Paulo Stock Exchange (BM & FBovespa), between 2012 and 2013. Apart from company data, we also publish historical series, from the past 10 years and segregated by sector, of the following indicators: evolution of assets; equity; profit / loss; net revenue; operating income and corporate debt. The publication also has an unprecedented survey on investment patterns, 2013 investment figures and their 2014 forecast are presented for more than 100 public companies. We also include an article about investments performance from 2008 to 2013 and Brazilian economy historical data
  • Aug-Sep 2014
    NZ Light Commercial Vehicle

    NZ Light Commercial Vehicle Magazine focuses on the utes, vans and Light trucks area of the commercial vehicle market in New Zealand. NZ Light Commercial Vehicle sees this as an area of the market which is experiencing significant growth as the challenge of vehicle access becomes an increasing issue within the marketplace.
  • Octubre 2014
    Cannabis Magazine

    La revista de los profesionales y amantes del cañamo

    CANNABIS MAGAZINE es una revista mensual que gira en torno al cáñamo y todo lo que deriva de él. Nuestros campos de interés incluyen el activismo, la cultura, la actualidad así como aspectos legales, científicos, industriales y políticos que tienen que ver con el mundo del cannabis. Sin embargo, nuestra especialidad son los artículos sobre cultivo.
  • No.7_Aug-11


  • Yummy Book Cook & Earn
    Yummy Book Cook & Earn

    Hey, budding food entrepreneur! We have something to help boost your business: Yummy's Cook & Earn book! Inside, find recipes you can make right at home and sell right away: Mini Pie Pops, Mango Tartlets, and Croissant Doughnuts. Are you a homebaker in need of new ideas? Look no further! You'll also get recipes for Dark Chocolate Crinkles, Alfajores, and Silvanas here. Get these and more when you grab a copy!
  • No.1_Dec-20-12
    マタギ 矛盾なき労働と食文化


  • No.1_Apr-10-14


    日本人は、魚や野菜、米ばかりを食べてきた民族だと思っていませんか? 答えはノー。日本人は古来から獣を狩る、立派な肉食民族だったのです。イノシシ、シカ、熊、ウサギ、タヌキにとどまらず、ハクビシンやトドまでを食べてきた日本人。それは各地に残る食文化や昔話からも容易に理解できます。そしてそれは、現在まで連綿と続いている食生活の様式なのです。国内にすむほとんどの獣を標的にしてきた山猟師たち。彼らに同行し、写真を撮り続ける著者は、2009年に『マタギ~矛盾なき労働と食生活』を記したカメラマンの田中康弘氏。日本の最北端から最南端まで、各地に残る狩猟の食文化等を様々な角度から紹介します。
  • No.1_Apr-10-13


    マタギがなぜマタギになったのか。秋田県阿仁へ20年以上通い続ける田中康弘氏は、その答えを彼らの食文化の中に見つけます。山に入り、山の神から授かった食べ物をいただく、というシンプルな精神の上に成り立つマタギの食生活とは? 熊肉に熊の胆、ウサギ、茸、山菜、受け継がれてきた郷土料理の数々……彼らは何をどのように狩り、調理し、食べ、守ってきたのか。マタギが元祖との説もあるキリタンポなど、獣肉ばかりではない豊かで真摯なその食文化を紐解きます。聞き込み調査や資料集めでなく、実際に彼らと生活することにこだわり続ける筆者。彼にしか語れない、マタギの伝統文化・そして今を綴ったフォトエッセイです。
  • November - December 2014
    Nourish magazine

    Eat Well. Live Well. Be Well.

    Nourish magazine is Australia's premier food magazine, featuring healthy recipes, diet tips, nutritional info and monthly meal plans. As it is widely accepted that health & wellbeing can be achieved through correct nutrition, Nourish magazine presents expert nutritional advice, the best seasonal recipes, healthy and delicious eating plans, tasty raw food recipes plus interviews and cooking tips from celebrity chefs. With our mantra being “great bodies are made in the kitchen”, health & wellbeing is achieved through great recipes and good nutrition .
  •  Hola Especial 70 Aniversario
    Hola! Especial 70 Aniversario

    Especial 70 Anivesario

    Los grandes momentos que han marcado nuestras vidas y sus inolvidables protagonistas Descripción: La revista ¡HOLA! cumple 70 años, repasamos en este número especial los grandes momentos que han marcado la trayectoria de la publicación y sus principales protagonistas
  • Teach yourself Black & White Photography
    Teach yourself Black & White Photography

    The ultimate guide to shooting and editing black-and-white images in Photoshop.

    Master the fine art of monochrome using Photoshop CS, CC, Elements and Lightroom. From landscapes to city scenes, portraits to fine-art nudes, still lifes to urban imagery, this 222-page book has everything you need to learn how to shoot and edit black-and-white images.
  • Sarah Hatton Designer Collection
    Sarah Hatton Designer Collection

    Thirty of Sarah Hatton's beautiful patterns for garments and gifts.

    Explore cables, colour, lace and more with Sarah Hatton Designer Collection. One of the UK's best-loved hand-knitting designers, Sarah's patterns produce stylish clothes and homewares. This compilation brings together 30 of her finest projects from The Knitter and Simply Knitting magazines.
  • Elvis Costello - The Ultimate Music Guide
    Elvis Costello - The Ultimate Music Guide

    148 pages of incredible history

    Oh I just don't know where to begin…" So sang Elvis Costello in 1979, opening one of his most enduring singles, "Accidents Will Happen". The best place to start investigations of this brilliant and complicated artist, though, is Uncut's latest Ultimate Music Guide: Elvis Costello. Inside, you'll find a wealth of old NME and Melody Maker features, printed in full for the first time in decades, that capture one of the most pointed British songwriters of the last four decades in full ferocious effect. "There's a lot of rock music that's become exclusive and it's of no use to anyone. Least of all me," Costello announced in his first Melody Maker interview, in 1977. "Music has to get to people. In the heart, in the head." From those first explosive salvos, up to the deeper and more exploratory albums of recent years, through raging polemics, superstar collaborations and esoteric detours, we've also written insightful new reviews of every single Costello album to help you through that labyrinthine back catalogue. Plus, there's the customary Ultimate Music Guide array of rare pictures, discographies, tall stories and meticulous research. It's the complete Costello magazine: our aim, rest assured, is true!
  • September - October 2014
    Australian Geographic Outdoor Magazine

    19 years as Australia's biggest adventure publication

    At Australian Geographic Outdoor, we enjoy being your source of inspiring Australian and international adventure travel and lifestyle. We give you a look into the best destinations and adventure that nature has on offer, along with the skills, information and gear that you need to get you out there.
  • No.31_Oct-14
    Life Plus 熟年誌


    《熟年誌》是一本全面探討熟年議題的快樂生活誌。 從健康醫療、投資理財、退休規劃、休閒生活、人際關係、兩代溝通、旅遊移居,全方位與您一同面對未來,共同打造熟年C型人生,追求自我實現的二次青年生活。
  • No.11_Oct-14
    English Island 英語島


    英語島 English Island,是一本「中文裡包含英文;英文裡包含中文」的雙語月刊;它讓人在閱讀知識的過程中,不知不覺地學會英文。不背單字、不記文法,英文變成一種一口入魂。有趣的是我們也不特別教英文,但你讀了英文自然就變好。