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  • How It Works Book of Science Experiements
    How It Works Book of Science Experiements

    Everything you need to know to bring science to life

    With dozens of amazing science experiments that can be easily tried at home, the How It Works Book of Science Experiments is the perfect companion for every young scientist in the making. The book is packed with explosive activities and incredible projects – from making mega bubbles to building a matchbox microphone – and features a foreword by the brilliant Robert Winston. Featuring: The Material World - An investigation into the world of chemistry, and the exciting study of matter Electricity and Magnetism - Discover the electrifying science behind lightning, magnetism and more The Natural World - Investigate the incredible world around us with a range of awesome experiments focused on nature Home Experiments - Put your scientific know-how to the test with these fantastic experiments from the How It Works team.
  • Octubre 2014
    Revista Construir

    Medio de comunicación especializado en el sector construcción de América Central y el Caribe.

    Con 10 años de trayectoria en el mercado, Construir es el primer y único medio de comunicación para la industria de la construcción en la región, consolidándose en una herramienta de consulta para los profesionales en el sector, al ofrecer información útil y novedosa para el desempeño de las labores diarias y la toma de decisiones técnicas, administrativas y financieras.
  • Ideas Embroidery
    Ideas Embroidery

    Unique modern embroidery patterns – for your house and family.
  • Idees Borduur
    Idees Borduur

    Unieke, moderne borduurpatrone – vir jou huis én jou gesin.
  • No.6_Jan-15
    Forbes JAPAN フォーブスジャパン


    1917年にアメリカで創刊したビジネス誌「Forbes」の日本版として、2014年6月より「フォーブス ジャパン」と題し新創刊。 (世界36カ国にてライセンス版を刊行)。「成功のヒントはフォーブスにあり」を編集方針の基軸とし、「世界から日本に、日本を世界へ」をテーマに、グローバルな視点を持つ読者たちに向け、フォーブス本国版、各国版の記事をキュレーションし、日本オリジナル記事と共に構成しています。ポジティブで未来を切り拓くメッセージをお届けします。また、毎号ライフスタイル記事を同載し、読者へフォーブス流のオンとオフの情報をお伝えします。 ※デジタル版には収録されていない記事もございます。予めご了承下さい。
  • ELLE CITY: Dusseldorf/Koln
    Elle City Germany

    ELLE CITY verbindet lokale Präsenz mit dem exklusiven Look & Feel von ELLE

    ELLE CITY verbindet lokale Präsenz mit dem exklusiven Look & Feel von ELLE. In jeder Ausgabe zeigt ELLE CITY das Wichtigste in den einzelnen Städten: von First-Class-Shopping Adressen, über Trends & Lifestyle-Events bis hin zu Kunst & Kultur. Außerdem stellt eine ELLE-Personality aus der jeweiligen Stadt ihre persönlichen Geheimtipps vor.
  • The Essential Guide to Creative Photography
    The Essential Guide to Creative Photography


    Taking great images requires far more than simply understanding how your camera works. Excellent images require a creative interpretation of the scene by the photographer. Some photographers have this creative edge in spades but, for most of us, it is something we need to nurture. The Essential Guide To Creative Photography offers everything photographers looking to improve the creative side of their photography could want, and provides expert advice on a range of subjects to help widen your creative horizons. It also covers specialist topics, including night, infrared and highspeed photography, as well as alternative ways of shooting more popular subjects like portraits and close-ups.
  • Advanced Loom Bands Projects
    Advanced Loom Bands Projects

    Take your looming to the next level

    Take your looming to the next level with these fantastic loom bands projects! Amazing toys to create, from 3D animals to awesome accessories, suited for both loom beginners and veterans! The book includes a basic introduction to the amazing word of Loom Bands, and includes all the info you need to start creating. Online tutorials also available on the YouTube channel.
  • Health & Fitness Fat Loss Fast
    Health & Fitness Fat Loss Fast


    Whether you want to lose bags of weight or boost your athletic prowess, high intensity interval exercise is the answer. A plethora of science backs up the body-boosting benefits of HIIT, which include increasing stamina, reducing blood pressure and bolstering VO2 max. In this book, you’ll discover how HIIT works alongside the other building blocks of fat-loss training, plus you will get all of the information you need to pummel those pesky pounds. Team the fat-burning workouts with our clean eating diet plan and you will soon reach your weight-loss goals. We will even give you a few insider tricks for pushing through the pain barrier.
  • Women's Fitness 30 Day Challenge
    Women's Fitness 30 Day Challenge

    Get fit inside & out

    We all have busy lives, and we all like our fitness programmes to deliver results quickly. The experts at Women’s Fitness have produced this 30 Day MagBook for those looking to trim down fast, and have packed it with informative, fast and simple programmes that you can fit around your everyday life. There is also a wealth of dietary advice accompanied by sumptuous recipes, and also tips and tricks advising how to maintain your new shape.
  • Men's Fitness 10 Week Body Plan
    Men's Fitness 10 Week Body Plan


    The fitness industry is filled with personal trainers and authors who claim they can dramatically change the way you look with minimum fuss or effort. This book is different. That is because genuine transformations require hard training with utter dedication and commitment. Under the guidance of Adam Gethin, I discovered how radically I could transform my physique in just 10 weeks with the right training and nutrition plan. This book contains the programme I followed, detailing every workout and when to do it. It also includes a comprehensive overview of how to eat better and smarter for a stronger, more muscular body and a guide to the best supplements available to support muscle building, fat burning and general health.
  • Diciembre 2014 - Enero 2015
    Revista Domus

    Revista de arquitectura, diseño, arte e interiorismo por excelencia en la región.

    Domus América Central y el Caribe es la revista de arquitectura, diseño, arte e interiorismo por excelencia en la región. Esta versión editada completamente en español es la única licencia otorgada para nuestro idioma de la prestigiosa revista Domus Italia, contiene 50% de información panregional y 50% internacional.
  • Noviembre 2014
    Revista Mercados&Tendencias

    Revista líder de negocios en Centromaérica y Caribe

    Con ocho años en Centroamérica y el Caribe,Mercados & Tendencias es una de las publicaciones de negocios líderes en la región dirigida a empresarios, CEOs, líderes de negocios y finanzas, con circulación en Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panamá y República Dominicana y editada por Grupo Cerca.
  • All About History Book of History Year By Year
    All About History Book of History Year By Year

    Documenting the evolution of the world

    From ancient civilisations to medieval times, volume one of History Year by Year gives you an in-depth insight into the events that shaped the world. From the origins of humanity throughout to the colonisation of the planet and the rise of the Roman Empire, this is a fascinating read for all history enthusiasts. Featuring: The origins of humanity - Discover how humans evolved and learnt the skills needed to colonise the world Ancient civilisations - As communities flourished, find out how the likes of Ancient Egypt started taking shape The Classical Age - From Greece and Rome to Persia and China, track the developments in science, art and politics Trade & Invention - See how trade and travel unified the Old World,while the New World emerged
  • World of Animals Book of Ocean Wildlife
    World of Animals Book of Ocean Wildlife

    Book of Ocean Wildlife

    A fascinating account of the underwater animal kingdom. From the ferocious great white to the stealthy killer whale, dive into more than 160 pages of fascinating content, paired with stunning imagery and amazing illustrations. Featuring: Attack of the great white shark - Uncover the epic hunting tactics of one of the ocean's most-feared hunters and discover the truth behind a beast we've come to fear Songs of the humpback - The secrets of this ocean giant's songs are revealed in an unmissable, heartwarming tale of family, love and migration Mysteries of the deep - Meet the animals you never even knew existed, lurking at the pit of the ocean, armed with unbelievable defence mechanisms and survival skills Bottlenose dolphins - Discover how these underwater favourites use their brilliant brain power to hunt, thrive and survive in the wild
  • Diciembre 2014

    Revista mensual de temporada invernal dedicada al mundo del esquí y los deportes de invierno

    la revista sobre el mundo del esquí más vendida en España, Solo Nieve es una revista de temporada invernal sobre el mundo del esquí, noticias, estaciones, viajes, esquiadores, anecdotas, competición, material, pruebas y comparativos, etc….durante la temporada de esquí podrás disfrutar de la mejor información sobre el mundo de la nieve.
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  • No.1_Jan-15
    THE RAKE JAPAN EDITION ザ・レイク・ジャパンエディション


    THE RAKEとは、2008年にシンガポールで創刊されたメンズマガジンです。ファッションを中心に、時計、クルマ、旅、グルメなど、全方位的なライフスタイル情報を提供します。JAPAN EDITIONは、「いま世界では、何が“上質”とされているのか」ということを軸に、世界レベルに標準を合わせた質の高い情報を紹介していきます。 THE RAKE JAPAN EDITION is the Japanese version of the The Rake launched in Singapore in 2008. We are introducing mainly about men's fashion including watches and cars etc. We set up the theme like "What do people in the world think the best quality is" . There are our original contents and the International ones translated from English. You may enjoy the pages not only the sophisticated articles but also beautiful and stunning photos as well.
  • No.1_Nov-14
    CAMERA magazine特別編集


    小さくてよく写る! 「高画質」と「機動力」のいいとこ取りで人気を集めるミラーレス一眼用レンズ「マイクロフォーサーズレンズ」をとことん楽しむための1冊です。オリンパス、パナソニック、フォクトレンダーといった主要ブランドからコーワなどの最新注目ブランドまで完全網羅し、プロ写真家による作例写真とともに紹介。「あの人の愛用レンズ」では、マイクロフォーサーズ機を愛用し第一線で活躍する8名の写真家にお気に入りのレンズを伺います。カメラマガジン編集部が手がけるムックならではの美しいイメージカットや作品写真、誌面デザインで、「物欲」と「写欲」を刺激しながら、いいレンズで写真を撮る喜びを伝えます。