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  • WordPress The Complete Manual
    WordPress The Complete Manual

    Simple guides to essential techniques

    WordPress is one of the most recognisable blogging platforms, but it is so much more than that. It is a content management system that can be personalised, added to, edited and hosted to suit your own personal needs. Inside we give you a crash course in CSS and take you through how to build you own theme so you can personalise your blog. Featuring: Introducing WordPress - Get to know the basics of WordPress .com vs .org - Understand the differences between the two hosting options The WordPress App - Post on the move with the WordPress app Using CSS - Learn the basics of the coding language to customise your theme
  • Autumn - Winter 2014
  • YOU Step by Step
    YOU Step by Step

    Daunted by cooking? Don’t be – a delicious dish doesn’t have to be complicated. This booklet shows you how to make everything from farmhouse bread to fancy supper dishes – and it holds your hand every step of the way!
  • YOU Rusks and Muffins
    YOU Rusks and Muffins

    A homebaked treat goes perfectly with a mug of tea or coffee – and if it’s dunkable, so much the better! Try these recipes for delicious biscotti, muffins and rusks that are great to bring out for guests and will be a surefire hit with your family.
  • YOU Mincemeat
    YOU Mincemeat

    Mince is not only perfect for those cash-strapped days at the end of the month – it is also the quickest and easiest meat to prepare. The recipes in this book will convince you there’s much more to mince than being the basis of burgers or bobotie: it also makes a mean soup, is wonderful with veggies and excellent in dishes with a Mediterranean, Eastern or Mexican flavour.
  • Huisgenoot Stap vir Stap
    Huisgenoot Stap vir Stap

    Danksy stap-vir-stap-foto’s en verduidelikings van basiese kooktegnieke kan jy nou van die volmaakte filet en vars brood to klassieke geregte soos coq au vin en Italiaanse pizza optower.
  • Huisgenoot Maalvleis
    Huisgenoot Maalvleis

    Maalvleis is nie net perfek vir platsak-dae nie – dis ook die vinnigste, maklikste vleissoort om gaar te maak. In dié boekie kry jy al die staatmakers soos maalvleispasta, bobotie en frikkadelle, maar met heerlik interessante kinkels. Hoe klink lasagnesop, pannekoek-canneloni, kaasfrikkadelle en Tex-Mex-maalvleis?
  • Huisgenoot Beskuit en Muffins
    Huisgenoot Beskuit en Muffins

    Of jy nou ‘n stuk boerbeskuit in jou koffie wil doop, aan ‘n mosbolletjie wil smul, fyn biscotti aan jou gaste wil voorsit of ‘n vingerleklekker muffin in ‘n kosblik wil pak – in hierdie keur van 31 resepte uit Huisgenoot gaan jy heerlike happies vind wat jou smaakknoppies sal laat smeek vir nog.
  • No.1_Sep-14
    ニコン D810完全ガイド

    約3,635万画素による圧倒的“解像感”が撮影者の感性を呼び覚ます! “史上最高画質”を最大限に引き出すためのテクニックが満載!!

    大人気のデジタルカメラマガジン責任編集の機種別カメラムックシリーズから、ニコン D810のすべてがわかる完全ガイドが満を持して登場! D810は有効約3,625万画素のローパスフィルターレス仕様で、プロをもうならせる高い解像力が大きな魅力。本誌は「撮影現場で役立つ超実践的なテクニック」にこだわった充実の128ページとなっている。シビアなブレ対策や新ライブビュー、低ISO感度撮影、まったく新しくなったピクチャーコントロール、定番の5シーン撮影テクニック(自然風景、都市風景、ポートレート、飛行機、夜景)、そしてD810とあわせて使いたいオススメレンズ18本など、盛りだくさんの記事でD810の楽しさを存分に味わえる。
  • Candy Cutiepedia
    Candy Cutiepedia

    Double your Cuties fill with the Candy Cutiepedia – your feiled guide to more than a hundred fresh faces and comeback cuties. Find out about their behavior, dating habits, natural habitats and so much more.
  • No.76_Nov-14


  • Chess for Beginners
    Chess for Beginners

    Learn everything you need to know to get started with the game of chess

    Chess is a game that has been played for centuries, coming to Britain in the 1100s, it has stood the test of time with its simplistic beauty and endless tactics and combinations. This book aims to teach you where to begin and point you in the direction of becoming a grand master. Featuring: Complete guide - Learn about he history of chess and much more Setting up - Get to know the pieces, the board and the notation Playing the game - Become a master of the moves and tactics of chess Going further - Get chess apps on your phone and join a club
  • Fall 2014
    RICARDO Canada

    Canada's Cooking Magazine

    Each issue of Ricardo is packed with 50+ simple and delicious recipes, holiday and special occasion ideas, family meal plans, smart cooking tips from our test kitchen and advice for healthy eating.
  • No.1_Sep-14
    活動量計&アクティビティトラッカー 完全ガイド


    「運動不足なのはわかっているけど……。」「ちょっと太ってきたかも」「ダイエットしたい!」など、自分のカラダを変えたいと思っている人は多いでしょう。そんな人にピッタリなのが、スマートフォンやパソコンなどと連携して利用できる「アクティビティトラッカー」(活動量計)です。アクティビティトラッカーを使えば、身に着けているだけで1日の活動量がモニタリングされ数値化。運動量や睡眠の状態などがすぐにわかり、カラダの改善を促してくれます。本誌ではそんなアクティビティトラッカーを徹底解説! これまでの歩数計と何が違うのか?といった特徴の解説はもちろん、国内で入手可能なおすすめ20モデルの徹底レビューを網羅しています。また、アクティビティトラッカーを使っている人たちの使いこなしのポイントや活用方法に肉薄。さらに睡眠研究の権威へのインタビューでわかった睡眠の重要性とアクティビティトラッカーの使いどころなど、本誌を読めば使ってみたくなること間違いなし! ソニーが放つ大注目のライフログツール「SmartBand」の秘密に迫るインタビューも収録!
  • Wonders of the Universe
    Wonders of the Universe

    Discover the secrets of asteroids, black holes, neutron stars and more!

    180 page tour of the Universe and all the spectacular wonders that lie within it from the makers of Science Uncovered.
  • Get into Golf
    Get into Golf

    New to golf? Don't miss this special issue!

    Aimed squarely at those new to golf and novices looking to improve their knowledge, Get Into Golf gives readers all the info they need to start playing this hugely popular game.
  • 1116 Design Tips
    1116 Design Tips

    Be a better designer today!

    In this packed publication we bring you everything you need to know to become a better designer. Discover software secrets, how to go freelance, how to set up your own design studio and much, much more!
  • Windows 7: The Ultimate Guide
    Windows 7: The Ultimate Guide

    Take full control of Windows 7 with our massive guide to speed, upgrades, backups and more...

    Find out the many ways you can make your Windows 7 PC even better. Contained within you’ll find speed-up tips, ways to customise your PC, and much more. It’s the essential manual for Windows 7.
  • No.703_Sep-14
    Learning & Development Monthly 能力雜誌


  • Essential Guide to Mountain Biking
    Essential Guide to Mountain Biking

    New to mountain biking? Then you need to read this!

    Not only is the Essential Guide to Mountain Biking packed with advice on buying the right bike, clothing and kit, but it’s full of expert riding tips that will have you taking on the trails like a pro. Updated 2014 edition including new bike reviews and new features.