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  • Septiembre 2014
    Grazia México

    Porque una vez al mes no es suficiente

    Grazia es el aliado de la mujer que entiende su deseo por estar informada de las últimas noticias y vidas de las celebridades, sin olvidarse de lo importante que es la moda y la belleza en su vida cotidiana. Para mujeres que quieren lucir como sus celebridades favoritas, estar al último grito de la moda y conocer las tendencias de belleza mundiales para hacerlas suyas en el día a día.
  • Issue 16:2014
    Developing Leaders

    The Essential Leadership Development Quarterly

    Learn how international organizations are nurturing their leadership talent in practice. Get the latest thinking on leadership research, development programs and best practice from the world's top business schools and senior practitioners.
  • Edicion 82

    Revista de Decoracion Interiorismo y Arquitectura

    Revista especializada en ofrecer ideas y soluciones de decoración, interiorismo y arquitectura, una recorrido por hermosas casas de México, una publicación que es referencia para mejorar el estilo de vida y los hogares de nuestros lectores.
  • Volume 2 Issue 4
    Australian Cupcakes and Inspiration

    Create amazing cucpakes and other inspirational masterpeices

    This magazine is Full of inspirational projects including cupcakes, cookies, pop cakes and other easy to make ideas, tutorials & much more.
  • No.1_Sep-14
    今日からすぐに使える! Surface Pro 3 スタートガイド


    すべてが新しいSurface Pro 3を徹底的に使いこなす! 最強のタブレットPC「Surface Pro 3」を使いはじめるためのスタートガイド。 Surface Pro 3は、最新OSのWindows 8.1 Proを搭載した仕事にもエンタメにも本気で使える1台です。 本書では、Surfaceで押さえておきたい設定項目やバッテリー持ちをよくするカスタマイズ方法、 Windows 8.1をタッチ&ペンで快適に操作するための方法を解説。 Surfaceペンで思いついたことをすばやくOneNoteにメモしたり、 リモートデスクトップで仕事用のパソコンを操作したり、ワイヤレスで画面をテレビに映したりと、 より薄く軽くなったSurface Pro 3ならではの活用法も満載! ビジネス&エンタメそれぞれのおすすめアプリや困ったときのトラブルQ&Aも収録。 これまでWindowsパソコンを使っていて、 Surface Pro 3でタッチ&ペン生活を初める方にぴったりの1冊です。
  • No.1_Aug-14
    写真図解でわかりやすい マンネリを打破する写真上達の教室

    ひとつ上の写真が撮れる! 豊富な手順写真で学べる定番技法と打破技法

    本書では、さまざまな写真知識やテクニックを織り交ぜつつ、被写体のとらえ方を提案し、「風景」「スナップ」「ポートレート」「テーブルフォト」の4ジャンルの「定番カット」から「打破カット」までを、豊富な写真図解とともに紹介しています。 ひとつ上の写真を撮るためのプロセスをすべて写真で解説しているので、写真を追っていくだけで撮影方法がわかります。 読めば確実に写真が変わる、新感覚の技術本です。 ●本書は、こんな方にオススメです。 「人とは違う写真が撮りたい」「かっこいい写真を撮ってみたい」「情景を印象的に切り取りたい」「いつも同じような写真ばかり撮ってしまう」という方。 風景、花、スナップ、動物、人、雑貨などの被写体別の撮影のコツを身に付けたい方。 写真セミナーを受けてみたいけど、「敷居が高そう」と感じている方。
  • Lente / Somer 2014
    Lééf Mooi soos 'n Beminde

    “Mooi soos 'n beminde” is the perfect read for the Afrikaans-speaking woman wanting to celebrate her inner beauty. This bookazine honours every woman's natural beauty and helps her in finding joy in her daily beauty routine. "Mooi soos ’n beminde" nourishes her spirit and empowers her to live life to the full.
  • Septiembre 2014
    L'Officiel Mexico

    La revista francesa de moda y lujo desde 1921, en su versión mexicana.

    L’Officiel es un referente en la industria de la moda a nivel internacional con presencia en 24 países. Es un manifiesto que refleja el lujo y la moda como alucinante inspiración. Con un estilo único, la mujer L’Officiel México es sofisticada, natural, inteligente y moderna. En una palabra: real.
  • 2014
    Southern Living Container Gardening

    Southern Living Container Gardening

    With 83 colorful combos, and ideas to help you plant like a pro, Southern Living’s Container Gardening is the guide to potted plants.
  • Landscapes_
    Better Art

    Become a better artist!

    Our experts provide simple solutions to common problems in a range of styles.
  • Spring 2014
    NORMAL Magazine

    The nude, as seen by the greatest photographers

    NORMAL is a high-end quarterly magazine devoted to art photography, focusing on fashion and artistic nude. In a subtle fusion between art-book and magazine, NORMAL reveals the intimacy of our generation’s greatest photographers through editorials, series, interviews and portfolios; mingling fashion and art together in nearly 250 pages. On the fringe of individual focus, and desirous to interact with its readership, the magazine offers several inserts to talented photographers and models, whether passionate amateurs or experienced professionals.
  • Septiembre 2014
    Gentleman España

    El valor de la elegancia

    GENTLEMAN ESPAÑA es la revista española líder del lifestyle adulto, con una presentación brillante y una selección de argumentos internacionales que ponen al lector inteligente en contacto con la actualidad, la cultura, el espectáculo y el consumo de alto nivel. Calidad, rigor y exigencia al servicio de la información y el entretenimiento.
  • September 2014
    ELLE Australia

    ELLE Australia is the ultimate destination for the sexy, spirited and stylish woman.

    ELLE Australia is the ultimate destination for the sexy, spirited and stylish woman. Immerse yourself in gorgeous images, chic ideas, moving writing and thought-provoking features, with unparalleled access to the coolest celebrities and most fascinating people, the essential heads-up on pop culture, and the very best beauty and lifestyle in the country.
  • No.58_Sep-14
    PEAKS ピークス


  • Issue 1
    Creative Artist

    Art for everyone

    Australia's number 1 publisher of Art magazines has created the best Art magazine. This magazine brings the best of all types of art and explores the whole of the art world. Meet inspiring artists using all forms of mediums including drawing. Also each issue we will meet an amazing photographer who will provide a workshop so you can take great photos to enhance your art work. With regular features on how to set up the perfect studio and road test products. We will also visit galleries from all over the world and local exhibitions and art fairs.
  • 2014

    Perspective+ features a lavishly-illustrated selection of the most emblematic works completed in Asia-Pacific and beyond, and profiles of the world’s leading architectural firms.

    Perspective+ also offers a preview of major projects underway to provide a clear picture of the building world. Including a comprehensive suppliers listing, Perspective+ is a valuable source of information and an all-year-round reference book.
  •  SLAM'S Kicks
  • Best of VOLO in Nature Vol-1


    Presenting a collection of the best outdoor artistic nude pictorials from the vaults of the worlds leading art nude publication VOLO Magazine. Over 50% never-before-seen images define this magazine as a collectors item to be purchased and stored forever. Worlds top models, shot by the best photographers...Period!
  • Family Fun Halloween
    Family Fun Halloween

    This lush collection of the very best Halloween ideas from America's #1 family magazine offers hundreds of creative ideas for a spooktacular holiday with your kids.

    This lush collection of the very best Halloween ideas from America's #1 family magazine offers hundreds of creative ideas for a spooktacular holiday with your kids. Find easy step-by-step directions for no-carve pumpkins, homemade costumes, spooky treats, cute decorations, hilarious party games, and more. It's a complete Halloween handbook you'll use for years!
  • Serial Killers:The Monsters Among Us
    Serial Killers:The Monsters Among Us

    Serial Killers:The Monsters Among Us

    In a compelling special report the editors of GLOBE reveal the chilling crimes of notorious serial killers.