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Girls of FHM: Lingerie Special

The Number 1 Men's Magazine in the Philippines

You are about to purchase the sexiest book on the planet. Congratulations if you do. However… You, the man with a strange taste for wearing “comfort-fit” bacon briefs, should really feel ashamed of yourself now. By showcasing how intricately crafted pieces of underclothing, paired with curves that scream “trouble,” the 70 ladies featured in this book are one in sending a clear message: No to loose garters and unloved yag-balls. FHM Lingerie puts together FHM Philippines’ sexiest photo-shoots from 2000 to the present day—classics like Patricia Javier and Mylene Dizon to current heavy favorites Solenn Heussaff, Cristine Reyes, and Ellen Adarna—all in intimate boudoir wear, and probably much less. This is about the only time you are entitled to learn about your lady’scorsets, teddies, and thongs while brushing up on FHM’s rich history of gorgeous women in barely anything. Now go change into a fresh pair of undies. Just don’t forget to put your shorts back on.

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language: English
country : Philippines
Publisher: Summit Publishing Co., Inc
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