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MEN in TOTALITY 全方位男士升級必讀

《JMEN by 旭茉JESSICA》為職場及行政管理層男士提供全面及針對性內容,包括走訪社會各業界頂尖男士、職場致勝之道、管理秘訣等。由專業及實用知識貫通的JMEN 雜誌,涵蓋高級時裝、名貴腕錶、職場攻略、皮膚護理,以及生活品味等成功男士必讀的範疇。 JMEN by 旭茉Jessica with the motto "Men in Totality" provides MOST DIRECT AND PRACTICAL solutions with HOW, WHAT, WHEN, WHICH, WHY, WHERE to men who strive to succeed as an Urban Elite! Wide range of men's interests are covered including FASHION, LUXURY WATCHES, CAREER, GROOMING & WELLNESS, as well as LIFESTYLE.

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language: Chinese
country : Hong Kong
Publisher: Jessica Limited
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