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ASIAN Geographic

Asia Without Borders

ASIAN Geographic showcases the region’s past, present and future in an intriguing way that not only entices readers but also informs and educates. As the region’s leading geographical magazine, we have our fingers on the pulse of Asia, with award- winning contributors scouring the region to bring readers the most compelling stories and images. ASIAN Geographic has been in circulation since 1999, and with the support of our readers, has grown from strength to strength. Today, ASIAN Geographic reaches over 428,000 readers across Asia and the world. It boasts a circulation in excess of 92,000 copies per issue, a subscription base in >54 countries, and newsstand sales in 24 countries. ASIAN Geographic is also carried on-board airlines, hotels, societies, VIP terminals, tertiary institutions, country clubs, associations, dining establishments, service apartments, embassies, government and statutory offices in the region, AD and PR agencies, advertisers and tourist attractions. ASIAN Geographic enjoys a strong readership among teachers, students and their families; an audience that has been growing with each passing year. In many schools in Singapore, the magazine is often the focus of reading and discussion, as well as a key resource for Geography and English lessons. The youth readership is important to us because many of the issues we cover are so directly linked to the type of world they will inherit. Through the magazine, we try to encourage a positive understanding of issues, and to show how we can all make a difference in the world.

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language: English
country : Singapore
Publisher: Asian Geographic Magazines Pte Ltd
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