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International Quilt Festival: Quilt Scene

Celebrate everything you love about quilting!

Quilting Arts Magazine and Quilts, Inc. are proud to bring you the fourth annual edition of International Quilt Festival: Quilt Scene! With this latest issue, you will capture the best of the contemporary quilt world in a super-sized 148-page special issue. Discover incredible features including: Galleries showcasing 30+ world-class quilts on display at International Quilt Festival . Creative projects from today's top designers, including quilts, home décor, and more . A Quilter's Celebration: A chef and quilt shop owner join forces to host a memorable dinner event . News and notes to let you know what's new on today's quilt scene . Tips and inspiration for machine quilting from expert Angela Walters . The best new sewing and quilting books, the freshest fabrics, and the most creative projects from contemporary designers and authors . Mark Lipinski's hilarious confessions about why he loves quilt shows . Plus so much more! Celebrate the quilt community and its love for fabric, stitching, contemporary design, and above all, quilts!

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language: English
country : United States
Publisher: Interweave Press, LLC - Magazine
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