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Supplies from a trip to Italy to enjoy! Only this book ,you can interact in Italian!

“YUBISASHI Point and Phrase Book” is the best seller book and series in Japan. YUBISASHI is for travelers who want to communicate freely, even though they are in foreign countries. We came up with various ideas to make this book more convenient. There are English and Italian phrases in this book. So, you can welcome the people come from Italy and also it is very useful for studying Italian and English. There are lots of useful conversation phrases with pretty illustration. Only you have to do is just POINTING. Point the conversation phrases or cute illustration, then you can communicate with people who live in foreign countries. You might be surprised that our editors spend whole night to find out a correct word. This is not exaggeration. We are choosing each word very carefully because we have to put everything in each category, page and box. Even though you do not know about any grammar of languages, you can express yourself just like your own language. Please use this book and communicate with any people while you are traveling. Perhaps, you would find very good restaurant where only local people knew. May be you could hear about very cool place which your guide book never tell. Your new friend would take you unforgettable events…. “YUBISASHI Point and Phrase Book” guarantee your trip enjoyable! Have fun and make your trip better hundreds times more! YUBISASHI is Joho Center Publishing Co., Ltd. 's namingright. (C)2011 Evidence Corporation (C)2011 Evidence Japan Corporation (C)2011 Joho Center Publishing Co., Ltd.

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language: English
country : Japan
Publisher: Joho Center Publishing
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