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Retro Gamer Collection Vol. 4

256 pages of classic retro gaming nostalgia.

Retro Gamer presents its fourth anthology dedicated to the wonderful world of retro. Carefully hand-picked articles deliver the very best content making this another essential read. We've spoken to numerous leading experts within the field, tracked down developers behind some of the world's greatest games, and have even had the legendary John Romero guest edit an entire issue. This book is not only overloaded with fascinating and informative features, but is also guaranteed to send your nostalgia glands into overload. Featuring a complete history of Commodore's Amiga range, a behind the scenes look at Pac-Man and Space Invaders and a retroinspection of the Atari ST this is essential for your retro collection.

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language: English
country : United Kingdom
Publisher: Imagine Publishing Limited
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