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Make Space Happen

ROHOUS is a monthly lifestyle magazine that celebrates the art of living well in less than 1200 square feet. Good design, innovative architecture, awe-inspiring interiors and the efficient use of space will be the focal point of our publication. Through a global perspective, we want to inspire you to live elegantly, to encourage small space living as a viable lifestyle, enable you to maximize comfort and efficiency, share our resources with you and promote our commitment to living more sensibly through eco-friendly smaller spaces. Sharing the best the world has to offer, we will explore a variety of small dwellings including houses, restaurants, apartments, boutiques, hotels and other unique spaces. ROHOUS will lead you to a new appreciation for living smaller through our featured magazine sections: City Feature, One Room Wonder, Big Bite Small Site, MYHOUS, Let Me Do It, Host, Outdoor Retreat, Dossier, Design Sage and Small Stuff.

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Publisher: Rohous LLC
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