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How It Works Book of Space

Feed your mind and fuel your imagination

Brought to you by the experts behind How It Works magazine, the Book Of Space is an in-depth guide to the solar system, exploration, the universe and astronomy. In this fantastic extended edition we have 80 new pages of amazing questions answered, presenting you with the awe and wonder of the universe. Solar System - Journey through our solar system, from how the Sun works to exploring the Earth from space and much, much more. Exploration - Understand man's quest for knowledge from shuttles, spacecraft re-entry, space probes and more. Universe - How did the big bang happen? What are neutron stars? What is gravity? Find out inside. Astronomy - We help you understand telescopes, how Hubble works and more with our in-depth looks at fascinating topics.

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language: English
Additional language: French
country : United Kingdom
Publisher: Imagine Publishing Limited
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