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Entrepreneur's The Franchise Guidebook

Are you ready to explore franchising, but don’t have a clue where to begin? This book is your square one - your guide to the intricacies of the franchise relationship and how it affects every facet of the franchise business. <br>Established entrepreneurs who want to grow their business through franchising will fi nd this book to be a big boon also, as it highlights all the information you need to know to start and build a thriving franchise company—from choosing the right franchise concept to how a company’s culture determines how it should find franchisees. Drawing from the examples of 18 of the country’s top and up-and-coming franchise companies and their respective franchisees, this book shows how they have grown and nurtured their franchise relationships by sharing knowledge on various topics, including: Branding, Social media tactics,Technology, Local and international expansion, and Location hunting. <br>PLUS! A directory of franchise companies, specifi c tips on franchising, and traps to avoid for would-be franchisors and franchisees.

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language: English
country : Philippines
Publisher: Summit Publishing Co., Inc
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