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Drum - Nelson Mandela – Man of History

Nelson Mandela is a name synonymous with freedom and peace across the world. This special commemorative magazine, published by YOU, is a tribute to the global icon who spent 27 years in prison so all South Africans could be free. It provides a detailed yet easy-to-read summary of his life with informative timelines, fascinating pictures and excellent infographics. Find out more about Mandela’s childhood and family, read his historic speech from the dock during the Rivonia Trial before he was sent to prison, and explore Robben Island (where he spent 18 of his 27 imprisoned years) while learning about the layout of the prison, the clothing he wore on the island, the work he performed and the prison food he ate. The magazine follows Mandela’s life from birth and no detail of this amazing man’s life has been left out. This 148-page keepsake is a must-have for admirers, students and history buffs.

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language: English
country : South Africa
Publisher: Media 24 Ltd
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