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Smile and Beat Your Own Path 微笑走出自己的路

施振榮的Smile學. 20堂創業X創新X人生課. 眼前有百倍挑戰,但也有千倍機會,就看你把眼光放在哪個方向!Stan Shih’s Smiling Philosophy. 20 Lessons on Entrepreneurship x Innovation x Life. Hundredfold challenges lie ahead, yet a thousandfold opportunities also await, and realizing them depends on your vision and direction

本書是在2012年完成,是施先生退休後八年後的著作,相較1996年他的著作「Me too is not my style」以及2004年的著作「Millennium Transformation」主要是企業經營心得的分享,本書則是他在退休後,以更大的格局,範圍更廣泛,除了談產業與企業經營外,也分享了他的人生哲學與價值觀。 The new book was first written and completed in Chinese in 2012, eight years after Stan’s retirement from Acer. Compared to the previous two English books, “Me too is not my style” in 1996, and “Millennium Transformation” in 2004, both aimed to share lessons and experiences in running an enterprise, the new book extends beyond industry and business management matters to include his life and business philosophy, and his values. 施先生寫這些主要是為了台灣的永續競爭力,分享“台灣觀點”的論述,希望他的經驗能對關心台灣未來發展的人,或是與台灣有類似發展背景階段者、或正與台灣合作者可以參考。 Stan wrote this book with the sustainability of Taiwan’s competitiveness in mind and hence with a “Taiwan perspective”. He hopes it will be a good reference to those who care about Taiwan’s future development, or who are at a similar stage of development or background as Taiwan, or are in the process of partnering with Taiwan companies. 微笑曲線自從1992年提出至今正好二十年,其可以應用的領域愈來愈廣,許多不同的產業都可以利用微笑曲線來分析其產業生態,思考如何創造出最大價值的營運模式,以擬定產業或企業長期發展的策略。 “Stan Shih’s Smiling Curve” has been published for twenty years since Stan proposed the perspective in 1992. The applications expand across wide-ranging fields. It has proven to be useful for analyzing particular ecosystems in different industries to identify ways to create business models that offer the highest value. It is valuable for understanding business progress and strategic choices to establish the long-term development strategy of an industry or enterprise.

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country : Taiwan
Publisher: Acer Inc.
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