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This new standalone publication from Men’s Health South Africa is based on its popular in-book section, How To Do Everything Better. Lighthearted but practical, it is packed with simple, useful, easy-to-follow instructions, this publication will provide its audience with skills, tips, upgrades and life hacks for any and every aspect of life.

This handy guide will cover every imaginable aspect of a man’s life: AT HOME (how to dimple your tie, hold chopsticks like a sushi master, treat a nasty sting, iron pants in no time flat... and more!) AT WORK (how to pull off a business dinner, make cash off your blog, make a mint moonlighting, find out if you’re in the right job... and more!) AT PLAY (how to lace up like a winner, pound the heavy bag, pop a wheelie on a bicycle, sink more 10-foot putts... and more! OUTSIDE (how to run trails like a mountain goat, find north (or south), handle a kayak, treat a nasty sting... and more!) ON THE ROAD (how to drift like a pro, change your spark plugs, drive a deal at a car auction, reclaim your garage... and more!) IN THE GYM (how to escape a botched bench press, build a speedier sixpack, blend the perfect protein shake... and more!) IN THE SACK (how to get a girl’s number, give her a sensual massage, make her your centrefold, sweep her off her feet… and more!) PLUS RED-LEVEL GENIUS SKILLS (including how to spot a liar, swear like a sailor, tell a great story, act like a tough guy, crash the front row at a rock concert... and more!)

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language: English
country : South Africa
Publisher: Media 24 Ltd
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