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Vogue Entertaining and Travel

Vogue Entertaining + Travel sees the much-loved magazine brand revisited and reenergised for a new era

Vogue Entertaining + Travel sees the much-loved magazine brand revisited and reenergised for a new era. Featuring a glorious mix of superb entertaining spreads and delicious recipes alongside stories about exotic escapes, from popular local retreats such as the Cook Islands to glamorous international travels in Asia, Europe, South Africa and the USA. Join our top contributors as they journey to the best of the world's food, wine and travel destinations, scouting hidden gems, must-see urban villages and stores, hotels and restaurants at the cutting edge of modern design. We profile top Brisbane chef Ryan Squires of Esquire, formerly of NOMA and French Laundry, who is cooking the best food in town; look at this season's newest tabletop collections; excerpt delectable recipes and beautiful photography from a new bestseller; continue our popular At My Table series at a stunning French mansion in Normandy; travel around the US of A in a repurposed schoolbus built for two; travel around Tuscany; and dip into the ancient arts of Italy during artist Michael Zavros's residency with Bulgari. This special limited edition of VE+T will also feature one of Australia's top chefs as part of our at-home entertaining series At My Table, with never before published recipes direct from their kitchens, tried and tested by the VE+T food team, and sumptuous accompanying photography. The Travel section will be filled with inspirational finds from far-off places - teahouses, trinket stores, museums, galleries, design stores and incredible new restaurants, This, combined with profiles on local artisans making fabulous handcrafted wares and reviews of beautiful boutique, designer and 5-star accommodation, will inspire you to book those fares and start planning your next holiday. Relax and fall into the pages of this spectacular travel and entertaining bibles.

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language: English
country : Australia
Publisher: News Life Media Pty Limited
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