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iOS7: The Complete Manual

Simple guides to essential techniques

"Discover everything you need to know about iOS 7 with this Complete Manual. Find out what Apple's incredible new operating system has to offer, and see how you can set up your device and master the on-screen gestures. Get to grips with all the essential apps – from iTunes and Safari to Newsstand and iPhoto – and unlock the true potential of your device. Suitable for both iPhone and iPad, this book will help you get the very most from iOS 7. Featuring: For iPhone and iPad - Guides that are suitable for both smartphone and tablet Step-by-step tutorials - Walking you through all the common tasks and built-in apps Go further - Learn how to get more from iOS 7 Covering all the essential apps - From Safari and Mail to iPhoto and Keynote"

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language: English
country : United Kingdom
Publisher: Imagine Publishing Limited
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