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Why is my computer so slow

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Computers, smartphones, tablets and other devices were all invented to help make our lives easier. So it’s somewhat ironic that they can often end up being the source of so much annoyance and anxiety. Thankfully, in many cases, our technological trials and tribulations can be easily solved with just a few mouse clicks or touchscreen taps – you just need to know how. And that’s where this MagBook comes in. Over the course of the following pages we will provide answers to hundreds of questions you may find yourself asking when you’re using technology. We’ll be showing you how to cure common Windows woes, whichever version you happen to use, from XP and Vista right up to Windows 8.1. You’ll also find chapters dedicated to specific types of computer problems, such as hardware faults or programs that don’t do what you want them to. This MagBook will help you find all the answers you need.

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