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All About History Book of Historic Leaders

The men and women who shaped the history of the world

For better or worse, individuals throughout history have changed the world. Leaving lasting legacies that are still remembered to this day, whether it was down to blind ambition, a belief of divinity, or dedication to a cause, certain men and women have cemented their place in history books. From Caesar and Cleopatra to Lincoln and JFK, from Genghis Khan and Joan of Arc to Napoleon and Henry VIII, this book takes an in-depth look at some of the world's most iconic leaders, and what they did to carve their place in history. Featuring: Leaders at War - The men and women who made their name through bloodshed Ancient Icons - Discover how empires were built – and destroyed Political Powerhouses - Find out how the likes of JFK, Lincoln and Churchill brought about change Kings & Queens - The monarchs who led their countries to greatness

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