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Taiwan Panorama Magazine Chinese-English

雙語發行的「台灣光華」雜誌深受華人及外籍人士好評,被世界知名大學及公私立圖書館訂閱典藏「台灣光華」雜誌也是在國外媒體轉載的台灣報章雜誌中,名列第一。「台灣光華」緊密聯繫著全世界華人對台灣的向心力,也因為「台灣光華」讓台灣走向國際,讓世界知道台灣! The bilingual magazine Taiwan Panorama is widely appreciated by ethnic Chinese and people of other nations alike. It is subscribed to by public, private and academic libraries worldwide, and its articles are reprinted in the foreign media more often than those of any other Taiwanese publication. Taiwan Panorama is a focus of the affection for Taiwan felt by Chinese people around the world. Taiwan Panorama helps Taiwan to reach out to the world, and the world to understand Taiwan!

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language: Chinese
country : Taiwan
Publisher: Taiwan Panorama
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