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 / Art & Architecture
a+u Architecture and Urbanism

a+u Architecture and Urbanism 17:07_562

a+u Architecture and Urbanism is a monthly architectural magazine established in 1971 that highlights the work and activities of top contemporary architects from around the world. a+u features architecture and a broad range of other new design sources in a well-presented format. Text is in English and Japanese bilingual. 1971年1月創刊。創刊以来、海外の建築情報を伝える日本唯一の月刊誌として、広く建築界に親しまれています。a+uの取材ネットワークは全世界に及び、100余カ国を網羅しています。これら各国の建築家を直接取材し、毎号独自の視点で編集することにより、生の動向をいち早く読者の皆様にお届けしています。また、建築家・評論家・歴史家による書き下ろし論文を掲載し、明日の建築のあり方を考える指針として国内外の建築界に多大な影響を与えています。

A&U Publishing, Co., Ltd.
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4 min.
lixil* international student architectural competition

“Colobockle Nest” – Result Announcement Kyushu University’s Colobockle Nest wins the top prize and will be built by November 2017 at Memu Meadows *LIXIL is a global leader in housing and building materials products and services. Participating Universities ◎University of Pennsylvania (USA) University of Buenos Aires (Argentina) AA School (UK) IAAC (Spain) Riga Technical University (Latvia) ◎Vienna Technical University (Austria) China Academy of Art (China) National Cheng Kung University (Taiwan) Universitas Indonesia (Indonesia) The University of Sydney (Australia) ◎Kyushu University (Japan) Tokyo University of the Arts (Japan) Meiji University (Japan) Official website:www.lixiljsfound.or.jp/category/1835715.html Facebook page:www.facebook.com/LIXIL.IUAC Jury Kengo Kuma (Architect / Professor, the University of Tokyo) Tomonari Yashiro (Professor, Institute of Industrial Science, the University of Tokyo) Kundo Koyama (Television, radio and script writer / Vice President, Kyoto University of Art and Design) Dana Buntrock (Architect / Professor, Department of Architecture, University of California, Berkeley) Yoshiharu Tsukamoto (Architect / Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology) Organizer: LIXIL Foundation Cooperators:…

3 min.
foreword: freddy svane / 序文: フレディ・スヴェイネ

Ambassador of Denmark to Japan 駐日デンマーク大使 The year 2017 marks the 150 years Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations between Japan and Denmark. As a Dane and as the Danish ambassador to Japan, I am happy to be able to celebrate the close relations between our two countries. For 150 years, this relationship has been the foundation of an ever-increasing amount of knowledge exchange and mutual inspiration between Japan and Denmark. Architecture and design are no exception to this. Denmark and Japan share aesthetics within design. We value simplicity, craftsmanship and respect for the materials, which characterizes exceptional design. I am very proud to see how Danish design and architecture has been celebrated in Japan for many decades and just as proud of the long, Danish tradition of being inspired by Japan, which only highlights our…

12 min.
essay: melancholy* as a generator for indigenous spatial practice / エッセイ: メランコリー*が地域固有の空間をつくる

Lise Juel リーセ・ユール 土居純訳 *Melancholy in the sense of soberly thoughtful, pensive *静かで思索的という意味での「メランコリー」 The house I grew up in as a child was designed by Jørn Utzon. In spite of its modest size and restrained expression, it offered generous spaces and a living room with a huge fireplace and a six-meter floor-to-ceiling height. The square wall behind the fireplace was lit by the fire below, whereas the upper part faded into the dark. My tiny room adjoined the same wall and had a small window below, which gave it a strange, dark and towerlike character. These dark and significant spaces created a valuable room for reflection. In contrast, the narrow, 10-meter-long dining space was very bright and connected to all the functions of the house. It had a height of only 2.3 meters towards the garden…

5 min.
vandkunsten architects / ヴァンクンステン・アーキテクツ

The Modern Seaweed House Læsø, Denmark 2013 現代の海藻葺き住宅 デンマーク、レス 2013 The idea was conceived by the client, Foundation Realdania Byg. They had previously completed a project for conservation of the remarkable traditional seaweed-thatched houses on the island of Læsø. The idea is to re-introduce overlooked or disregarded organic materials to modern industrialized technology at a time when low-carbon solutions are much called for. The objective is to demonstrate how a natural resource like seaweed can be integrated for ordinary use in a contemporary construction practice. Also, the project is meant to inspire and encourage further exploration into alternative materials by showcasing how architectural identity can be generated from them. The focus is on the use of the seaweed material and how it, together with the wooden construction, can bring the carbon footprint down to a…

2 min.
adept / アデプト

Villa Platan Aarhus, Denmark 2016 プラタナスのヴィラ デンマーク、オーフス 2016 The villa was built for a private client who had the opportunity to build at the edge of the sea. The client had a vision of a simple life in beautiful spaces, making the fantastic view an integrated part of everyday life in their home. The result is as unique as the location: a villa designed from four basic volumes with floating transitions. Towards the street, the villa appears serene and closed, the primary volumes broken only by the precise entrance door. Towards the sea and the garden, small courtyards are embraced by open and transparent facades with views towards the sea. “The villa was designed with the unique location as one of the main inspirations. Living in this home is an ever-changing experience of nature as…

3 min.
jeppe utzon / イェッペ・ウッツォン

Æblehaven 1 Fyn, Denmark 2007 エーブルヘウン1 デンマーク、フュン 2007 Placed on the outermost corner of a small town on the island Fyn, this house was essentially designed as one large rectangular room. Inside the house, a bathroom unit is used to section off the bedroom at the far end from the rest of the main room. And a kitchen is attached as a secondary room at the other end. Both the north and east facades are mostly closed for privacy. The exception is a few small low windows in the east facade and one larger east facing window in the kitchen to let the morning sun in at the breakfast spot. The much more open south and west facades are fitted with a series of large glass and oak folding doors towards the view over fields…