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Organic Gardener Magazine is a guide to organic gardening, providing informative and inspirational stories on everything you need to know to grow your own fruit and vegetables- without the use of harmful chemicals. Each issue includes practical tips and advice from leading organic gardening experts.

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awake but not overwhelmed

It is amazing how fast, and at the same time how slow, change is happening on the climate crisis. Only a couple of issues ago, we reported on the extraordinary and electrifying speech from Swedish teen activist Greta Thunberg to the British Parliament. I’d only just become aware of her and the youth ‘climate crisis’ movement she had helped spark. Now, Thunberg is a global icon, hailed and denigrated alike. While many media commentators in Australia (which sadly is way behind in accepting the science of global warming) deride her as a ‘mentally ill’ teenager controlled by her parents or unknown forces, many others see her as a plain-speaking heroine who has cut through the politics and greenwash to tell things as they are. Her recent words to world leaders at the UN…

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KITCHEN GARDEN KIDS THRIVE The Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation is famous for its pioneering work since 2001 getting kitchen gardens and cooking into schools, but until now had never measured the results. A new study done on behalf of the Foundation has found an overwhelmingly positive outcome for school students who participate in the program. Of the young people who took part during a 2008 and 2010 sample period (now aged 18-23 years), 84 per cent agreed the program had a positive impact on their lives, with 58 per cent reporting it increased their enjoyment of school. A researcher from the University of Melbourne, which helped with the study, said: “The surveys showed positive trends and those interviewed discussed a range of benefits, including increased cooking skills and confidence, with several describing the…

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SECOND AUSTRALIAN NATIVE BEE CONFERENCE Native bees are a valuable but under-utilised natural resource, a situation this conference aims to change. Organisers expect several hundred beekeepers, farmers, enthusiasts, industry leaders, educators and researchers to attend. The first conference, held in July 2018 attracted over 200 delegates. This year’s event will have a three-day program, including international guest speakers, recent innovations and more. WHERE: St Leo’s College, College Road, Saint Lucia, QLD WHEN: December 5-7 COST: Full registration: $275; Concession: $145; Full registration for members: $220; Single day registration: $130 DETAILS: australiannativebee.org.au STATE ROSE & GARDEN SHOW Victoria’s State Rose Garden, in the grounds of the historic Werribee Mansion, is considered to be among Australia’s best. Only a 30-minute drive from Melbourne’s CBD, the State Rose & Garden Show offers plenty for all levels of gardener – whether…

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SAVING SEEDS I just read an older copy of Organic Gardner (No. 102 July/August 2018) about saving seeds but it didn’t say when to collect them. Be it when they are still green or wait till brown. Sorry if I am a dumb bunny! Thelma, via email Hi Thelma, I’m glad you found the article on heirloom seeds and seed saving (‘Seeds of Discontent’, Issue 102) interesting. The answer to your question is not simple because the way you save seed varies from plant to plant. In that article, Simon Webster discussed how to save seed from peas (allow pods to dry on the vine before harvesting the seed), tomatoes (harvest ripe fruit and scoop out seed onto a saucer to dry) and broccoli (allow at least one floret to develop into flowers…

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holiday gift guide

FILL YOUR GARDEN WITH DESIGNER POTS Add a touch of European style to your Christmas decor with Capi indoor pots. Inspired by nature, the elegant structure of these pots will make a statement in your home. Each pot is handmade and available in various shapes and sizes. Available at Bunnings Warehouse; from $16.98. Visit capi-europe.com or phone 1300 360 211 for information. NOURISH YOUR SKIN THE NATURAL WAY Hydrate your ‘sun-kissed’ glow with the Hemp Hemp Hooray Ultimate Face Oil. This hemp-rich face oil nourishes and protects the skin from environmental damage. Use nightly after cleansing or on top of your daily moisturiser to lock in moisture. Australian-grown hemp seed oil, handcrafted with love! Visit hemphemphooray.com.au or phone 08 8398 3809. VINE TO BOTTLE Raw Vine Estate organic wines have been made from grapes that…

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looking back, looking forward

Gardening is contagious ANNETTE MCFARLANE IS NO LONGER A REGULAR ORGANIC GARDENER WRITER BUT WAS A TREASURED AND RESPECTED CONTRIBUTOR FROM THE EARLIEST ISSUES UNTIL RECENT YEARS. I began my career at a time when horticulture was an unconventional choice for a woman. But after spending years watching the legendary Kevin Heinz on the ABC TV program Sow What, I was destined to a life with my hands in the soil. Imagine how many unsuspecting readers have become similarly addicted by the enticing cover shots and stories in the ABC’s Organic Gardener magazine over the past two decades! As an ABC Radio gardening talk-back presenter (Brisbane, Saturdays, from 6am) and full-time horticulture teacher for more than 30 years, you might think I have heard every gardening question there is to ask. But gardening…