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ABC Soaps In Depth December 31, 2018

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a holiday crisis for sonny’s family!

“Sonny knows that his father is not going to get better!” The In Depth Story: Ever since bringing Mike back to Port Charles, Sonny has watched his father’s mental condition decline. Having a new appreciation of the fact that their days together could be numbered, Sonny hopes to make every moment as special as possible. So despite there being some serious issues at home (largely due to the fact that Sonny is getting too close to Margaux for Carly’s comfort), the made man decides to try and create a little holiday joy. But that might be easier said than done. “Sonny knows that his father is not going to get better,” explains co-headwriter Shelly Altman. “That also means that he and Mike will never truly get closure.” On top of that, Carly is…

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the most wonderful time of the year!

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the 10 biggest stories of 2018!

10. Maybe we shouldn’t have been shocked — GH has, after all, previously featured everything from aliens to a wannabe vampire. But we still couldn’t believe it when we discovered that, for all these years, Maxie apparently had been secret pals with KFC MVP Colonel Sanders, as played by George Hamilton on National Fried Chicken Day. It’s a thing. Seriously. 9. After the Daytime Emmys handed out an award to Patrika Darbo (Shirley, THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL), then gave it to Jennifer Bassey (ex-Quinn, GH), then declared that it wasn’t hers, either, GH joined the other soaps in threatening to boycott the ceremony in 2019 unless the National Academy Of Television Arts & Sciences made some major changes to its rules. (They did.) 8. GH’s cast of former THE YOUNG &…

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soaps lift emmy boycott!

The In Depth Story: Dissatisfied with the state of the Emmy competition, THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL, GENERAL HOSPITAL, DAYS OF OUR LIVES and THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS came together in an unprecedented show of unity and presented NATAS with a list of demanded changes. Those complaints ultimately prompted NATAS to conduct an investigation of its practices and present proposed alterations to the Emmy rules. After the investigation was completed and a report issued, the soaps told Deadline in a joint statement that, “as a group, we are not in agreement with all of the conclusions that NATAS reached. However, in the spirit of working with NATAS and the TV Academy on improving the integrity of the Daytime Emmys, we have lifted our boycott.” But that’s not the end of the…

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maya’s back!

Her maternity leave officially over, Karla Mosley returned to CBS in mid-November to resume taping as B&B’s Maya. “Back to work!” the actress captioned a selfie showing off her soap script. “Having all the feels!” Look for Mosley, who gave birth to daughter Aurora Imani on August 17, to first air on Wednesday, December 19, just in time to celebrate the holidays with her on-screen soap family.…

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how far will gabi go to protect herself?

The In Depth Story: Having agreed to help Abigail prove that she’d been set up, Julie sneaks into Gabi’s room to search for proof that the young woman orchestrated “Gabby’s” return. The good news: Julie finds exactly what she’s looking for! The bad news: Gabi walks in and catches her red-handed! Fearing that Julie will expose her dirty little secret, Gabi tries to stop her from leaving. But when their argument turns into a push-and-pull over the evidence that Julie has stashed in her purse, the older woman takes a tumble down the stairs! After being questioned by Eli and Lani about Julie’s fall, Gabi becomes more desperate than ever to keep her secret hidden… and makes plans to silence Julie for good! Meanwhile, as a hospitalized Julie’s family rallies around her,…