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ABC Soaps In Depth February 25, 2019

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the new sonny & carly!

The In Depth Story: After more years of breaking up than making up, Sonny and Carly have found their groove. “They’re so solid,” leading lady Wright raves. “Carly has her stuff going on, and Sonny has his — and because they’re married, it mixes. What’s nice is they can still be the characters you love without having to split them up.” Those separate storylines make the characters more well-rounded. But at the end of the day, “Sonny and Carly are still the voice of truth for each other,” suggests Wright. “Carly calls Sonny on his stuff when he doesn’t want to hear it, and that’s what Sonny does for Carly. “Just because they’re in love,” she adds, “doesn’t mean you have to lose the intensity between them.” “I don’t mind Sonny being married……

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the scene that brought maurice benard to tears

Considering how powerful GH’s ongoing Alzheimer’s storyline has been, Maurice Benard knew that when Sonny finally moved dad Mike into Turning Woods as a resident, it would be a devastating scene to shoot. But the recent loss of the soap’s hair and makeup department head — and Benard’s close friend — Donna Messina took it to a whole other level. “The day after I found out Donna died, I had to tape the scene where Sonny puts his dad away,” the Emmy winner explains. “Usually, with great stuff like that, I try to personalize [the material] and make it better.” But with the emotional turmoil Benard was already under due to the loss of a friend he considered to be a sister, he didn’t have to do much to access those…

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the search for dante!

The In Depth Story: Dante left town last summer to help the WSB search for a man who had tried to kill Lulu in the past. And yet, when Lulu was attacked by Ryan, her husband was nowhere to be seen! In the days after Lulu’s hospitalization, more than a few people in Port Charles began wondering not only where Dante was but when he’d return! Now, however, folks have stopped asking and started searching, with Sonny even asking Robert — an expert in WSB operations if ever there was one — to help find his missing son. “As Dante remains under deep cover,” previews co-headwriter Shelly Altman, “other people become involved in the search. It appears he is in greater danger than was previously assumed!” And that could easily mean that…

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saint or sinner?

GH’s Carolyn Hennesy (Diane) dons a habit to pay the icy Mother Superior in St. Agatha, a psychological thriller that follows a pregnant young woman in 1950s Georgia who seeks refuge in a convent. However, Agatha will soon discover that the halls of the plantation are anything but safe and Mother Superior is anything but kind. Courtney Halverson — who played Sean and Tiffany’s daughter, Anna, on GH back in 2013 — stars as another pregnant young woman in the horror flick, which drops February 8 digitally, On Demand and in select theaters. Hennesy also recently won an Ovation Award for Lead Actress In A Play for her portrayal of legendary opera singer Maria Callas in Master Class. The Ovation Awards recognize excellence in theatrical performance, production and design in Los…

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soap star braves the jungle!

The In Depth Story: Lang left her day job (temporarily, of course) to try her hand on the popular show, which features challenges similar to those on the CBS series SURVIVOR, including tests of physical endurance (and potentially eating disgusting things) to win food and other luxuries, all while roughing it in the wilderness. Should she win, Lang plans to donate the $100,000 prize to her favorite charity, Breakaway From Cancer. While the actress will take some time off from taping B&B for the competition, she joked to an Australian magazine that a break from Brooke would be good. “It’ll be a sort of holiday,” she said, explaining that she’s long wanted to try her hand on the celebrity survival show. “We’ve been talking to the production for years now, and…

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a cin-ful reunion!

The In Depth Story: As the week begins, Ben and his sister have a rather heated argument about how Jordan has been spending her time. But when she urges her little brother to check himself back into Bayview, is she trying to protect him… or set him up? Later, when Hope and Eli question Ben, he hides some rather incriminating evidence from the cops. But after piecing together the puzzle in his mind, Ben realizes that he’s being framed by his own sister! Seeking out Chad, Ben desperately tries to convince his former boss that not only is he innocent in Charlotte’s kidnapping and Ciara’s disappearance, but he needs help in rescuing them. Figuring that Charlotte’s safe return would put him back in Abigail’s good graces, Chad agrees. But at that very moment,…