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ABC Soaps In Depth March 11, 2019

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will sonny leave carly?

The In Depth Story: Truth be told, Carly and Sonny were just as surprised as viewers to find out that they are expecting another baby. Although in some ways, the timing couldn’t be better. After all, Avery could use a playmate, and they certainly have the room, especially now that Mike has moved to an assisted-living facility. Despite the fact that this is good news, Sonny and his wife think it’s best to sit on this bit of information for now. (Maybe he and Carly want to figure out how to break it to Kristina, who appears to be in a better place than she’s been in a long time thanks to her new Dawn Of Day family!) However, the ongoing search for Dante could wind up preventing the parents-tobe from reveling…

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is sam in danger?

The In Depth Story: For several weeks, Sam has been determined to prove that Dawn Of Day guru Shiloh is up to no good. But in order to do so, she’s had to fake breaking up with Jason and keep the man she loves at arm’s length. To be fair, the sacrifice appears to be paying off. Every day, Shiloh grows a bit more comfortable with Sam and seems closer to letting her get to know his secrets. Or so it seems. But what Jason and Sam don’t yet realize is that they aren’t the only ones playing a game. Sam’s been working to make sure that Kristina is safe, but it just might be that Shiloh has bigger fish to fry. During one of their secret get-togethers, Jason reluctantly agrees to let…

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cameraman retires

The GH cast and crew celebrated the exit of their longest-running camera operator, Dale Carlson, who stepped down last month. “One of the greatest cameramen retired,” Steve Burton (Jason) tweeted. “He was at GH for 38-plus years — which is amazing! Sad for us. Happy for him. A true gentleman and a kind soul. I will miss his positivity and great skill. Thanks to his family for sharing him. We love you Dale Carlson.” With credits going back to 1978, Carlson also worked on GH spin-offs PORT CHARLES and NIGHT SHIFT, as well as classic sitcoms like THE FACTS OF LIFE and DIFF’RENT STROKES. His son, John Carlson, carries on the family tradition as a camera operator at THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL.…

2 min.
could willow destroy chase’s bromance?

The In Depth Story: Ever since Willow finally shared with Chase her story about having given up her baby for adoption, the sweet schoolteacher and charming detective have been growing closer. “They’re opening up to each other,” says the cute cop’s portrayer, Josh Swickard. “Nelle was Chase’s first love, but that was the biggest train wreck ever, obviously. Now, he’s smitten by this new girl, and she seems to be the exact opposite [of Nelle]. So he’s trying to figure out how to court her and how to do it right.” And it’s working! But what Chase doesn’t know is that Willow also shares some serious chemistry with someone else: his pal, Michael! Although nothing romantic has yet happened between the two, “Willow and Michael are drawn to one another and…

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two soap vets have passed

Longtime ALL MY CHILDREN star Candice Earley Nolan (Donna) passed away on January 31 at the age of 68. The actress had been suffering from Multiple System Atrophy for eight years. She is survived by her husband, Robert C. Nolan, three stepchildren and their families. “She went out of her way to make me, at 16 years old, feel at home,” AMC daughter Liz Vassey (Emily Ann) tells Soaps In Depth. “This woman showed so much grace, warmth and love to me and my family. I will miss you, Candi.” And on February 10, THE CITY vet Joseph Sirola — aka Tracy Quartermaine’s mobster husband, Gino Solieto — died of complications from respiratory failure in New York City. Although the actor never actually appeared on GH, Gino was revealed to be…

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remembering kristoff st. john

The In Depth Story: The 52-year-old soap veteran was found dead in his home on February 2. In a joint statement, CBS and Sony Pictures Television (which produces Y&R) called St. John’s passing “heartbreaking. He was a very talented actor and an even better person. For those of us who were fortunate enough to work with him on Y&R, he was a beloved friend whose smile and infectious laugh made every day on set a joy and made audiences love him.” A former child star, St. John made his daytime debut in 1989 as GENERATIONS playboy Adam Marshall before originating the role of Y&R’s Neil in 1991. The last few years have been an off-screen struggle for the actor, stemming from the suicide of his son, Julian, in 2014. St. John and…