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ABC Soaps In Depth April 8, 2019

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2 min.
will brad’s lie unravel?

The In Depth Story: When a traumatized Brad ran into Nelle on the side of the road, she handed him her newborn, and before he knew it, he was embroiled in a baby swap. “Brad reacted in the moment, but then things started piling on,” recounts portrayer Parry Shen. “Michael found out his child was dead and they had a funeral and then a baby-naming ceremony. Brad’s just gotten deeper and deeper into this, and it gets harder and harder to maintain. He’s always putting Band-Aids on things.” That said, Lucas’ hubby has relaxed a bit. “Brad’s sort of settled into not having to look at what he’s done,” says Shen. “Britt convinced him this really is for the best of the baby — and at least Michael’s going to have…

1 min.
jordan’s “deep betrayal”!

The PCPD may not have the best rep, but it’s not like they could have guessed that Ryan was alive and killing! “When I got to the show, a couple actors always joked ‘[that we were] the police department that doesn’t solve anything,’” chuckles Jordan’s portrayer, Briana Nicole Henry. “The audience was like, ‘Why doesn’t Jordan see it?’ You guys have to realize, she was not seeing everything you were. What made it so hard was that Kevin is such a reputable guy. People trust him, and he’s this incredibly intelligent and eloquent man. And Ryan’s equally intelligent… but in a sick way. [Portrayer] Jon Lindstrom’s ability to be so normal and such a creep at the same time is amazing!” Ultimately, Jordan’s plan did unmask the killer… but it almost…

3 min.
remembering luke perry

The In Depth Story: Perry suffered a massive stroke on February 27, and while he was heavily sedated in the hopes of giving his brain time to recover, the doctors deemed that the damage was far too extensive. Five days later, the TV icon passed away while surrounded by his family and close friends. Born Coy Luther Perry III and raised in rural Ohio, the actor got his start when he was cast on LOVING as blue-collar mechanic Ned in 1988. Noelle Beck, who played Trisha on the soap, tells Soaps In Depth that “he was an extremely charming and charismatic young man. We were close in age, but I felt more like an older sister to him. He was very rebellious. He didn’t care much what people thought of him.…

2 min.
daytime mourns soap icon jed allan

The In Depth Story: The soap legend’s death was announced on Facebook by his son, Rick Brown. “He died peacefully and was surrounded by his family.” Allan got his start in 1964 as LOVE OF LIFE troublemaker Ace Hubbard, and also played PORT CHARLES’ Ed Grant in the early 2000s and GENERAL HOSPITAL’s Edward Quartermaine from 2004-’05. His many primetime roles include LASSIE’s main human companion, forest ranger Scott Turner, and BEVERLY HILLS, 90210’s Rush Sanders, Steve’s dad. Taking to social media to honor her first onscreen love, DAYS leading lady Deidre Hall (Marlena) wrote: “We’ve lost one of the really good ones. Jed made it all look easy with his dark good looks, deep, resonant voice, a naughty twinkle, boisterous laugh and his characteristic swagger. He never tired of my lack…

1 min.
claire plots to stop haley & tripp’s wedding!

The In Depth Story: Haley had turned down JJ’s marriage proposal, and really, who could blame her? Despite having genuine feelings for his then-roommate, he’d betrayed Haley’s immigration status to his power-hungry father and set her whole ICE nightmare in motion! Her new pal, Tripp, on the other hand, had been nothing but good to Haley, which is why she’d agreed to become his wife instead. But as they prepare to exchange vows this week, will Tripp’s girlfriend, Claire, allow it? Not on your life! She’d only just won him away from Ciara! Look for Claire to turn to Eve — who’s a much more experienced schemer — for help stopping the wedding. No doubt Eve will suggest that they’ll first need to find evidence to expose Haley and Tripp’s efforts to…

2 min.
ins & outs

PSST! The Nurses Ball Is Turning 25! GENERAL HOSPITAL hasn’t officially confirmed that there will be a Nurses Ball this year… but Lucy Coe sure seemed to! In hopes that the annual gala will take place, Soaps In Depth ponders some possible appearances. The In Depth Story: General Hospital’s annual Nurses Ball not only raises awareness of HIV/AIDS, but the musical fundraiser is the event of the year for Port Charles locals. So viewers were thrilled when, earlier this month, Lynn Herring’s Lucy, carrying a box of centerpieces, explained that, “It is the 25th anniversary of the Nurses Ball. I want everything special, so I’m getting an early start.” The variety show — which features GH staff and locals performing on stage while big drama inevitably explodes on the sidelines — was launched by…