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ABC Soaps In Depth April 22, 2019

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finn’s ready to build a life with anna!

The In Depth Story: There was a time when Hamilton Finn wanted nothing more than to wall himself off emotionally. He didn’t need anyone or anything, with the possible exception of Roxy, his emotional-support bearded dragon. Sure, the quirky doc allowed himself to fall — hard — for Hayden, but he went right back into his shell when she left him broken-hearted. And then, he crossed paths — and began having adventures — with Anna. Although Finn tried to resist the Brit’s charms, it was clear pretty early on that she had managed to get under his skin. So much so that this week, he’s ready to take their relationship to the next level! “Anna doesn’t like being at the center of a mystery!” According to co-headwriter Shelly Altman, this development doesn’t catch…

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Who can forget that amazing moment when Anna and a 7-year-old Robin were reunited on the waterfront after the adorable tyke had been kidnapped? We can’t remember how to do the hustle, but we’ll never forget watching Anna and Duke tango! Wonder if, when looking up at the stars, Anna ever reflects upon Casey, the alien she and Robin helped get home to Lumina? Anna didn’t just hit an Eli Love concert when Noah Drake’s doppelganger hit town… she hit the road with the rock star!…

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emmy details!

Playing it Cool Maurice Benard (Sonny), who submitted emotional scenes tied to Mike’s Alzheimer’s, had a different outlook on the game this year. “I used to get real crazy. If I didn’t get nominated, it hurt a lot. And if I did get nominated, maybe I was just too high about it. This year, I’m just appreciative. The bottom line is, it’s always nice to be invited to the party.” Gone But Not Forgotten Last year’s Outstanding Younger Actress, Chloe Lanier (ex-Nelle), confesses that she wasn’t expecting a nomination again “because I’m not on the show anymore. I would be more than delighted to win again, but if things don’t go my way, I’ll just be happy to see everybody.” Tough Competition With more than one GH player in many of the performer categories, some…

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soap’s farewell to co-star

The In Depth Story: As first reported by EW.com, Genoa City will learn of Neil’s unexpected passing on Tuesday, April 23. As the story continues throughout the week, Moore will bring the character’s brother home for two episodes (Thursday, April 25, and Friday, April 26). The following week, Rowell and Morgan will appear as themselves, joining both current and former cast members for a special send-off to St. John. That stand-alone show will air on Friday, April 29. In addition to colleagues sharing their memories of St. John, the episode will feature clips of Neil’s most memorable moments through the years. St. John’s co-stars have gathered to share memories of the star. Y&R executive producer Anthony Morina told EW that “we all miss Kristoff immensely and are understandably still in a bit of…

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shotgun wedding!

The In Depth Story: Eve’s announcement of her intention to remarry Jack took some by surprise, but no one more than his other, ex, Jennifer. She thought that she’d have more time for their own lost love to reignite. How far will Jennifer go to put a stop to the couple’s plans? As it turns out, Jen will go pretty far when it comes to protecting the father of her children (whom she’d already lost years with while believing him dead). However in situations like these, two heads are better than one, and the person who offers to assist her in putting a stop to the wedding is the last person Jennifer would ever expect: her last love, Eric! So while Eve’s distracted trying to help Claire prevent Tripp from marrying undocumented…

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IN An “All-New” Jax! At long last, Ingo Rademacher is back at the GENERAL HOSPITAL studio, taping scenes as Jax! So when will we see him on screen? The In Depth Story: Rademacher reported to work the last week of March. “Won’t be long now,” the ac-tor teased on March 20 via Instagram, posting a photo of himself standing in front of the famed GH entry. “Just had my fitting. All-new look for Jax. Start shooting next week.” While the actor didn’t have an air date to share, he did note that he “can’t wait” to be back in the mix. Rademacher’s return was announced back in February, shortly after he’d finished his run as THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL’s Thorne. While it’s not clear what brings Jax back to town or how long he’ll…