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ABC Soaps In Depth June 3, 2019

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can lulu ever forgive dante?

The In Depth Story: Over the years, Dante and Lulu have faced many challenges, from one baby-related problem after another to his infidelity with her cousin. Despite encountering numerous bumps in the road, they always managed to find their way back together. So what is it about this crisis that feels different? Perhaps it’s the fact that this time, they aren’t actually living in the same city. His decision to walk away from not only her but Port Charles and the life they’d built there creates a huge chasm between them. “This is the biggest test their love has faced!” “It’s very hard for Lulu,” admits co-headwriter Shelly Altman. “It’s almost as if his recent return and abrupt departure have made things worse for her.” How could having her husband home, no matter how…

2 min.
love — and lives — are on the line!

The In Depth Story: Having learned that Kevin’s not a viable match due to a pre-existing medical condition, Jordan is finally getting anxious about her future… but the commissioner’s priorities are still a bit skewed. “Curtis is scared” of possibly losing Jordan! “Jordan’s main goal is to bring this horrific chapter with Ryan to a close for Laura, Lulu, Felicia, poor Ava and all the people who’ve been a part of it,” notes her portrayer, Briana Nicole Henry. “She is relentless. You could take out her heart, and she’d be like, ‘Ryan Chamberlain, got to get him!’ “God willing Jordan makes it through this whole situation,” the actress adds, “I’m hoping it shows her there are important things in life other than just this job.” On the upside, Kevin’s identical twin could be a…

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the second time’s the charm!

The In Depth Story: “He asked me again, and I said yes!” GENERAL HOSPITAL’s former Lois declared on Instagram. “I have spent almost 19 years of my life with you and am so happy to spend the rest of my remaining years on this earth by your side. While I don’t recommend divorce as a marriage-counseling tool, it sure worked for us!” Added Bookstaver in his own post: “Here we go again! Last night, I asked the love of my life to get married once again and spend the rest of our lives together.” Sofer, who was given a Cartier love bracelet in lieu of an engagement ring, tells Soaps In Depth that their time apart was exactly what they each needed to get clarity about how much they truly loved each…

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cbs renews its soaps!

Continuing its 32-year run as the top-rated daytime network, CBS has renewed B&B and THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS — along with the rest of its daytime slate, LET’S MAKE A DEAL, THE TALK and THE PRICE IS RIGHT — for the 2019-’20 season. “For almost a third of a century, CBS has demonstrated a remarkable legacy of success in daytime,” said Angelica Mc-Daniel, executive vice-president of CBS Daytime. “Our programming continues to maintain a level of achievement unheard of in today’s television landscape, thanks to the passion and dedication of the extraordinary producers, casts, staff and crew on the shows, our studio partners and, most importantly, the fans. They have our deepest gratitude, and we look forward to entertaining them for many years to come.”…

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xander’s caught!

The In Depth Story: The revelation of Xander’s latest partner just may shed some light on his scheme to kidnap Holly from Nicole and use the fact that they’re still married as leverage. But why can’t he just let go of his grudge? “Xander is incredibly insecure and doesn’t really have anybody,” explains portrayer Paul Telfer. “So when he opens up or makes himself vulnerable — especially to women — and they reject him [as Nicole once did]… it’s that kind of perceived betrayal that he can’t stand.” However, with Brady negotiating on Nicole’s behalf for a divorce and Sarah’s sweet smile beginning to beguile Xander, he may soon be moving on to other things. Nicole, on the other hand, is not even close. After Holly’s funeral, the bereft mom will…

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ins & outs

STATUS A Tale Of Two Ninas! While neither GENERAL HOSPITAL nor Michelle Stafford have revealed exactly when the actress will wrap up her stint as Nina, the Emmy winner met with her successor, Cynthia Watros, in early May. The In Depth Story: Tweeting a selfie seemingly taken at a restaurant, Stafford captioned the picture, “Just two actors talking about acting today” — and included a heart emoji and the hashtags Nina and GH. On Instagram, Stafford added that she has “loved this girl and her talent from afar for so many years. I can say that I ‘shared a character’ with her. You are spectacular in every way, Cynthia. Go get ‘em, gorgeous beauty.” In reply, Watros wrote “I love you” to Stafford and posted on her own Instagram page that she’d “had the best…