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ABC Soaps In Depth July 15, 2019

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a new love triangle takes shape!

The In Depth Story: Nina’s first interaction with handsome, debonair Jax left her stuttering, and he seemed just as intrigued by her. “Jax was attracted to Nina the first time he saw her,” portrayer Ingo Rademacher agrees. “But I have a feeling he already knew who she was at the Nurses Ball, because he’d been studying Aurora Media before purchasing it. He’d done his background work. And to [tick] off a Cassadine is just a bonus!” Indeed, Jasper Jacks has gotten under Valentin’s skin in a big way — especially since Nina postponed their wedding in order to focus on Crimson. “She’s trying to find a stronger role in the magazine and where she’s really going to step up in making that a success — and then also trying to navigate…

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all about bobbie’s health crisis!

With one diagnosis, Bobbie’s life changed last week on GH. “Type 2 diabetes means a lifelong commitment to staying healthy,” explains the head nurse’s portrayer, Jacklyn Zeman. “You can’t just be a good girl for a few months and then let it slide! There are things Bobbie has to do and medications she’ll have to take.” While the actress doesn’t yet know how the show will handle Bobbie’s illness long-term, she has high hopes. “GH has had certain storylines that have just been very emotionally important and sentimental to our audience — like the AIDS storyline and Monica’s cancer,” she points out. “And I have a feeling with diabetes as prevalent as it is in our society, they will honor that. Everyone knows someone [who is diabetic]. As a matter of…

3 min.
can shiloh claim wiley?

The In Depth Story: Shiloh may think he’s got an instant claim on the baby, but his attorney, Zahra, was right to warn that gaining custody won’t be that easy. “New York law is tough on fathers,” explains Robin Fleischner, a fellow of The Academy Of Adoption & Assisted Reproduction Attorneys. “The court looks at his conduct for the six months before the baby’s born — and you can’t just say, ‘I didn’t know.’ If you’ve had sexual relations, you’re on notice you can be a father, and you have a duty to inquire whether the person is pregnant.” And while Shiloh could argue fraud because Willow ran off without telling him about her pregnancy, the expectant mother had good reason for her actions. “It’s all about protecting the baby,” says…

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remembering sylvia miles

Sylvia Miles — who played Roxy’s mother, Stella, on ONE LIFE TO LIVE — died on June 12 in New York City at the age of 94. The actress had also played ALL MY CHILDREN’s Jackie Diamond, the pornographer who got innocent Jenny mixed up in the world of adult films. Long before the Manhattan socialite made her brief daytime appearances, Miles was twice nominated for an Academy Award for her work in Midnight Cowboy and Farewell, My Lovely. “It was a dream come true to work with Sylvia,” recalls Ilene Kristen (Roxy, OLTL). “She was so creative, so open. Socially eccentric, she would bark at young people who didn’t know she had been nominated for an Oscar, and her house was filled with magazine clippings, making it hard to find…

2 min.
back with a vengeance!

The In Depth Story: “It always feels like I have never left,” smiles Hendrickson. “It took me a little longer to slip into Chloe’s skin, because I have been playing another character [GENERAL HOSPITAL’s Margaux] for a year, and I was working at GH the week prior. But I am really lucky in that what has always assisted me in reconnecting to Chloe are the other characters that are so important in her life. Greg Rikaart (Kevin), Kate Linder (Esther) and Jason Thompson (Billy) all make it much easier for me to settle back into her!” (For Hendrickson’s farewell to GH, turn to Ins & Outs, page 11.) “This is not necessarily what the fans will be expecting!” Meanwhile, Egan credits the new regime of executive producer Anthony Morina and co-executive producer/headwriter…

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rafe beds carrie!

The In Depth Story: While in town for grandma Caroline’s memorial service, Carrie finds some time to catch up with Rafe before heading back to Europe. And by “catch up” we mean that they do so in his bed! Sure, Rafe and Hope’s marriage is already thisclose to being kaput, but for his sake, let’s hope that his estranged wife is too focused on Ciara to notice that he bedded another Brady sister! Meanwhile, after all the drama that Salem’s endured lately, Rex proposes that a happy former tradition be revived: the annual Horton/Brady Independence Day BBQ! Look for the bash to be full of tense encounters, romantic moments — and shocking confessions, like the one that Carrie relays to her dad, Roman! As it turns out, Carrie’s secret won’t be the only…