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ABC Soaps In Depth August 12, 2019

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what does shiloh really want from drew?

The In Depth Story: As Shiloh tells it, all the good he’s done with Dawn Of Day goes back to the time former Navy SEAL Drew saved him from a jeep explosion and set him on a new path. “Shiloh really does owe Drew his life and is indebted to him,” portrayer Coby Ryan Mc-Laughlin says. “Drew makes him a better person. As a matter of fact, I think Drew is the only person who ties him to a sort of man he aspires to be.” Whatever the cult leader “aspires to be,” he’s proven to be a scheming sociopath. “It’s this Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde mentality,” McLaughlin notes. As in that classic tale, Shiloh’s dark side seems to win out more often than not. For all his talk about Drew…

1 min.
swickard got hitched!

GH’s Josh Swickard (Chase) married actress Lauren York on July 6 in Ohio. The couple, who got engaged at Christmastime, met on the set of the film Roped shortly before Swickard was cast on the soap. “We were the two co-stars and instantly fell for each other,” he previously told Soaps In Depth. “You do a project together, spend so much time together, and you find out that it’s not all acting!” In coordinating Instagram posts, the newlyweds announced their marriage by sharing a selection of photos from their big day. “I can’t stop smiling,” the actor wrote.…

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has jordan changed her ways?

The In Depth Story: In recent years, the PCPD’s track record seemed to be improving — if only slightly! — and some would credit the woman on top, Commissioner Jordan Ashford. “Her biggest asset is her passion for the work,” portrayer Briana Nicole Henry contends. “She’s just incredibly relentless and truly loves it. For her, it’s about changing people’s lives by keeping them safe and preventing them from being hurt.” Unfortunately, Jordan’s best quality can also be her greatest weakness — as was the case when she kept chasing Ryan at the expense of her own health! “Jordan poured her heart into finding Ryan,” Henry reminds, because that case became personal. “People she’s around all the time were directly affected. And Lulu was a big one for her. She was in…

1 min.
gh: night shift alum passes away

Cameron Boyce — who got his acting start as Jagger’s son, Stone Jr., on GH’s SOAPnet spin-off, NIGHT SHIFT — passed away in his sleep on July 6 as a result of an epileptic seizure. The 20-year-old was a beloved Disney Channel player who starred in the network’s Descendants movies and JESSIE, as well as Adam Sandler’s Grown Ups film franchise. Kimberly McCullough (ex-Robin) was among the many celebrities and costars who took to the Internet to remember the young actor’s kindness, talent and humor. “Had the pleasure of working with him on NIGHT SHIFT,” Mc-Cullough tweeted. “[He] broke out some crazy legs one day [on] set. That’s how I’ll remember him. RIP, bright soul.”…

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baby secret explodes!

The In Depth Story: Over the next few weeks, the truth is going to drop like a bombshell, which means viewers would be wise not to miss a single episode in the coming days. The conclusion to this story — which started more than six months ago when Hope went into labor on Catalina Island — is sure to be sweet relief to the fans who have agonized over the bereaved mother’s unravelling since then. “There will be a lot more to come!” The fallout from the fact that Phoebe is actually Hope will have a wide impact on the canvas — and a source tells Soaps In Depth that there’s a twist that fans won’t see coming! Adain Bradley (Xander), whose character has been among those aware of the fact that…

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kristen gets hitched… to tony?!?

The In Depth Story: Since the board will only allow a DiMera at its helm, Kristen — who is still posing as Nicole — needs to become one again, and fast! But will “Nicole” marrying Tony do the trick? Meanwhile, Gabi suggests that in order to keep the company from going under, Stefan make her a DiMera! Considering that they no longer hate each other, the proposition won’t be a hard sell. But will they make it to the altar first? Somehow, Nicole manages to rope an oblivious Brady into her scheme but grows furious when Tony goes AWOL. Luckily, Kristen finds her groom and when the newlyweds later arrive at the mansion, Gabi and Stefan are rendered speechless by Nicole’s announcement! After the race to the altar comes a new battle: Which…