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ABC Soaps In Depth August 26, 2019

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what’s ahead for carly & sonny?

The In Depth Story: As Dr. Brad Dicianno — Associate Medical Director and Chair, Professional Advisory Council of the Spina Bifida Association — explains it, “Spina bifida literally means split spine. If the spinal cord doesn’t fully form a tube when the embryo is developing, the spine will not be completely closed. Where that defect is determines what impairments the baby might have.” Of the three subtypes of spina bifida, Baby Corinthos was diagnosed with the middle level, meningocele. In these patients, while protective membranes will push through an opening in the vertebrae, the spinal cord itself is not included so nerve damage is less likely. “Meningocele is less severe than the most common type,” notes Dicianno. “There would be less potential for weakness in the legs, which could affect the…

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big changes are ahead!

The In Depth Story: Let’s start with Kim and Julian, shall we? The mourning mother has decided the best way to move on is to move away from everything that reminds her of Oscar. And in a surprising turn, Julian offered to run off with her! But is that really such a surprise? When Kim met Julian, he was reeling from the insanity brought on by his sister, Liv, and was focused on becoming an upstanding citizen. “Kim was essential to Julian’s healing,” portrayer William deVry contends. And now, it’s his turn to be there for Kim, who never expected to fall for this Charlie guy when she walked into his pub. “She had her walls up,” reminds portrayer Tamara Braun. “She’d dated here and there, but Oscar was the man in…

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co-headwriter retires!

GH co-headwriter Shelly Altman has stepped away from the writers table. According to TVInsider.com, she has decided to retire and her last day was August 2. Breakdown writer Dan O’Connor, who has been part of the GH team since 2011, will join Chris Van Etten as the soap’s new co-headwriter. In a statement given to the site, executive producer Frank Valentini shared, “Shelly, thank you for years of complex, emotional, intriguing story that ranged from suspense to heartbreak to laugh-out-loud funny and everything in between. We wish you all the best in your future endeavors.”…

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amc vet is playing doc again!

The In Depth Story: Irizarry will first air on Monday, August 26, and for the sake of the Forrester and Logan families, let’s hope his character is more ethical than Reese, the physician who originally set this storyline in motion! Then again, considering the last doctor Irizarry played (ALL MY CHILDREN’s David Hayward) was pretty treacherous, it’s anyone’s guess what we should expect from his new role! “I’m open to whatever they throw my way. We’ll leave it at that,” teases Irizarry, who also played SANTA BARBARA doctor Scott Clark. Though the Emmy winner is a well-established face in daytime, he sees every new character he plays at first as a blank slate. “Even though I’ve played a doctor before, it’s not like Jordan is going to be exactly like David, because…

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what’s anna after?

The In Depth Story: As the week begins, Anna will come face to face with her ex-husband, Tony… and it won’t exactly be a happy reunion! The former Mrs. DiMera is ticked off that he married Nicole, so Anna will have a few choice words for her not-so-dead-after-all ex! Speaking of Nicole, Chloe calls in a favor and asks Marlena to have a session with the blonde. When Krikole loses her temper during the meeting, will the shrink get any indication that her patient is actually Kristen — you know, the woman who just last year tried to kill her — in disguise? As it turns out, it may actually be Ben and Ciara who inch closer to uncovering the truth about Kristen: As the young lovers team up to unearth evidence…

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billy miller’s emotional good-bye to his fans!

OUT The In Depth Story: On July 28, Miller released a statement via his manager’s Twitter account, discussing his departure and thanking his fans for their support over the past four and a half years. “With a slight air of sadness, it is time to ponder what ‘good-bye’ means,” he wrote. “However, instead of dwelling on what is gone and sure to be missed, there is another way. Maybe our good-bye is really a remembrance of love felt, an appreciation for lives shared, and the lifelong reminiscences that come from embraces given and received. Maybe our good-bye is an earnest hope for the brightest path forward for us all. Maybe our good-bye is honoring growth and lessons learned. “Here, instead of sadness, I am filled with gratitude for all your support, encouragement and…