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ABC Soaps In Depth September 9, 2019

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could axed soaps be returning?

AMC OLTL The In Depth Story: For the second time in a matter of months, Karey Burke — ABC’s entertainment president — made cryptic remarks concerning the future of the soaps which had called the network home for decades. In February, she indicated that there were “conversations” being had. More recently, she elaborated (if only a bit) during the Television Critics summer press tour. “There’s nothing I can report definitively,” she said, according to SoapCentral.com, “but I can tell you it’s something we’re thinking about and looking into and having conversations about. Should there be the right opportunity, we will revisit [the idea].” What form a potential return or returns might take is anyone’s guess. “We’re really looking at everything,” Burke said. Which includes “other models and ways of telling those stories.” Should the shows…

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sasha fights for her life!

From the moment GH’s Michael and Sasha first hooked up, fans worried about the young woman’s future. After all, it’s safe to say that Michael’s girlfriends tend to meet untimely ends. Some viewers are still bitter about the 2011 demise of Abby, who perished following a crane incident. Years later, his attempt to find happiness with Sabrina ultimately resulted in her being offed by a serial killer! And although his latest love, Nelle, didn’t die, it’s safe to say that her actions killed any chance they had at happiness! With Sasha, however, it seemed that the two biggest obstacles might be her reluctance to commit to a serious relationship and the Nina-is-my-mom lie she was telling him and everyone else in town. “Sasha had a natural reluctance to moving forward with…

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peter’s keeping some big secrets!

The In Depth Story: After a lonely, dark life as Faison’s scheming son, Severed Branch author Peter has written a whole new chapter in Port Charles with Maxie. “He’s found love and acceptance and a sense of community for the first time in his life,” portrayer Wes Ramsey notes. “It’s everything he ever wanted but never thought he’d have. At moments, to Peter, it might feel too good to be true… and maybe it is too good to be true!” Maxie, however, doesn’t share Peter’s doubts. “She is constantly reminding Peter what a good man he is and that his past doesn’t matter now,” says Kirsten Storms of her alter ego. “He’s complex, and so is Maxie — and I think that’s something she’s drawn to. She sees him as a…

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acclaimed production designer has died

The daytime community is mourning the loss of production designer Sy Tomashoff, who passed away on July 28 at the age of 96. A seven-time Emmy winner, Tomashoff created the brooding, gothic atmosphere of ABC’s DARK SHADOWS, where he also served as an associate producer. In 1987, he partnered with the late William J. Bell at the onset of THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL, spending 13 years there before retiring in 2000. The talented architect had also worked at ABC’s THE EDGE OF NIGHT, ONE LIFE TO LIVE and RYAN’S HOPE. Prior to his career in television, Tomashoff served in the Army under General George S. Patton during World War II and was awarded the Combat Infantry Badge and a Bronze Star for valor. He is survived by his wife, Naomi,…

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greg vaughan gets more sugar!

The In Depth Story: Previously on the OWN drama, Calvin and Nova ended their long-secret affair after the white cop’s acquaintance spit on the black community activist when they finally took their relationship public. Now, Calvin and Nova have decided to give their relationship a second chance — but it won’t be easy. Vaughan — currently DAYS OF OUR LIVES’ Eric and once GENERAL HOSPITAL’s Lucky — previews that in the Wednesday, August 28, episode, the couple will try to “discover and explore a place that’s emotionally and physically healthy.” A lot has changed in the two seasons that the lovers spent apart. Most recently, Nova’s written a soul-baring book in which she’s described him as the love of her life. “Knowing that what she said was meant for him allowed Calvin…

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brady demands answers from kristen!

The In Depth Story: Kristen had only just succeeded in getting back in Brady’s arms — albeit as “Nicole” — when her true identity was revealed at John and Marlena’s anniversary party. Now, she’s got some serious explaining to do! We suspect Brady won’t react very well upon learning that he was the impetus for Kristen’s nefarious plot. And as talk turns to where the real Nicole is located, you can bet there will be a contentious conversation between Kristen and Eric! Meanwhile, Kristen’s husband, Tony, will have to reveal to true love Anna the awful truth about what he did to save DiMera Enterprises. Following his arrest, Anna suggests a clever way to negotiate for his freedom… but it means throwing Gabi and Stefan under the bus! By week’s end, there are…